Top 10 Drag Queens from Australia to Be In the 1st Australian Series of Drag Race

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1 Martini Ice

This Queen is camp as tits on a bull and owns her craft... Not to mention nominated for Entertainer of the Year again this year for Queens Ball... Oh and my date for the night - Jrt85

Martini is an extremely unique talent, her ability to captivate an audience is mesmerizing. she is the best

What amazing talent and funny that is a under statement

She is amazing just love her to bits

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2 Abril Latrene

Serving Face, all two of them that is!, Abril is an Adorable performer who would stir the pot if given the chance.

Very sweet person in real life and her little mermaid look is larger than life

Amazing performer, quick witted and hilarious

An amazingly creative performer and a wonderful soul to go with it. Love Abril!

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3 Art Simone

This one of a kind, quirky entertainer is superbly talented. Highly creative, Art is never one to present without a meaning behind her unique and witty performances.

Amazing performer! So kind and just perfection! One of my biggest drag inspirations!

Quirky, bold, dramatic, attention-grabbing (not attention seeking)

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4 Hannah Conda

Incredibly talented, driven and hard working performer. An inspiration to everyone in the community.

Hannah can pull off anything, natural flare for performance. Knows how to pull a good crowd.

Face is always beat for the gods and performances are class acts

Hannah Conda.. The queen of Perth what more can be said!

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5 Felicity Frockaccino

A truly vivacious performer, with a wit sharper than the wings on her eyeliner. Frockaccino is Fierce, Fantastic and Full of talent.

Fierce and sassy with a wardrobe to die for!

Amazing performance! Very talented! Amazing costumes! Can come up with an costumes from garbage bags to ikea bags!

Felicity has come a long way to become the amazing performer she is today, she desrves this

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6 Charity Steals

Charity Steal look (costume, make up etc) and performances are all well thought out. The music choices are all relevant.

When it comes to talent, you can't go past the variety Miss Steals brings to the table! She should be in this!

A fabulous Personality and a cARING PERSON

The best and only international performance artist in Melbourne..

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7 Ella VaLay

That ass... ! Dem feathers... ! I hope you've got high ceilings cause this queen is tall... ! I don't know who said she was Minnelli crossed with Monroe but they're totally wrong... She's Sue Sylvester and Tina Faye's cross dressing Las Vegas showgirl love child... ! - Jrt85

Ella is a beautiful person inside & out. She is charismatic, glamorous, has a heart of gold & is willing to give advise to up & coming drag queens. She owns the stage & incorporates everyone in the audience into her acts. Ella VaLay is part Liza Minelli & part Maralyn Monroe rolled into one. Her performances are to be admired & she leaves the audience amazed with her eloquence & performances.

Keeps bringing in the crowd every time she performs excellent performer.

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8 ShuShu Funtanna

Watched Shu Shu grow and develop. Absolutely gorgeous and amazing!

Very beautiful performer growing with every performance

Amazing, beautiful, practically perfect in every way.

Very talented and beautiful queen

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9 Monica Fusions

Monica Fusions Hosts Sunshine Coast Pride every year and does is so talented and is amazing love Love Monica Fusions.

Shes a total slag but in the best possible way

Community minded & down to earth

She's just always fun

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10 Philmah Bocks

Talent talent talent - skill, costume maker extraordinaire, fabulously twisted and bloody hilarious! Heart of gold too!

Talent's Galore, Philmah Bocks would be a serious competitor

Amazing costumes and stage presence

Amazing talent. Wonderful look. Star.

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The Contenders

11 Vollie Lavont

She is one of the best people on this earth. Male or female. Always so polite and always ready to party! If she doesn't become top drag queen in Aus there will be a protest in her honor!

Always friendly to everyone. She holds herself with pride and absolutely adores what she does. This Queen has big things ahead of her! Vollie to win!

Vollie is a super funny & amazing performer. Off stage she is kind, friendly & very funny... Love watching her perform already know she'll win hands down!

Beautiful Queen with lots of talent

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12 Aleesha Leegal

A great honest, kind hearted person! Always willing to help others and has a real talent for drag! Rock on Queen Leegal!

Does her own hair and makeup, makes amazing costumes. Very humble and very talented.

A true drag artist in every sense, a credit to her growth and dedication within her own work and helping others, truly humble X

One of the best queens in Adelaide

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13 Crystal Heart

Crystal heart is an amazing performer and puts an truly amazing show on every month with great girls she deserves to be recognised for all her work

You won't have a show unless you have her on, you will get the great performer that will shake the other girls up

One of the best talents around top performer gives 100% every time a pleasure to watch

Hell yes best show in town. Taboo wouldn't be anything without her

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14 Tara Moore

Awesome performer... However be aware that she underwent a recent name change and now goes by Fallon Angel

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15 Lexi Paige
16 Mya Fantasy V 1 Comment
17 Chinta Woo-Allcock

A wonderful performer with great stage presence and full of personality. She lights up the stage with her exotic glamour, unique charisma, verve and talent.

No drag has more class and sass than Chinta. She's has persona, charisma which many queens don't. She'd be amazing for the show.

Amazing person and just as awesome on stage, a wonderfully talented lady

Australia's Jujubee... enough said... ! - Jrt85

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18 Holly Spirit

Fish, Fierce, Fish, Fish, Fabulous, Fish, Fish

If Courtney act and kataya had a baby holly spirit would be that kid

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19 Miss Synthetic
20 Pollyfilla

Great fun, talented personality

Such a sweetheart and awesome to work with!

I've seen her grow from a little Princess into a blowing Queen

Amazing, talented, kind hearted and fierce

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