Top 10 Drag Queens from Australia to Be In the 1st Australian Series of Drag Race

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41 Ivyy Monroe

Such a beauitful and talented soul

42 Amanda Rose

This queen is new to the scene. She is an amazing Dancer and beautiful person

43 Hollie Graffix

A great look, performer and personality who rose super quickly, an Adelaide star x

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44 Donna Perignon

Seasoned Professional, goes well with Champagne!

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45 Venus Amoré

Amazingly talented and humble Adelaide queen with a stunning look every time she is out! Lovely individual!

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46 Berri Juicy
47 Aundi Dietrich
48 Chyna Dahl
49 Lucy Flawless
50 Elissa Tukk
51 Rhea Listik

Toras drag race winner 2014 would definitely love to see this shining queen on here!

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52 Amanda Kapcha
53 Eli Gance

Young, new, live singing, eligance is her attitude.

54 Iona Toyboy

I have the pleasure of calling Iona a friend as well as an amazing performer... No matter what task is set or how high the expectation Iona always exceeds far above create a fabulous show

One sexy queen... Glamorous, can't take my eyes off of her when she performs.

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55 Taylor Ette

Fierce queen with fierce hair! She will death drop in her lip sync so beware girls

56 Rita Demore'e

Funny as hell

If anyone going to f@#k it up she will

Hostess and performer

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57 Natasha St james

Baby queen with a killer jump split

58 Charisma Belle

A true entertainer of the year

59 Polly Petrie

The host of Polly's Follies the queen that taught every drag queen everything about performing she is great

60 Minni Cooper

Amazing talent! Such a heart full queen who is all about her fans, her performances and helping other drag queens! In particular the fresh new baby drag queens!

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