Top 10 Drag Queens from Australia to Be In the 1st Australian Series of Drag Race

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61 Ashe St Clair
62 Paris
63 Ms Candee
64 Rita La Cockeater
65 Day Tona
66 Imogen Nation

Great performer with awesome shows

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67 Lulu Boutin
68 Dakota Fann'ee

Amazing seasonal performer! She's the queen of ballads and her "death drop/roll". She's sexy and paints brilliantly

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69 Skye Blue

Body of a goddesses and an ass that wont quit

70 Tina Bikki

The Mutt Queen. What a deity.

The Queen of camp

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71 Anna Bee

I remember her from one of her first shows at Paradoxks? She has grown/changed since then.

A 2 year old drag queen from lil old Toowoomba who has won "Drag Factor" at the sportmans hotel and "Project Drag" ag the Beat megaclub she is fab and I love watching our little "pocket rocket" go!

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72 Bebe Gunn

No one puts Bebe in the corner

73 Melony Brests

Used to watch her in Melbourne. She is so fun and funny. She is now in Noosa.

74 Monica Mole

Iconic imperial hotel retro Sunday featuring Monica mole great fun and a good laugh

What a fabulous mole! On the bar, pool table, cubicle 2, she does it all! Looks gorgeous in a gold lame bikini

The epitome of perfection. Just needs a little work on the thighs!

Inner west Sydney mole we love her

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75 Magenta Fox
76 Wanda D'Parke

Wanda is a true all round performer, who can hold an audience in the palm of her hand. She has a fantastic vocal ability, when Wanda performs you just have the best time and leaves you wanting MORE, MORE, MORE.

Wanda is the Queen of satirical re-writes just like Jackie Beat or Varla Jean Merman, and has the vocal ability to match... so quick with a one-liner, she can lay you in the aisles before you get a chance to take a breath... and she is very much involved in promoting acceptance and understanding of Depression and related issues.

One of the best all round entertainers I have seen she can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Greatest ever! Queen of all Queens!

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77 Lola Areola
78 Karen From Finance

Australia's national treasure.

79 Iona Toyboy

I have the pleasure of calling Iona a friend as well as an amazing performer... No matter what task is set or how high the expectation Iona always exceeds far above create a fabulous show

One sexy queen... Glamorous, can't take my eyes off of her when she performs.

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80 Taylor Ette

Fierce queen with fierce hair! She will death drop in her lip sync so beware girls

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