Top Ten Dragons In Dragonvale

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21 Emerald

I love May

22 Nova

Best dragon ever has sick stunts. I could watch it all day

I have two of them and give me buttons of money

I think they are really cool.

Is cheap, and brings a TON of moneyz. 💰

23 Pearl
24 Flurry

Four dragon is just adorable!

Flurry is just Adorable and EPIC!
~maddie H~ NJ

25 Victory

I think it looks awesome

26 Spring

I've bred this dragon 3 times.

I have got this stunning dragon by breeding the chrysalis dragon with the antarian dron in the co-op breeding cave, when it finished breeding and I saw it was spring I beamed up into the air, I have been working so hard to get it and it finally payed off, spring dragons are really pretty and good luck getting it!

27 Ovalith

The best and rarest gemstone dragon, and is sells for more than the rainbow dragon, which actually isn't that good.

Looks Awesome!

28 Lapis

Pretty and cute and makes me some moola

SHe is so pretty and she gives gems

Absolutely stunning

29 Silver

It is awesome and at level 10 it looks awesome.

Easily my favourite dragon. looks like a more badass platinum dragon

30 Diamond
31 Galaxy

I think there really cool and are diffrent in diffrent ways

They produce a good amount of coins and need a coapertive breeding cave to get or you have to pay with gems

32 Omen

From the Scrolls of Prophecy, Volume DCLVI (666)
in the waning days of the ninth month
In the age where land ascends the sky
The two-headed one will spread its wings
And bring forth its dread and haunting cry

The True Phantom Will Return

33 Tiamat

I got Tiamat on the 17 of march and it is so cool, it has 5 heads and it can upgrade your dragons by 1 level everyday, I chose Tiamat before Bahamut and I recommend doing the same, good luck with getting it!

Just splendid

Tiamat the Mythic. Queen of Chaos. Chromatic Conqueror. She of the Pentacountenance. In her short time in the Vale, Tiamat has earned herself quite the list of honorific titles. "You wouldn't want to be on any one of her five bad sides," Elminster cautioned the Gwyddion when introducing Tiamat. "The version of her in my realm... ah, well, perhaps that's a tale best forgotten."

As great as Baughamat, but levels up more common elements every day!

34 Sprout

Three once level 7+!

35 Dark Rift

It is very rare and I got it through a mystery egg.

36 Eridanian Dragon

I love the Eridanian Dragon! They are so pretty, but I haven't gotten one yet. I wish I had one :(. My second is a Nebula Dragon, Eridanian Dragons are better though :).

37 Plateau

Cool dragon, but it's mono 5 with moss so if u have no monos then it kinda sucks. Would definitely spend a wish on it though!

38 Lichen

I think a mountain dragon baby is so adorable through it reminds me of the cloud Dragon in a way

39 Firework

So pretty! I have 2, but plan to get 3 more at most.

40 Rift

Are super expensive and have 💯 per minute in level 9!

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