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41 Shockjaw

I like the fact they can shoot lightning!

It's like an awesomer version of the Hackatoo. The Shockjaw can shoot lightning bolts and can fly very quickly. They are very loyal. They are also adaptable on land or in the water, making them my personal favorite. These guys should be in the top!

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42 Night Terror V 2 Comments
43 Devilish Dervish

Voting for this one because I recognize it from the books, which I love.

44 Buffalord

This guy is FAAATT!

45 Cavern Crasher V 1 Comment
46 The Alpha

Laugh out loud. It took all the dragons who ever existed to beat him.

It does not take all of the dragons to beat it

There so many alpha, which do this tall about?


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47 Thunderclaw V 1 Comment
48 Catastrophic Quaken

This boulder class dragon appears in dragons race to the edge. It is basically like a bigger version of the gronckle and it has this ability to roll up into a boulder to crush everything in its path making it virtually indestructible

Hotburple is bigger version of gronkle you idiot. It like a giant amadillo

49 Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Yeah it just big size

Worst Dragon Ever!

Really huge and nasty. fire power is really good and the looks of it.


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50 Snafflefang V 1 Comment
51 Prickleboggle V 1 Comment
52 Moldruffle
53 Mudraker
54 Shivertooth
55 Snifflehunch
56 Smothering Smokebreath
57 Scuttleclaw
58 Eroptodon
59 Gobsucker
60 Terrible Terror

Very smart dragon that can shoot fire with pinpoint accuracy. Travel in packs of up to ten.

Best fire accuracy and very smart. Also is very sneaky

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