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1 Anna Trusting Hans - Frozen

There's a legitimate reason why Anna would be trusting of the first guy to notice her. Unlike a lot of other Disney princess, she learns from her mistake and knocks Hans' block off. - phillysports

I kind of understand because Anna was cut off from the world and Hans was the only guy who didn't alienate her. - TwilightKitsune

Disney originally planned to make Queen Elsa a villain, and I would like to congratulate them for not doing so. They have successfully proved that fictional characters do not have to be evil to be interesting, haven't they?

Poor Elsa and that Anna are better off without each other anyway.

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2 Ariel Not Telling Melody the Truth - The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

When has lying ever worked well for a character in a Disney movie the answer is almost never, In a foolish attempt to protect Melody she covers up the truth about Atlantica, merpeople, King Triton, and even a about Morgana of course everything horribly backfires for her as Melody runs off to find the truth and ends up meeting with Morgana who dupes her into stealing King Triton's Trident. - egnomac

Another reason why Ariel is an idiot - MegaSoulhero

Someone's been watching jaws

Melody might not have rebelled - blackflower

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3 Gaston Stabbing the Beast in the Back Leading to His Death - Beauty and the Beast

All he had to do was walk away and married one of the other woman but instead he had to get one last blow in by stabbing The Beast which causes Gaston's own downfall as Beast moves his arms back Gaston loses his grip and plummets to his death. - egnomac

Seriously leave Frozen alone - 445956

Literal backstabber.

No one kills like Gaston
No one lies like Gaston

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4 Pooh Leaving Rabbit's Home Using the Hole Instead of The Door - The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Pooh enters Rabbits house using the door and after eating all of Rabbits honey instead of going out the door he climbs through Rabbits tunnel and gets stuck, if he just used the door the same way he came in he wouldn't have gotten stuck in the hole in the first place. - egnomac


5 Scar Turning His Back on the Hyenas - The Lion King

Scar really should have taken his own advice and be prepared after Simba returns he tries to comvince him it was the hyenas plan all along of course he doesn't buy it and the hyenas are not too happy about Scar throwing them under the bus after he falls they're waiting at the bottom and they rip him apart. - egnomac

Referencing Scar's own song just makes this more ironic and funny somehow... - CrimsonShark

Scar apparently wanted all of the glory and credit instead of getting the hyenas to team up against Simba, which was his fatal mistake - Mcgillacuddy

6 Tinker Bell Showing Hook the Path to Peter's Hideout - Peter Pan

Hook didn't technically double cross her. He DID honor of the deal, just in a literal way (he planted a bomb in the hideout). At least hook playing his cards right. Tinker Bell technically played herself, since she didn't she only said hook HIMSELF couldn't touch peter. She left out the exploit hook used in the movie, the bomb. But that's just ONE thing hook could have done. Tinker Bell also left out hook's crew. Just feel lucky hook honored the deal at all. Someone like Maleficent sure wouldn't have.

Out of anger for Wendy Tinker Bell foolishly shows Hook the location to Peter's hideout on a map in order for him to kidnap Wendy of course after she makes Hook promise not to land a hand or a Hook on him and of course he double crosses her he kidnaps not only Wendy but the Lost Boys as well and delivers a bomb to Peter. - egnomac

Yeah why did tinker bell hook The path to Peter pans hideout a could of had an adventure

Man Tinker bell was stupid doing that

7 Ichabod Stopping While Being Pursued by the Headless Horseman - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod is frantically trying to escape from the Headless Horseman and for no reason stops long enough for the Horseman to throw a flaming pumpkin at his direction and he mysteriously vanishes. - egnomac

Most idiotic thing to do. You just can't \_o$e ¥ou® H€@|) in this kind of situation.

8 Clayton Cutting the Vines Resulting in His Hanging - Tarzan

How could he not feel the vines tightening around his neck as he was cutting them, at least Tarzan was kind enough to try and warn him. - egnomac

But that was an intentional dumb decision, so it ain't all that bad. - DapperPickle

9 Scar Admitting to Simba He Killed Mufasa - The Lion King

He COULD have finished Simba off, but then he HAD to admit the truth, and then Simba realizes it's true and forces him to admit to everyone. - Disney1994

This should be at least 3, cause if he didn't say it, he'd have won. - Drawbox

He was SO CLOSE to finishing Simba off but no he just had to tell the truth - Randomator

Ha ha, stupidest decision ever!

10 Snow White Biting the Apple from the Queen - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Moments before this the dwarfs warn her about strangers and to watch out for the Queen of course all that gets thrown out the window and she completely trusts the Queen disguised as an old woman and of course she stupidly believes everything she says which results in her falling into a deep sleep after biting the poison apple. - egnomac

Snow White: A creepy old woman who clearly looks evil with a wishing apple, I'm sure there's nothing suspicious about this.

Didn't even wash it. That's 100% why she went in a coma. - mattstat716

She was so naive - blackflower

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? Simba Exiles Kovu - The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

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11 Ariel Giving Up Her Voice for Legs - The Little Mermaid

It also sends a bad message to little girls that you should be willing to give up everything for a guy you know nothing about not even sure if he will love you back, what would have happened if Eric didn't love her back she pretty much be screwed. - egnomac

Needs to be higher. This was a dumb decision Ariel made; She ditched her whole family for the sake of wanting to be with some strange man she barely even knows. Not a good moral to teach little girls, honestly.

Who would give up their talent for some legs to see a guy?

I would have said B*TCH! - Andyman

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12 Mr. Incredible Shunning Buddy/Syndrome - The Incredibles

All Buddy wanted was to be Mr. Incredible's sidekick but instead he tells him to get lost and that he works alone which result in a string of events, if Mr. Incredible had been nicer to him and just accepted him as his sidekick then Buddy would never have become a villain, he never would have endangered. his family and most of the supers would still be alive. - egnomac

Yeah...but if this never happened. The wonderful story developed in this movie never would have happened! - TristGamer

13 Lightning McQueen Helping The King - Cars

No, this was a good decision, he helped King when he was hurt rather than just abandon him and care about winning.

More Like Smart Decision Because It Shows That McQueen Now Cares About Others - JPK

How was this dumb? If anything Chick Hicks was the dumb one - Randomator

What why you put it in bad decisoion It is good decision to help The King from crashed. So now Lighting learn lesson not only caring wining. - David39

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14 Anna throwing a snowball at Marshmallow - Frozen

She wanted to pick a fight with the most powerful character in all of fiction

They could have died!

Poor Marshmallow!

15 Toys Refuse to Trust Woody - Toy Story

Lol, 2-3 of the plots are because they didn't believe woody. - mattstat716

Seriously; most of the plot and conflicts that the toys encounter wouldn’t even happen if everyone would just listen to Woody. - SoulEater8

16 Elsa Singing Let It Go - Frozen

I love that song - blackflower

NO?! I LIKE LET IT GO?! - Ilovestephanie

17 Simba and Mufasa Banishing the Whole Hyena Species from the Pride Lands - The Lion King

That's rather species-ist of them. - PerfectImpulseX

Yeah. Speciesism is terrible.

18 Merida Turns Her Mother Into a Bear - Brave

Merida: Mom, I just made this cake ( or whatever is is ) for you.
Merida's mom: Oh really.
Merida's mom : Ok. I'm gonna take a bite out of it.
( She took on bite, passes out, and turns her mom into a bear.)
Merida: MOM! Are you ok? Why did I trust that evil witch? WHY? NOW THAT'S A DUMB DESISION.

19 The Nicelanders Not Appreciating Ralph - Wreck It Ralph

All Ralph wanted was to be appreciated for doing his job but the nicelanders are jerks who treat him like a parasite they don't even invite him to the anniversary party even though he is more important to the game than Fix-It Felix, the next day when the arcade opens no Ralph and their game is put out of commission and clearly shows that the characters are nothing without Ralph to wreck the bulling's which means even the hero Fix-It Felix is nothing without him and the same can be said for every hero and bad guy relationship in video games without the bad guy the hero is nothing, without the bad guy wrecking havoc and chaos then theirs no point to the adventure. - egnomac

First off, I think that Ralph might have been a bit mean when their game got first plugged in (y'know, the whole Calhoun backstory thingy) so I think that might have left a bit of a bad taste in the Nicelander's mouths, even after he gained his own personality and all that. Also, the Nicelanders were programmed to fear Ralph, which is also a major point, because Felix is most likely programmed to be brave and not fear him, which is why he's friendly with him. Though, that doesn't excuse them from being mean, even when they know that it's programming. Also, I'm tired of all the hate about "oh noes Felix is a jerk to Ralph he's worse then gene kill him with fire" like, did Felix ever do anything bad? Just watch the movie again and just watch him at the party scene, like when he quickly convinces the Nicelanders that he's okay after Ralph accidentally kills him, or when even after Ralph smashes the cake, Felix merely looks sympathetic for him. Just don't lay all the blame on him. Please.

This literally set the plot in motion. The Nicelanders were so unaccepting of Ralph that he decided to go out and be a hero and earn their respect, ultimately leading to their game almost being shut down because they made their villain run off! - Phillip873

Aren't Felix and Ralph just as important as each other?

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20 Meg Sells Her Soul to Hades - Hercules
21 Elsa Ran Away - Frozen

Yes, running away may not have been the best way to handle the situation, but can you honestly say that you wouldn't freak out to some degree if you accidentally unleashed paranormal capabilities in front of a large crowd of strangers?

22 Moana Not Trusting Her Own Dad - Moana

But she wouldn't be able to save her village if she didn't go beyond the reef to find Maui and fight tamatoa - Phillip873

Moana could have listened to her dad and would have not gotten hurt the first time she went beyond the reef.The grandma was also right because it was OK to break the law only to save your that WAS a good choice to save her endangered town.

23 Rey Trusting BB-8 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hey he turned out to be a good guy! - Extractinator04

24 The Prince Refuses to Shelter the Enchantress - Beauty and the Beast
25 Pinocchio Goes to Pleasure Island - Pinocchio
26 Tow Mater Making Lightning McQueen Lose the Race - Cars 2
27 Mufasa Using Zazu as a Target for Simba's Pouncing Lesson - The Lion King
28 Scar Kills Mufasa - The Lion King
29 Aurora Touching the Spinning Wheel - Sleeping Beauty

Aurora's mom: Aurora don't stick your fingers in the socket

Aurora: *sticks her fingers in the socket*

Aurora's mom: Aurora don't eat the yellow snow

Aurora: *eats the yellow snow*

Aurora's mom: Aurora don't put your name in the Hunger Games raffle

Aurora's mom: Crap - TwilightKitsune

30 Mickey Doesn't Retreat to Get Goofy - Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers
31 Mickey Brings the Broom to Life - Fantasia
32 Maurice Enters The Beast's Castle - Beauty and The Beast
33 Mufasa shuns Scar for not attending Simba's presentation - The Lion King
34 Pinocchio Trusts Gideon and Foulfellow - Pinocchio
35 Cinderella Hums to Waltz Played At the Ball - Cinderella
36 Lady Tremaine Breaks the Glass Slipper - Cinderella
37 Hiro Turning Baymax Evil - Big Hero Six
38 Woody Trusting Lotso - Toy Story 3

Why did he trust Lotso? He was the villain! The only thing Woody accomplished was helping Lotso escape. The toys do eventually get saved but they could have avoided the garbage fire altogether. - Randomator

39 Big Jet Becoming Friends with the Little Einsteins - Little Einsteins
40 Tiana Kisses Frog-Naveen - The Princess and The Frog

Her biggest mistake was not telling Naven that she wasn't a real princess in the first place she doesn't tell him this until later. - egnomac

41 Pocahontas Falls In Love With John Smith - Pocahontas
42 Simba and Nala Go to the Elephant Graveyard - The Lion King
43 Holdo Not Telling Anyone Her Plan - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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