Top Ten Dumbest Goth Stereotypes

Even though I'm not goth, I have a lot of respect for them and think they are a really cool subculture and a lot of the stereotypes aren't true.

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1 They are Satan worshipers

Oh look at me, I wear black I must worship satan -_- goths aren't any religion, it has nothing to do with religion - ToptenPizza

2 They hate everything

They just have a great ability to seek out the bad in people so they are more selective then the average person. - ToptenPizza

I know someone who is a goth and she loves puppies, rainbows, unicorns, kittens, unipugs and fluffy horses wearing plastic unicorn hats dancing on rainbows! - Puppytart


3 Goth is just a faze kids go through

I hate it when different people say that "Goth is a phase". Um. No it's not. Goth is a lifestyle. If you don't know anything about the Gothic Subculture and you say that "it's a phase", might as well have a Goth to teach you about the Gothic Subculture.

If goth was just a faze, why is gothic architecture often treasured in countries, why are gothic poets often praised, and why is goth so awesome? - ToptenPizza

Only in Coronation Street. Craig and Rosie.

The other people who voted this have the right idea, but they're still wrong to an extent. Goth CAN be a phase for some people, but for others, they're just into goth rock, deathrock, darkwave, etc because they are, and they have no problem basing their fashion around it either. Goth itself is not a lifestyle, but a subculture. If anything, "gothic" would be the lifestyle, not "goth".
And lastly, the only components of the subculture are music, fashion and arguably, aesthetic. Meaning literature, art, and film have no place and aren't what make you goth; they're separate from the subculture. Gothic is a style and is completely different from the 80s post punk scene.

4 They are weird

They are not weird. They are dark, but not weird. - ToptenPizza

5 They are loners

It is true for some people but it is a good thing believe me.

True for some. Like me. - AnonymousChick

6 They do drugs

This is a stereotype that follows most groups that don't look like athletes or popular girls. - LizardKing99

The goth subculture has nothing to do with drugs, although it is dark, its also artistic - ToptenPizza

7 They only like goths

It's a subculture, not a secret society guys -_- - ToptenPizza

8 Goths, emos, punks, scenes are the same thing

Goths, Emos, Punks, and Scenes are NOT the same thing (well, except Emos and Scenes are the same thing, but the difference between them are that Emos are depressed and Scenes are too happy). Goths came out of the Punk Subculture and Goths have different music genres like Post-Punk, Goth Rock, Goth Metal, and Symphonic Goth Metal. Punks have their own Subculture where they listen to all Punk genre music. Emos listens to Post-Hardcore, Emo, and Screamo. I can go all day on the differences.

TOTALLY NOT TRUE - Bean_Destroyer12

9 They're always grumpy and sad

Only with the seizures.

10 They like kinky things

The Contenders

11 They shop in Hot Topic

Hot Topic doesn't exist in every country.

12 They are obsessed with death
13 They only like the dark side
14 They are all suicidal and cutters
15 They like Emily the Strange
16 They are mentally unstable
17 They only wear black
18 They are all Wiccans
19 They only listen to rock music
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