Top 10 Craziest Deforestation Facts

Imagine if trees gave out free WiFi. Then everyone would be planting like crazy, and their would be no environment problems. Too bad they only give us the air we breathe to live.

In my opinion, the problems with the environment and deforestation is the biggest problem. The arctic is melting, animals and plants are dying, and if the ecosystem dies, so will we.
The Top Ten
1 Every second, one and a half acres of the forest is cut down

No! More than two trees should be planted

There are many things to do to solve this:

Go vegetarian, I'll be once I'm 18 and my parents can't force me to eat meat and stay in the ego system-grazing land used for animals is taken away from the forest

Start a petition- I think we should have a law for every tree we cut down, two more must be planted.

2 It is estimated that in about 100 years, there will be no rainforests

We've got 100 years to change that, we need to! If there are no rainforests, plants will be scarce, causing herbavores to eat all the producers, and then die out, causing every animal to die out all the way up to humans, who now don't have plants or animals to eat, and we all die.

I am going to protect the heart and soul of the earth!

3 The U.S. has less than 5% of the world's population yet consumes 30% of the world's paper

How exactly do we manage to do that? Oh, I know, we are wasteful, we will draw on paper, and not use the back. We will add in a few empty pages in a book that is being published, and we give too much paperwork. Can't we just ditch paper and use technology, less deforestation

4 Soil erosion, floods, wildlife extinction and climate imbalance happen because of deforestation

These are just a few of the disastrous effects of deforestation, another is plant life extinction, life of native tribes destroyed, medicines that can be found destroyed, global warming. So many things happening because of deforestation. Stop it!

5 Deforestation affects the water cycle

Before the water condensates, then precipitates, it needs transpirtation and evaporation. Transpirtation is from plants that absorb ground water. The earth will be in a drought without the rainforest.

6 Half of the world's tropical rainforests have disappeared

Wake up, people! We need to stop this! We have destroyed and over populated this planet, and we have already taken down so much! When are we going to DO something about it?

7 Tropical rainforests are a habitat to half the world's species

Tropical rainforests cover 6-7% of the earth, and so many animals call them home. How would you like it if (greedy, evil, satanic) idiots started taking your things and destroying everything until it is a pile of rubble?

8 About 20 football fields of trees are lost every minute

Basically, unless we start planting trees instead of destroying them, we're screwed, the enviorment is screwed, animals are screwed and plant life is screwed.

9 Deforestation affects your life quality

Let me explain: soil erosion lets silt in the lakes and rivers, damaging the water quality, affecting the health of the population surrounding it. This could be you, and why you should donate to save the rainforest.

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