Top Ten Ways to Make Things Easier for Short People

The world is built for average side people, so those of us on the smaller side face these sort of irritations a lot.
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1 Put stools near tall shelves

One of the hardest things about being short is there are many times where I can't reach things, and it is extremely embarrassing asking friends and adults to reach things.

I always have to ask people for stuff on high shelves.

2 Stop height discrimination

I must agree with this, and I think there should be more recognition of these problems. However, tall people have problems too. As I said on my equivalent list to this, it's one thing being able to reach to high shelves, but another to put your back out when trying to pick things up. Tall people are also subject to cliches, like the widespread assumption that they all play basketball and deliberately get in the way in film cinemas, and for a while after I was hit in the head by a bus mirror, I was known by many as "the klutz who was hit in the head by a bus mirror". So in response to the comment you left on my list, TopTenPizza, there are many cases in which being tall can make one a laughing stock. I'm sure the tall people you know get it too.

Height discrimination doesn't happen to tall people, but it happens to short people like I read online employers tend to only pick tall people, witch is stupid, it's what's inside that counts.

3 Stock smaller sizes at the mall

Kids clothes are hideous Pos! At least, they're all tacky and sparkly and pink. I can hardly ever find anything in my size that I would wear either. And I love fashion (albeit, you wouldn't know that if you saw me), so its more frustrating to find something awesome that swallows me whole.

Smaller AND larger! At least there are kid's clothes available to short people, but there are hardly any of my large size, at least that I would want to be seen wearing.

If you're in the UK, Topshop is a pretty good place to find smaller sizes (some of their clothes go down to a UK size 4, rather than the usual minimum of 8) and many of their stores have an entire section for 'petite' clothing.

4 Create more rides you can ride at shorter heights

I have a friend who is extremely short, and she could probably relate to every one of these items. Especially this one, since she loves rides and she hates how she can't ride some of them because of her height.

I am a medium sized 12 year old. By looking at me, most would guess I'm 11-13. I've always been medium sized. I was around 5th-6th grade when I could start riding the cool rides.

At my town pool they have two water slides. They got it when I was in 1st grade, I think, and I couldn't go on it until I was in 5th grade.

5 Make bike pedals closer to the rider

And make them not have childish designs, it's hard to have to search long and hard for a bike your legs can reach.

6 Stop making chairs so tall

I'm trying to sit in a chair, not mountain climbing! At restaurants even the seats at the children's table are huge! Maybe it's just the restaurants I go to.

7 Make it so you can raise auditorium seats

Just as tall people should make an effort not to sit directly in front of short people, short people should make an effort to sit as far to the front of an auditorium as possible. When shorter people fill up the back half of a theater first, the only seats left are towards the front, so sometimes the only seats available to taller people are seats in front of shorter people. It's a two-sided deal: if tall people aren't supposed to sit in front of you, you need to make sure you leave plenty of seats behind you for them to sit in.

It's annoying when people taller sit in front of me and it's like, oh well, time to move. So if I could make my seat higher I could sit comfortably and see.

Adjustable seats would really be better for everyone.

8 Lower mirrors

For me it is so annoying because I am just able to see...THE TOP OF MY HEAD! In my mirror I need to stand on my baby brother's stool. Ugh, my sister is tall for her age, my brother is immensely tall for his age, my dad's entire family is tall for their age, why did I need to take after my mother's side, where everyone is small for their age.

9 Lower tables

I, in 6th grade, need to sit on my knees in order to reach the table. This is annoying and we should lower the tables.

10 Make shirts shorter

All clothes are too big on me, but shirts are the biggest problem. In baseball I got an extra small team Jersey, and it was still down to my knees. In a class we got t-shirts, I got small, and it's down to my knees. I get s t-shirt from a club extra small, it's down to my knees. Shopping at the store like: #downtomyknees

I would rather longer skirts over shorter skirts to be honest

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11 Make them cute little costumes
12 Make smaller hats
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