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The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.


Cats should be in first place. All you literally do is feed them and change their litter. Just be an animal is caged or tanked does NOT mean it's easier to care for. I'd know, since I had a cat, fish, and rabbits, and the cat was BY FAR easiest to care for. I was doing literally 5x the work caring for one rabbit vs. Caring for my one cat.

Most cats aren't really people friendly. They depend on you for food and some affection. Some cats live alone others with groups. My little colony is five strong and I have four females and ONE male. With many animals you shouldn't get multiple males with females, two males alone is fine. Cats can be dangerous if not raised properly. They are a lot of work with litter, food and keeping in line. I love my five but cats are definitely a commitment. Think before you buy, OR BETTER YET, adopt!

I love my fur babies! I am 55 and have had cats in my life since I was 19, two of them living until they were 20. The two I have now are 15 & 14 and they are pretty self sufficient when I leave plenty of food, water and a clean litter box. When I was a little girl, I was allergic to cats and having asthma for most of my life, it's pretty incredible that I am not affected by their dander. I can't imagine my life without a little bundle of furry love.

I love cats... I know they are the easiest pet simply because, they can essentially care for themselves.. Yes you feed water and clean litter after them, but not if they're outdoor or barn cats. I have had many and still have one cat. They are very individual and easy to care for. Cheaper to care for comparably to other pets.

Cats cost money, not time. I have an indoor-outdoor cat, and we have an automatic feeder and filtered water for her, as well as a flea collar. If we had a cat door installed, we wouldn't have to do anything to care for her, other than occasional vaccinations and cleaning the litterbox once a week. I used to have goldfish, and they were *much* harder to take care of. It took me longer to clean the fish tank than it does to clean the litterbox. Unlike dogs, they don't need bathing or walking. On the other hand, my cat is not as affectionate as often as a dog would be, but she is still very affectionate.

Really cute but it really depends on the cat's personality if they're cuddly or not. I have a cuddly one and a skittish one. Both awesome! They're easy to take care of, but I find changing the litter box the worst chore in the house! Feeding and watering are super easy.

Cats are the easiest pets to take care of because first of all a cat stays home you don't need to walk it. Next they and cute to cuddle with! Also you just feed the cat and clean its litter box just like a pets fish!

Cats are way easier to take care of than dogs. You don't need to walk them or groom them or take them out just to go to the bathroom. Though I'll admit, fish are much easier to take care of. But cats are my favorites. I can't just turn them down now..

They catch rats that come to your house (mine does not even kill it it shows me it and throws the rat in the park) some are loyal it depends on how you care for it make shore you have a friendship which it before you let it out side

Cats are definitely the easiest pet ever! They are very independent so don't require so much attention and they are very hygienic also.

Cats are very easy to take care of. They can be quite independent but all have different personalities they can live up to twenty years sometimes longer. I love to cuddle mine at night.

My cats are very affectionate they sleep with me every night and they love me up and they are always around me wanting to sit on my lap!

I love my cats they are fun to play with, smart, nice and easy so if your looking for an adorable & easy to take care of animal this is the pet for you

Cat are meant to be easier to look after 'cause they clean themselves, sleep wherever and you never have to worry where they are 'cause if their not at home THEIR OUT!

Move, over mice! Cats are so much better than you! I hate mice. Baby mouse? No way. Geronimo Stilton? What eves. Jerry mouse? SH! Cats are so cool and better than mice.

I love my cat. He is the most cuddly thing you will ever meet. He might be a little overweight but I love him so much and he is so easy to care for.

Cats are very friendly! They help with mental problems such as depression and some snuggle you when you need it!

People say that cats sleep all the time but they are more active then dogs and don't destroy stuff and are so cute

I want a cat, but my mom wouldn't let me keep one. She does not like the litter box and she thinks three children is not enough to keep a cat!

Cats are lovely also they are easy to take care of because while your out they can wonder about they won't get bored or sad

Cats rock! I have 3 and hey just sleep! The only thing bad is they can be very chatty like the Siamese

When I try to convince my mom she finally said maybe after looking at this and cats should be in first place because she also said that too

Cats basically care for themselves, and can be just as sweet and affectionate as a dog.

Cats aren't domesticated, and therefore aren't meant to be pets, making them harder to care for. - Blight

Have a cat of my own and I just leave it at home and its perfectly fine when I come back

Cat are easy because it cleans itself and they absolutely do not need a cage. They are SUPER EASY AND CUDDLY!