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The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.


Dog's are my favorite pet I have. I have a husky. Although they are very cute and fluffy, (It's su fluffy! ) they are mischievous and naughty. They are extremely intelligent and hilarious. If you want one I strongly recommend you stay at home a lot... If you don't they will escape and run off. They get distracted by noises and sometimes run off into roads. Unfortunately most huskies die from running in the road and getting hit. So if you want one of these amazing dogs, give them a lot of attention and don't leave them outside when you're away! :D

I have a dog all you have to do is feed him give him a drink and let him go to the bathroom

Dogs aren't 7th the are really hard to take car of. Dogs have to be walked everyday and some bite and I got to tell you it does hurt. Small dogs die around the age of 18 and bigger dogs die around the age of 14. But there is lots of great things about them like there adorable, fun, awesome, and smart sometimes. I just don't think it should be 7th because they are hard.

I do not have a dog but many of my friends has them so I know a lot about it. The hard thing is that they poop everywhere! If you train a lot the rest is easy. But they are wonderful pet and if you buy a type of dog that's easy to train, it will be a lot easier. You don't really need exercise than rabbits so dogs will make a awesome pet for sure.

Dogs are not actually easy pets. They need a lot of attention and love. They are smart and deserve very caring and loving owners. They need toys as well. playing helps them to socialize and if they don't socialize then they can get sick or depressed. They need a lot of attention

Dogs are great because you can never forget about them so you can always remind your child that your dog still needs... but before you decide to get a dog I recommend getting something easy like one of the pets above to teach them responsibility

I have a pet dog he is easy to take care of I just play with him everyday and feed him, he really likes new people or strangers. He is good and kind he doesn't bite and is naughty he sometimes takes the tissue and throws it off the window. But he likes to lick! I think this is the easiest

I love dogs. In my opinion, they're so much more affectionate and animated than cats. They have facial expressions and they will love you no matter what. Everyone should have the experience of owning a dog!

Well, I have waited 4 long years to get another dog, after the passing of my highly aggressive Akita (Shiba Inu).In that time, I have managed to gather A LOT of information on this amazing species.
In my opinion, the easiest breed would most likely be a pug, seeing as they need little exercise and grooming, are easy to train, are fit for any environment, and are very social (with people and other dogs). - rubytaco

Dogs are not easy to take care of, you have to take them on walks, everyday no matter what, weather it's scorching heat, or freezing cold. You have to bath them a lot, and you have to let them outside to go to the bath room. - RogerWatersfan1999

They are friendly and super cute but please be responsible and take care of him or her they are living creatures just like us humans

I think a dog is very easy to take care of because it does not live in a tank or some type of cage, so you do not have to clean it every day. They are cute, lovable, and they make GREAT companions to hang out with.

I think that dogs are easy because you can pay no attention to them and they won't care...Also they only have to be fed twice a day and need to go out every few hours. Once you get one you will see how easy it is!

Dogs are the best companion. They are loving and caring. Even though they can be hard to take care of at sometimes, it's worth it to know that at the end of the day u are with you best friend

I think the dog should be in first place because dogs are great pets and make great company. Compared to cats, you can play outside with them, and they do not hide all day.

Forget everything that the meanie that wrote that they don't think dogs should be 7th and think that they are fun, playful, adorable, and sweet.

I have a dog she is very sweet and easy to take care of they are the cutest pet ever

Dogs are cute cuddly and they make great family pets

Dogs are amazing! I think they are the best pets to have. Yeah it might be hard training it but once that's done they are easy pets and super cuddly!

Dogs aren't the easiest pets to take care of, but the commitment is well worth it. Dogs are loyal and friendly, and they love they're owner/owners

A dog is a great friend and I personaly love them and when it comes to taking care of a dog it could be a lot of work but if you have fun with it and truly love your dog it will be very easy! But some people say that they love there dog but if you don't take care of it you don't!

Dogs are the best they play with you, sleep with you, and protect you! And kids love them!

Love everyone of them you'll never have a more loyal friend.

Dogs are so cute! Yeah sometimes they can be a pain training it, but its all worth it when u get to play and cuddle without it bugging u.

They have the best personalities and love you forever