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Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 6,000 species, ranging across all continents except Antarctica, as well as most oceanic island chains.


Very easy to take care of but a hassle to feed
They are very fun to take care of because they don't smell or wake you up at night

I'm going to be very honest with my opinion! Geckos are one of the easiest such as "Crested Gecko, Leopard gecko" they both are easy to tame they do require 20 gallon and also a Crested gecko will get stressed if it's over 80 degrees Fahrenheit! I would go for a Crested because they don't need worms to often and they are really fruit and veggie lovers and also these creatures are very WONDERFUL beginner pets! I'm not saying Leopard aren't they do like be handled a lot more then A Crested gecko so there both awesome and I'm in love with both!

Getting certain lizards are easy to take care of, but some of the more interesting ones can still take a lot of work and a more sophisticated setup. Geckos are generally pretty easy, but remember you will likely be feeding them things like mealworms and crickets, so if you are the sort to be grossed out maybe reconsider.

I have two leopard geckos and they are so easy it's unbelievable. The best thing about them for the average person is that they don't require handling. What I mean is, with a dog or cat, they need need need attention. Lizards enjoy attention oftentimes, but they don't require it. Plus they are so adorable.

It majorly depends on the lizard, if you get one make sure it's something your going to be interested in and can also properly take care of them. Do extensive research before buying one. You will also be told if your a beginner reptile owner to consider a leopard gecko. Leopard geckos can live to be 20 years old. My advice do your research and make sure your completely prepared or u will make that animals life living hell and nobody wants that.

They may not be fuzzy but I think they are so cute. They eat gecko food, and crickets. They don't cost to much either :) I have one and it's so cute. Be careful they do just

Lizards are both cheap and fun to look at. Plus there cage doesn't smell so you don't have to worry about that so if you buy a lizard you won't regret it

Go for a gecko, easy as pie to take care of. Besides the pet itself the cost for cage and stuff is around 150-300 depending on how lavish you make it. Can spend up to 400 a year with food and veggies but that's low compared to dogs and cats!

Gross but cool. If you don't mind the crickets and stench. I had a leopard gecko and it didn't do anything so not for an active person like a dog is.

I own a Crested Gecko. They are amazing pets! I suggest one for anyone who likes a social calm lizard that looks like a velociraptor. Mine is an amazing pet and they are beautiful and easy to take care of!

Don't smell, make noise or need a lot of attention... I've had many lizards and they are super easy to care for.

They are so cute and eat bugs which is good

Once I caught 2 lizards in a field and they were very cute! However, after 3 days, we decided to let them go. It was an interesting experience but I knew it was they freedom.

You absolutely cannot beat them! Exotic, unusual, and entertaining, these fascinating creatures are loveable and interesting pets. I reccomend them to anyone, mine is so straightforward and lovely - though if you don't like insects you shouldn't get one.

They are SO fun to take care of. I have a bearded dragon. What do you guys have. By the way. My bearded dragons name is Boomerang. What names do you guys have?

Research shows that some lizards can have salmonella bacteria on their skin, so you have to wash your hands after handling them.

Awesome and very interesting easy to take care of

I like lizards, I currently do not own one but I would love to purchase one or two, at our house we have a lot in our garden

Their really easy to handle and yeah

Bearded dragon is the best lizard I have one and I would never regret getting it

I love keeping lizards as pets. Some species, like collard lizards, are super docile and enjoy being held. They are also easy o feed. All you need to do is shake in a handful of feeder crickets and you're done!

They are easy to take care of, but they are not the type of animal that likes to be played around with.

They are so cool and they don't just sit around, as soon as you go near them they will start to play.

I have a leopard gecko and the are so easy to take care of and are lovely

I think lizards are awesome I LOVE LIZARDS