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I am about to get a turtle cause I found one at a baseball park and it was awesome I had to put it back but we are getting a painted turtle

We are thinking about getting a turtle at pets mart. We don't know if they could fit in a 10 gallon tank. How easy is it to take care of a turtle? If we got a turtle, how long do they live? They are like 30$! We found a turtle once when we were on the road. There were lots of turtles and we took one. We were going to take another one but a car drove over it. We found a boy turtle and we took it to are grandma's home. We fed it strawberries and he liked it. We were going to take it home but he escaped. Our grandma found it while we were gone and she let it go.It was sad but she did the right thing. It was a lot of fun having a turtle.If we get a turtle, we want a small turtle.
I am10 years old and we want a turtle. If we get a turtle from pets mart, can we feed it strawberries?

To the ten year old who asked,

No. You can't feed it strawberries. They CANNOT fit in 10 gallon tanks. They need powerful filters and land and water areas in their tanks. They aren't easy to care for.

Please don't buy from PetSmart. Pet stores are cruel and the animals are almost always stressed and sickly. Buy from a responsible breeder.

Turtles are crazy hard to take care of. Get a tortoise they are a bit easier for a beginner. But always do your research before you get a pet!

Turtle turtle! ⌒. ⌒ They need sunlight and heat they eat vegetables and need to be soaked once a month on a bucket to get moisture and water! Easy cheep and I love them!

I have really wanted a small pet for a while and a turtle would be nice. The only thing is, I already have a dog and we usually are away.

I had five turtles and they grew from one inch to five inches I gave my friend a turtle let's just say he's in a better place now

I think a turtle is gonna be a good pet since I can't get a dog easy to take care of

Turtles are cute fun and can be difficult to take care of but it is worth such an adorable pet.

Umm...turtles? My piano teacher has turtles, and they don't seem so easy...

Yes I love turtles all you got to do is give them water and shelter

Turtles are amazing end of story.

I thick turtle's are cool are cute!

Turtles are adorable but how would you play with them?

Turtles easy to look after I don't think so

Cute cute! And super easy to take care off.

I think a turtle is a very cute animal

My turtle died, because the big one ate all of my he turtles

Turtle are easy to care for because you have to only clean them 2 times a week but you have to feed them. to answer your question you can play with them by bringing them outside.

Turtles need real care and affection! They are great pets but too much human contact can stress them out. They are cute,lazy and just awesome in general

Turtles are great pets to have they are cute and easy to keep once you have all the equipment.
I want a turtle but my dad wont let me witch is really annoying

Zturtles are the best pet to have and are definitely the easiest

Seriously? You need a giant tank, are you sure you do not mean tortoise? hmm

If you get a tortoise I'll let you know you ca
Keep some species outside