Meal worms are great. Get a plastic storage bin, shoebox size. Drill holes around the top lip of the container. Add a container of rolled oats. Keep it dry! Dump in your meal worms add a carrot and a toilet paper tube. And viola! Meal worm farm. You can watch them pupate, morph into beetles and then about a week later watch teeny tiny meal worms grow. Ill say it again though, keep it dry! And in a dark well ventilated area.

This is by far the easiest pet to care for! They are perfect for young children and even science projects. A jar with air holes, dirt, and some leaves and old fruit is all they really need to live a full life. - rubytaco

When I was like 5, I used to get my Go Diego Go! bucket and look for worms. First, I filled it up with dirt and water to make mud, then I would put the worms in it. By the next day the worms would have left. Man, my childhood was awesome. Now Roman Reigns is being pushed. - EspioTheChameleon

I got a worm from my yard and it only lived like a week! But great for science projects!

Worms are great 5-minute pets that you don't really need to care for if you put it back

I didn't know worm were pets but if so they are by far the easiest to take care of.

Give them food and space then they live fine. Easier then dogs, but boring... - Lucretia

Worms are awesome. I used to collect earthworms as a child all the time.

They are the best! You hardly need to take care of them!

Worms are very easy to look after. The food we fed to them were our left overs. They would eat that.

Worms are easy to take care of even for kids.

I would probably put this at number one

Worms are hard to take care of so yeah

Worms are not a hard pet to look after but do not live very long

They are very slimey and love to sleep on your pillows! (laugh out loud)

Eww! I had no idea people have them as pets. Sorry people who love worms. Wait. Be back In sec.

When I was in primary 4, my science teacher gave me a few meal worms to take care and like learn how they grow and all that. at first, I thought that mealworms are hard to take care of but it was actually super easy! u just have to give it air, space and food and that will be all!