Worst Things About Special Ed

Special ED is godawful.... here's the worst aspects of it for anyone that has had it.
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1 It doesn't prepare you for life

the most they do is teach us to "wash our dishes after eating" "fix your bed", "play shopping" or something like that, it will actually prepare you for the life in a hostel where you have assisnats that help you BLINK. what can I say, my dream to be a game developer will never come true if my school dosen'r approve it.

We don't learn anything at all! Special Ed limits our course options and makes us behind in our classes and ruins our grades! Special Ed should be banned! Special Ed is so annoying!

It's apparently made to help you with executive functioning and stuff, but initially doesn't help with anything and unnecessarily wastes your time.

Exactly! I have to get pulled out of class to learn things about emotions and do things that are for kindergarteners. Its just pointless!

2 You don't learn anything useful

I'm a special ed student, but nothing on this list happens to me. Such as feeling like I'm in kindergarten all over again, having to do kindergarten (or elementary) worksheets, etc. Guess I'm lucky

I've been in the special ed program. And based on my experience they don't really help people like me to learn important skills and take chances on a challenge.

This is not useful to learn kindergarten stuff for a Special School.

Not ONE damn thing taught in Special Ed is useful in the slighest.

3 The teachers overreact a lot

YES! My former special ed (homeroom) teacher absolutely HATES bullying. Once my friends were joking around and having fun in the cafeteria and then my teacher summoned the entire class back to her classroom and proceeded to YELL and SCREAM at all of us, making us all late to our last classes. Her yelling was so scary (it was louder than all the screamer videos on YouTube combined) that it made me cry. She obviously didn't care because when I started crying she yelled at me even more saying "DON'T YOU DARE START CRYING! ". After arriving at my last class, I told my teacher and classmates what happened and they all felt sympathetic for me and agreed that my homeroom teacher was being very harsh.

Regardless if it's a minor curse or you just telling them to hold on they will overreact.

Once/at one time I was forcefully restrained and put in the restraints/timeout chair!

my teachers would not let me have my shenanigans and got the school piggy involved whenever I misbehaved even in best buddies policeman finds out!

4 It's pointless but forced for kids with disabilities

Beyond pointless and moronic.

Give me a say please

5 Chances are it'll feel like being locked in a cage

My elementary classroom locked the doors and had a empty closet for solitary confinement, I mean time out. They would put you in there using ILLEGAL restraints ( because it's never enforced) whenever you were slightly aggressive ( loud voice, angry face, etc ). I once got put in there for 30 minutes for "throwing things" when I dropped a pencil when I was mad ( and not doing anything bad by the way).

We only go in 1 building in our school, nowhere else and that's the "F block", it is the only block we had to be in and it was downstairs. When we have our electives we get out and most of the time it feels like a camp and it's very bad :/.
I feel bad for those who are year 7 and 8 because they can't go out unless they're in YR 9 and 10, 11 and 12.

In some school when the kids act out the teachers actually LOCK THEM UP IN AN EMPTY ROOM! Special ed teachers are obviously trying to turn their classrooms into prisons where the rooms they lock up violent students are solitary confinement cells.

I hate being in special ed.

6 You get treated like you're dumb

Obviously these high schoolers with behavioral issues are just to stupid to understand that punching people and yelling is wrong. we need to spend an hour telling them to count to ten, watch Sesame Street and then explain the Sesame Street video all while talking in a baby voice oh and that's for the smart special Ed kids. The dumb ones can't understand words.

Even if you're intelligent they'll treat you like you're 5 or something.

I was forced to do kindergarten worksheets in high school. I want to do algebra, I already learned how to tell time and count money YEARS ago! >:(

Same ... I'm a grade 7 student all I have in sped is that my se teacher will treat me like a baby

7 It is not optional

I have a dyslexia but not bad, but they put me in classes with drooling retards. They tried to force me to be in a kindergarten type of English class because apparently my speech is bad, but it isn't. My mom finally told them to F off, and we haven't heard from them since, and I was pulled out of all my classes, and placed in regular ones.

you need to do it if they tell you to. You will be bullied by others and called retarded or weird or stupid daily and teachers won't care. When I had to the special education I was picked on for it while I was learning noting important and treated like a 3 year old

Not only do they put you in on a dime but it's almost impossible to leave after all they get paid per sped kid so got to keep them in way longer then is healthy for them.

I was intentionally placed in this by my parents and the school district. I did not want to be there but I don't have a choice. I was forced into it.

8 Adults stalk you in classes

Always, it's like they're guards from a camp and it is so uncomfortable. Like I know your here to supervise but it's so creepy asf :/

So TRUE my homeroom teacher in high school stalks us everywhere not just in classes.

At least she doesn't stalk students while they're in the bathroom.

Yeah doesn't matter what class but if they can stalk you they will.

Thankfully, that does not happen to me. Guess I'm lucky.

9 The teachers are unlikable

Some of them are actually tolerable but most of them talk to me like I am 5 even though I am high functioning.

Not a single one of them is solid.

Your so not wrong

Only 1 teacher is but she's probably gonna get fired but they hope she doesn't

10 It feels like kindergarten all over again

For field trips the class is forced to go to boring places only kindergarten kids go to like the fire station, zoo, and police station. We wanted to go to COOL places, like Six Flags and NYC.

Also if you're a non-believer in Santa you have to believe in him because the other special ed kids are constantly convinced that he's real when reality he is a FAKE! In high school, a guy dressed as Santa came to the cafeteria to visit the special ed kids. I am a non believer but I when he approached my table where all the other special ed kids were sitting I played along to be polite and just gave him a high five and shook his hand. I only did it because there are special ed teachers at the table who was watching me and if I don't believe in him the special ed kids would cry and I was afraid that they would get mad at me for upsetting them.

When I was a freshman in high school, for math, I got put into "basic math". It's like a math class where you do these elementary worksheets and stuff. I didn't like it, but I had no choice, but to deal with it, so I did.

Thank god I was in pre-algebra my sophomore year.

Worksheet examples:

Personal information: address, name, phone number
Math: count the coins, what time is it
Reading/language arts: picture books with Velcro that say: I see <insert picture here>
Movies to watch: Rudolph, Frosty
Follow directions
Coloring pages
Social skills: manners, sharing, taking turns

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11 You can't get off the bus alone

When I was in high school the kids on the special ed bus must have a teacher present whenever they get off the bus, NO EXCEPTIONS. School starts at 7:30 AM. Sometimes it was 7:20 AM and the teachers didn't come yet. The kids were still not allowed off the bus. The teachers did eventually come. I ended up being late to my homeroom several times because of this dumb and pointless rule.

The special ed teachers all say that this rule is for the kids' safety, but I believe that being on time to my classes is much more important.

That is true. But, I can walk to the doors myself. No need for a para-ed next to me at all.

12 The teachers are always nosy

Please stop demanding (not asking) details from my personal, talking to my parents about my life, eavesdropping and stalking me throughout the school. Not even my parents demand this much information from me and it's none of your business miss sped teacher

They're nosy about just anything you can think of.

13 The stuff they teach you are stuff that you already learned in PreK-3rd grade

My high school special ed teacher made me learn kindergarten math. It made me feel stupid.

14 Even if you know what you're doing or have to do they'll intentionally remind you anyway

If I know what the hell I'm doing then why do you need to repeat it?

15 Limited course offerings

Special Ed thinks it's helping you for the real world but it isn't. It's limiting your courses and wasting your time. It ruins grades.

I want to take AP Psych but I can't because there is no AP in special ed.

I want to be an animator but NO! Special ed only leads you to so much.

Yep. They tell you to pick one or the other

16 The teachers babysit you

Damm, sometimes when my mom sends me to school at morning I say "you know there's a few 12 year old girls in this neighborhood who want to work as babysitters, you can ask them to babisit your 17-year-old daughter instead of sending her to a school that treats her like a baby even that she finished 2 levels of graphic design&game developmenting, 3 units of math, science and english (I'm from a non-english country), it will be more useful!". I was still sent to school cause my mom admitted she know I don't learn, but she wants a few hours of silance from me (by the way, I'm 21 and since the law in my country allow special ED until a student is 21 I'm still in this hell hole)

17 You have to watch baby shows

For a class holiday party in my special ed class once, I had to watch Rudolph and Frosty. I preferred "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" and the Macy's parade.

I watched Frosty and Rudolph often as a kid but I find them kind of babyish now that I'm older.

Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman aren't that bad, Dora Barney and Friends Agent Oso Mickey Mouse clubhouse and super why are way worse

When you turn 6 time to move on Barney.

18 Must be accompanied to the restroom at all times

This PROVES that special ed teachers are perverted because they DO NOT allow their students to go to the restroom all by themselves. They insisted on going with the students. I don't know if they actually go in the STALLS with students, but I seriously hope not! Come on, no one wants their own teacher to see their butt or their private parts or even help wipe them! THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!

Remember that... we had those things called "Aids" (like the disease, ironic ain't it) that had to LEAD us to the bathroom, isn't a hall pass more traditional.

(during lunch)
Student: Teacher I need to use the restroom
Teacher: I will come with you. Class stay here. I will be right back
Student: No I will go by myself.
Teacher: No it's my responsibility to know where you are at all times. It's for your own safety
Student: I'm not a little kid. I can handle this all by myself
Teacher; No. I'm coming with you and that's final
(in the restroom)
Student: Get out!
Teacher: I'm going in the stall with you
Student: No! I want privacy!
Teacher: Do you want detention or not?
Student: fine... (thinks: you perverted pedophile! >:(
(after school)
kid: MOM! My teacher looked at my butt and privates while I was going to the restroom. She won't let me use the bathroom all by myself
Mom: oh really? (she doesn't even care)
kid:... >:(

That doesn't really happen with me at school. So, I'm fine.

19 The teachers forbid students to say certain words even if it's not a swear word

@Stazemar000-this only applied to my special ed teacher. The other special ed classes in my high school allowed students to say these words. My special ed teacher banned us from saying those words in her classroom because she thought that "those words are not appropriate to say in high school".

20 You ride to school on a bus full of special ed kids

There's a kid on my bus with special needs who screeches like an idiot.

21 Must go on baby websites like PBS Kids

Yeah, All kiddy shows sucks! We want Breaking Bad or South Park, no Baby shows, All baby websites are boring, we want Wikipedia or WWC.

22 You are not allowed to express your own interests

my friends and I sometimes sit at lunchtime and play mobile games, and Pokemon cards, or sometimes we bring small fidget toys and use them in our free time, not once a teacher watched us and tell us "guys, why you're playing with your phones/pokemon cards/toys? why act like babies? you're in high school!"
not to mention the fact that said teacher gave us kindergarten worksheets and activities (Math? what is the price of/what time is it? science? watching baby shows with some science. art? get your crayons, safety scissors, and non-toxic (or working) glue sticks, we're making finger puppets that you can make a show for mommy and daddy to watch! so fun)

23 The teachers know your home information
24 You are forced to take speech class

Speech 1 on 1 is ok but it is a living hell in a group because the speech teacher makes me look people in the eye. Dude. I can do what I want. Also I am an introvert.

25 Time outs

I get time outs, NOT because I get in trouble, time outs as in when your overwhelmed of anxious, you have a time out card and you show it to the teachers.

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