Top Ten Ways to Make the U.S. Have the Best Education System in the World

It's no secret that the U.S. has one if the worst education systems out if first world countries. A good portion of the population cannot name how many stars are on the flag, for Christ's sake. So, what are some ways to make the U.S. have the best education system in the world?
The Top Ten
1 Teach to Each Student's Potential

Let's face it. Not every kid is smart or special. There, I said it. Not all kids can be doctors or lawyers, and there's nothing wrong with that. Apparently, the makers of No Child Left Behind and Common Core didn't get that memo. They believe that all children have an equal amount of potential, so they should all have an equal amount of attention. By believing this, you are condemning the gifted and intelligent to mediocrity. We should teach to each students potential, and realize that every student has different needs.

2 Make It Harder to Go to College

WHAT? Why on earth should it be harder to go to college? Shouldn't we be making it easier? Yes and no. We should be making college more affordable for those in society who are gifted, intelligent, and work high-skilled jobs. We should, however, discourage low-skilled and unintelligent workers from attending college. Why? Because too many people are getting degrees. A couple of decades ago, if you didn't go to college, you still had a good chance of getting a job. Now, college is basically necessary if you don't want to work minimum wage. Why is that? It's because average people decided to go to college and pursue worthless degrees that will never benefit them, forking thousands of dollars in the process. Now, because everyone and their mother has a Bachelor's degree, the degree is basically worthless. Lots of employers don't even care about BA's anymore. So now everyone is pursuing a Master's degree, whether they need it or not, because from pre-k to high school they have the thought ...more

USAs colleges are actually way harder to get into than most other nations colleges. For example: France's #1 university has a 100% acceptance rate

College is too overpriced for me to go to, so I rather get my own place after graduating high school.

Yah so many people are getting degrees that a college degree is becoming worthless

3 Shrink Classrooms

Now, in most public schools, it's not uncommon to have 30, or maybe even 40 kids in a class with just one teacher. Because of this, students can constantly heckle and disrupt the class, because the teacher is vastly outnumbered. If we drastically shrink classroom sizes, or decrease student-teacher ratios, teachers will have a better ability to keep peace in the classroom, while, at the same time, having more time to spend with each student.

I don't know how lower level teachers can teach a class of 40 and how each student can keep up.

4 Give Both Students and Teachers More Breaks

Studies have shown that students and teachers who receive more breaks are both more productive and less stressed. Finland is constantly ranked as having the best education system in the world, yet school days, on average, last only about four hours, compared to seven or eight in the U.S. This gives students more time to study and think about the lessons that they learned, and teachers more time to plan for the next day's lesson.

5 Increase Standards

We can't have people so illiterate that they can't spell their own names graduating from high school. My school graduation standards were based soley on attendance, not academics.

Remember I told you that a good portion of the population cannot name how many stars that are on the flag? Yeah, that's not okay. Not remotely. Standards should be raised in every level of education, from kindergarten to high school. I'm currently in high school, and I still have lots of classmates who struggle to read a sentence out loud. Some still have to sound out the syllables. Others don't know basic arithmetic. This is unacceptable. We need to drastically increase standards for all students.

6 End Standardized Testing

Standardized testing has done little to help schools' outcomes. They don't help students learn material, they just help students take tests. I was in class one day when we were preparing for the state test. I didn't understand how the teacher got the answer to one question, so I asked her about it. She said that it didn't matter, because we still had a lot more of the test to go over. There have even been reports of teachers helping students cheat on these tests, because their jobs can depend on their success. In Finland, students have to take only one standardized test their entire academic career, compared to an average of around ten for American schools.

I get that for looking up who had the highest and lowest scores (let's say ACT, or SAT etc.) yeah kill those tests... you end up 75% of the populations score at best the lowest score possible because the people Cambridge intentionally make those tests insanely difficult. How on earth can any student withstand this material given after practicing over and over, and still have a flat out terrible score?

7 Increase Funding

I'm not one of those people who simply claim that by throwing money at our problems, they will automatically be fixed. However, it is common knowledge that lots of public schools are drastically underfunded. Where I go to, bathroom stalls are around one foot wide, our textbooks are five or six years old and have ten or so pages missing, there's trash and graffiti everywhere, etc. Schools need to be completely revamped in order to compete with the rest of the world.

Extra cash would do wonders.

8 Increase School Choice

I was bullied and ostracized for being atheist. The only other school district in my bible belt town was a private religious school.

We should make it easier for parents to send their kids to whatever they want, be it public or private. Right now, public schools basically have a monopoly over the education system, because they are free, and private school can be costly. Because of this, they don't have the inclination to Improve their facilities or school performance. If we increase the amount of vouchers given to parents, public schools will have to become more competitive, which will increase their performance.

9 Improve Cafeteria Food

No, seriously. If like to see you alert in class when you ate a slice of grease-dripping pizza and a burger which was cooked two weeks ago. You then try to eat a salad, but it's 50% water. You try the vegetables, but they're frozen and taste like bleach. Your stomach will not forgive you, trust me. Then, all you have to drink is a tiny carton of orange juice, which lasts two sips. Our cafeterias are a joke, and need to be improved. We need to offer more fruits and vegetables which are actually edible, cut back on the grease, and encourage students to drink more water.

I always bring packed lunch, but the food is like chocolate milk which looks like coffee burgers that look like they were made at Kristen Krabi and horrible popcorn.

Yes, this is the answer to all of your school related problems.

We need food with flavor that actually looks edible.

10 End Compulsory Education

Right now, you have to be at least 16 in order to drop out. I've had students in my class who constantly talk, never do their work or study, and rarely show up. When asked on why they do this, they state that they'll drop out when they get old enough, so they have no inclination to learn. By making school optional for all students, students who really want to learn will remain, while those who do not are allowed to leave.

Learning shouldn't feel like a burden.

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11 Stop Giving Homework

All homework does is stress students out. Perhaps like 10 minutes a night would be good practice, but an hour or more is just over doing it.

12 Fire Bad Teachers
13 More Engaging Activities
14 Control Bullying
15 Have High School Recess
16 Allow Naps
17 Don't Punish the Student Defending Themselves
18 Have Fewer School Days Per Week
19 Remove Lockers

Lockers are such a hassle, 25 bucks for a replacement and they crowd hallways. We should just let kids keep their binders at school so kids don't need to buy a backpack.

20 Stop Yelling at Kids
21 Have Lunch Later in the Day
22 Allow Students to Call Teachers by Their First Name
23 No Hallway or Bathroom Passes
24 Start School at Age Seven
25 Mathematics for the Advanced Students Only
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