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21 Apophis

The god of chaos a giant snake

He coo

How this guy be NOT in no. 1 or at least in no. 10. I mean He's LITERALLY THE INCARNATION OF ISFET(CHAOS). I know Ra and Anubis are like the most popular but THIS GUY IS THE ENEMY OF ALL THE GODS I mean Ra is the strongest god that is put up against him and even Ra needs assistance. - Primodialchaos

22 Heqet
23 Montu V 1 Comment
24 Nefertem

Because of the water-lily flower opens at sunrise, Nefertem was associated with the rising sun. Nefertem was believed to help Ra by passing him the sun.In one myth, he was shown healing Ra's wounds as he aged with a water-lily. The lotus later became a sacred symbol of Egypt. He was sometimes shown as a lion-headed god because of his mother Sekhmet. That gave him the role of a war god. He later received the role of protector/guardian of Upper and Lower Egypt. He was later known as the "Restrainer of the Two Lands."

25 Amun-Ra

Amun-Ra should be best because it's the King of ALL GODS mixed with the god of the Sun, so he kicks ASS

26 Atum

He is the God of creation and destruction

27 Khepri

A giant beetle that carries the sun what more is there to say

28 Tefnut

She is amazing because she controls the moon and other cool things.

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