Best Electronic Songs of 2018

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1 Love U - Marshmello

The lyrics to this song are actually pretty mediocre, but they at least send a nicer message than that FRIENDS song.

2 Breathe - Jax Jones
3 Dreamer - Axwell & Ingrosso

Really well made song. The lyrics is unique, not repeating the same love thing, but instead talk about escaping from stress. The drop is one that fits for the song and have a post-chorus which is well made.
Good job Axwell Ingrosso!

I prefer the Matisse & Sadko Remix, because the drop is amazing better than this.

4 Get What You Give - Felix Cartal
5 Coping - Toni Braxton
6 Slow - Matoma
7 Mere Anarchy - Moby
8 I Don't Mind - Direct & Matt Van

Every day is a reason to chase what you've been dreaming
Every night when I'm dreaming, it feels I'm falling through the ceiling
This winter's got my knuckles bleeding, but I don't mind

This is an amazing song.

9 This Wild Darkness - Moby
10 Meet in the Middle - Stonebridge
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11 I Need You - Delta Heavy
12 Free - Sean Finn
13 17 - MK
14 Monophobia - Deadmau5

This is an awesome song! I love how Deadmau5 is consistent and doesn't change his style unlike other electronic artists and how he doesn't downplay his synths. Rob Swire's vocals are also totally awesome just like in Ghosts n Stuff. This song is awesome and proof that Deadmau5 is a patrician.

WHY IS THIS 21! I did not sleep the night before this was realized. I was so excited! The next day, the wait was worth it!

15 Find Me - Datsik
16 Ignite - Alan Walker

I love this and the other song he made this year called Darkside. Alan Walker forever!

This song is great! And Darkside is my favorite song. Love Alan Walker!

17 Angel Voices - Virtual Self

This is one of my favorite electronic songs of 2018 (my favorite electronic song of 2018 was From Hell by Dance with the Dead). The synths are extraordinary and are restoring my faith in EDM, and the vocals are also really nice.

One of the best tracks by Virtual Self yet! That last drop is insane!

18 Demons - What So Not
19 Vres - Mord Fustang
20 One Kiss - Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

There is one line in the lyrics in this song that is inappropriate, but the vocals and beat in this song are nice. 8/10

I actually like this one!

21 Out of Place - Joe Ford & Memtrix
22 Take You Down - Illenium

Illenium might be the best future bass producer since Flume. His songs are catchy, yet powerful. Take You Down is no exception.

23 Legends - Big N' Slim
24 Nothing Scares Me Anymore - Steve Angello

Favourite song of 2018

Based on this and the three two-track EPS, HUMAN is gonna be an absolute monster of an album and I cannot wait

25 Leave a Light On - Tom Walker
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