Top 10 Greatest Genres of Electronic Music

Do you love electronic music? So do I. That's why I'm making this awesome list. If you want to add various subgenres, go ahead.
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1 Dubstep

Electro house, maybe, but progressive house is all so similar, and big room house is normally complete crap. Dubstep is more complex than house based on the beat pattern, and dubstep producers are diverse with it, making liquid dubstep, heavy dubstep and aggressive dubstep. My favorite song of all time is electro house though.

Complex rhythms, a plethora of atmospheres ranging from day-at-the-beach type of chill to just plain futuristic and bad-ass. And that attitude... listen to the Dubstep Allstars series and you will not be disappointed.

While not as popular or danceable as house, no feeling gotten from music compares to what the drop does to your soul. Dubstep is loud, heavy and makes for some of the best fight music. Number 1

I don't know why people are saying dubstep is dying. The scene is getting better and if you've ever been in a crowd an any EDM show, and seeing the audience's reaction when that filth y bass drops, you'll know why it's becoming increasingly popular. We have an entire festival dedicated to heavy dubstep. we have one of the most competitive EDM industries for a good dubstep DJ/producer, and massive fans all over the globe!

2 House

Electro house seems to be overrated and too commercialized (mostly bigroom house than anything really), but they should at least bring us back the original Progressive house before this decade in 2010s. If anything they should give other genres a chance and "Future house" sounds more like New York Garage/Garage house than Deep house. Some people need to learn it's origins too if that helps. But if anything I'd go for other genres besides Electro house (unless it was Moombahcore probably I guess) but anything other than that is alright with me unless they come up with more Electro house cheesy garbage along the way. If anything underground or early house is where it's at.

I've seen that many artists of other genres make awful opinions of house and electro. Just because these ones have such popularity doesn't mean they are commercial at all. Yes, it is true that they are getting lots of promotion but you don't have to make critics just because this type of music is the favorite for most people. The feeling of listening house or electro is a fantastic experience, it turns you on, it makes you wanna dance or scream, that's music.

The people who say deadmau5 and other mainstream modern artist are the best house artist are why this genre died. It was really alive in the 90s with story's like manix, new Atlantic, prodigy, bass frequency, piano man and Zomby created timeless house tracks using PIANO, which its use has pretty much gone in house music for some reason as it was the real happy music. Nothing can get you happier than this music. Listen to New Atlantic I know, Manix fell real good or the prodigy your love.

Not very well educated on electronic sub-genre types, that's why I came here; to learn. I'm up-voting house because throughout the course of my life I've noticed that House music "whatever it is" is awesome music. I'll leave the arguing to the "experts," but house music is definitely great for parties and dancing to.

30 year old male from US

3 Downtempo

Very meditational, melodic music, with a relatively slow rhythm of beats, sometimes more Breakbeat/Hip-Hop-like, sometimes more 4-4 like (a slow verison of) Trance/Techno/House.
This genre is not always easy to separate from Ambient, there is a gradual transition between them.
Also very closely related is Trip-Hop, not easy to separate from it as well.

Very surprised that it's not yet on this list. It's definitely one of my favourite subgenres.

Underrated. I'm not sure what it is about this genre, but it's fantastic.

4 Techno

I can only say: It's the purest form of rhythm and full of energy. The feeling of excitement cannot be described in words. Amazing.
This is clearly not about much melody here, but we have other amazing genres for that.

The father of all EDM. Every good techno set is a live performance, unlike house dj's/producers who just transition the same way through every track for their set. Techno should be #1 on this list.

Techno is surely number one now. just look at all the festivals over europe, yeah I've seen cheese Trance in the USA but number one DJ Carl Cox plays mostly Techno and just fluffs it up for Ibiza. Trance was great and massive mid 90's ref see Carl cox Fact. pivotal dance album dj mix

Orbital and Underworld. That is all.

5 Trance

Trance music is the most and unique genre that can take you into a beautiful, emotional and wonderful journey of pure emotions with endless euphoria, connecting you with your best life moments to make you smile and have you Uplifted without any drugs, especially Uplifting Trance.

Best music electronic genre of all time. Should be number one, House was ruined when it started to become mainstream due to David Guetta and his pop sounding music. Trance has managed to evolve without killing itself definitely number one.

Underground house, Chicago, New York, Detroit from 84 through to 95 was the best years for house although ever since underground house always pioneering and healthy real true deep underground house music has always lead the way, house always number 1, underground techno number 2 specially Detroit scene and Berlin scene (berghain, tresor,) so creative and innovative, the leaders.

I've been listening to trance since my childhood. One of the earliest and the best. Never gets old. ATB, Armin Van Buuren, Darude, Scatman John, Dash Berlin, Guru Josh...We will never forget these names..

6 Intelligent Dance Music

Intelligent Dance Music should be added to the list, one of the most innovative artists in Electronic music Aphex Twin is a guy who know what he is doing, he writes his own programs and own many rare synths. Hope you will add it to the list, thank you.

So much great music in this genre. Unfortunately, it constantly gets beaten down by the popular trashy EDM of today. Younger listeners who listen to Deadmau5 and Skrillex should know that they listened to Aphex Twin and Autechre as kids! IDM needs more attension.

IDM is more for the more thoughtful listener who wants food for thought yet can't resist an addictive beat. Eg. VNV Nation, Mesh, Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, and Colony 5.

7 Synthpop / Electronic Rock

Genre of the new gen. Most rock bands influenced from this genre and try to make electronic beats with the touch of rock by fusion of rock and electronic music. This genre comes with great artists like "Radiohead", one of the leading band in this genre. "Kid A's" masterpiece of their creativity with this genre. Another one is Depeche Mode, then Muse which recently turned out in this genre. Electronic rock rules.

I remember one time, for an egg drop project, my physics teacher was on the roof of the school. When other students looked out the window, and saw her, they started chanting the lyrics to Van Halen's Jump. I wish that Van Halen actually showed up, and played the song themselves.

Electronic Rock is my favourite music genre. The guitar honestly sounds better when it sounds a bit more electronic but that's just my opinion. The synthesizers are really good too. You should check out Celldweller and Blue Stahli, they are good Electro-Rock artists. Also how is this genre only 13? It should at least be in top 10. - TheCoolGuy1

This was a genre that had its roots in the 60s but its current for has been around since the 80s and Celldweller and Blue Stahli have kept it alive. You should check out both of them.-LitSavage.

8 Electro House

After thinking about it, this is my favorite. I realized how much of the music I was listening to was electro house. I like the heavy bass line that sounds a lot like dubstep, but doesn't wobble. It also always put me in a good mood. Despite its mechanical sound, it seams to still have soul. You just need to get used to it. And yes, electro songs can be considered "beautiful", you just have to get into it. It's my favorite genre ever right now. Second to only rock.

Encompasses a lot of the most talented producers. The genre requires comprehensive melodic/harmonic structure, melodies, countermelodies, drum lines, and overall a lot of theory. While I appreciate more minimalistic forms of music, electro/progressive house is a joy to dance and listen to alike. S/o to hardstyle and trance/psytrance as well

This has to be a lot higher. House has its sub-subgenres, and this is its best.

One of the best genres of electronic music.

9 Drum and Bass

The confines of drum and bass are looser than a lot of other sounds, letting it splinter off into hip-hop, house, dubstep or juke anytime it pleases, while staying true to the original sound system culture that took Jamaican global and paved the way for the darker side of modern electronic music.

Not only the best EDM genre but the one of the best genre in general. Has influenced almost every single genre of EDM music. Plus made jungle music which is the England's black youths answer to American hip hop.

Drum N' Bass feels under-appreciated, especially out of all those times it has impressed me. Most of my favorite EDM tracks are Drum N' Bass, I think it's because of the fast-pace elements sometimes mixed with some hard beats.

I believe drum and bass is very liberal. You have a fast-paced best and you layer on whatever. Jazz, piano, synths, vocals and it always works.

10 Ambient

Sometimes this genre can be boring, but other times, it can be fun, relaxing and meaningful. I suggest this genre to people who really like classical music and are new to electronic music or haven't found anything good. If you want to listen to this, I suggest you listen to "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin and "Extreme Ways" by Moby. Also, the song Extreme Ways is a really cool combination of Ambient and Alternative Rock, so I suggest you listen to it if you like Alternative Rock which is my 2nd favourite music genre (Electronica would be my favourite and Ambient is a subgenre of Electronica) so that's what I recommend if you want to start listening to this genre. - DarkBoi-X

Ambient and really any of the downtempo genres are my favorites. Ambient, Trip-Hop, Chillout, Electronica, Minimalist, Avant-Garde, New Age, and what I have deemed "electro-classical" where large, orchestral sections (usually strings) provide the backing music while electronic noises, synths, bleeps, beats, and ambient sounds are layered over top of it.
My favorite electronic song is "Frozen" by Madonna, which I put under "electro-classical."

Ambient, a genre that can make me relax, sad, happy, and scare me to death. Check out Biosphere-Substrata, and Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 by Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, and The Orb are also some artists to check out.

Music made more for the listening experience than dancing. I would recommend this genre to any newcomer interested in electronic music even though he's not a regular club attendant.

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? Breakcore
? Phonk
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11 Trip Hop

Like Downtempo (very related to it and not always easy to separate), very melodic and with relatively slow beats. It's a fusion genre, with many infuences of popular music, often called "Instrumental Hip-Hop".

I absolutely love trip-hop. It's so soothing. And it's easy to incorporate into other more commercially successful genres of music.

My favourite although I have to say my idea of what is trip hop is much less 90s and white than what a lot of other people think it is.

12 Drumstep

Do I need to explain this? This genre is FAR superior to the others! Drumstep is like a mix of House, Trap, and Dubstep! I highly recommend this to ALL of those Dubstep, House, and Trap fans!

I never really liked Dubstep, The older stuff was quite good but the newer Dubstep? No way, I hate it, as for Drum & Bass I was already into that genre. It wasn't till I realized the genre Drumstep and all of a sudden I got into that certain kind of genre. The thing I like about this genre is obviously because it's faster rather than slow, the bass is better, and the way it just is placed all together makes it a great genre.

Drumstep is obviously as you may've known a fusion between Drum Bass and Dubstep but the differences are is that Dubstep is usually around range of 138 - 142BPM's compared to Drumstep which is around 160 - 180 BPM's, another difference is that drumstep has heavier sub basslines influenced by Drum Bass and 'half time' percussion, snares, kicks or beats.

In my opinion I never really liked the newer dubstep that has been around but mostly preferred the older stuff and I'm also into B, but when I started to come across Drumstep I thought it was really good and since then I become interested in this genre.

If anything the best example for this genre would be Skibadee Feat. Lily McKenzie Never Gonna Break Sub Zero Remix

13 Ambient Techno
14 Glitch
15 Breakbeat

One of the best influences of Hip Hop in the 80's where the music was about bringing everyone together. The best influences from the scene where boomboxes, breakdancing and having fun unlike the southern hip hop scene now-a-days on the radio.
Best breakbeat artists include - Hashim, Afrika Bambaataa, Davy DMX, Dynamix II, 2 Live Crew, Cybotron

16 Deep House

One of the most timeless forms of electronic music. It often has an acoustic feeling, and even though it's mainly based for lounges, it can be danced to as well.

Underground Deep house is journey inducing. Simply the best for me.

Man, this is chill.

17 Synthwave

Amazing genre if you're looking for some retro sounds with an action beat and some good kicks. Lots of really nice synths, and some great melodic cords. However if you want something a bit more relaxing you can always look to vaporwave.

Highly underrated genre. Amazing synths and some damn good drums.

I honestly can't get tired of it.

An absolute masterpiece

18 Breakbeat Hardcore

1993 being my most favourite era with the Jungle, Darkside and Hardcore sounds all colliding at the same time with a similar tempo but vastly different sounds and feel.

No need for funky effects or anything else, the music stands by itself, each track taking the listener on a journey - wherever that may be.

19 Progressive House

Definitely the best EDM genre in my opinion, it can be so chill yet so hard at the same time. Check out deadmau5 and Eric Prydz.

Despite of the beautiful and uplifting melodies, the drop can still bang hard and create ambience and emotion.

Have you ever listened to I Remember?

Nothing better than this!

20 Acid Techno
21 Hardstyle

Hardstyle is an energetic genre that combines the hard, pounding rave beats of Hardcore with beautiful or dark Trancey melodies. Hardstyle is a sort of medium of EDM that can cater to each side, people looking for music they can really dance too, but can also connect with emotionally. A flexible genre able to incorporate elements of many other genres such as house, trance, trap, dubstep, acid, hardcore, psychedelia & techno into a big melting pot of electronic goodness. Always a crowd pleaser to end a show with a bang by playing hardstyle. Hardstyle will always be my favourite genre as it is just a spine tingling trip of energy, drive & euphoria. Notable artists that are or were the top of the hardstyle game include Headhunterz, Showtek, Noisecontrollers, Gunz For Hire.

Hardstyle is a crazy legendary music genre which is held at rave festivals and has great melodies and beats in their music which is also great to dance to, the scene is ruthless. This music genre feels (mostly to me) as if it gives you a charge of positive energy.

The best song that influenced me to the genre was Noisecontrollers - Jaydee, It sounds addictive and the whole song has awesome vibes.

Hardstyle is THE best genre of electronic music as it combines the best elements of Trance, Hardcore and nowadays even Trap or Industrial to create a genre of its own. If you've ever had the chance to listen to Hardstyle being played from a big soundsystem at a festival, you know how AMAZING the bass feels.

I never felt so much excitement and happiness until I heard Headhunterz and his songs. And many various artists as well. This genre needs to be high on the list since it is really good and can definitely outdo EDM by a lot.

22 Future Bass

*Kawaii future bass (aslo called Kawaii bass) - it's future bass which are known by it's happy and cute timbre and stronly influenced by Japaniese pop culture.

*Future Trap - This a fusion between future bass and trap. It has some future bass features with trap vibes. Notable artists are San Holo, Rogue and Bishu.

It's not too hardcore, so a lot of people can just enjoy the serenity of the songs while also hyping many others. It's a great genre that is overlooked.

I love Future Bass, it has a really melodic feel to all the synths which gives the track a more energetic vibe but still keeps its chill nature. making it just really enjoyable experience

Although future bass is a relatively new genre, I love it. The genre allows for a large amount of creativity and experimentation.

23 French House

Not sure what it is about the French music scene, but it's pretty special.

24 Glitch Hop

A mix of funky beats and sick dubstep vibes. What is there to not love. My recommended artist is Opiuo. He makes true glitch hop.

25 Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

I like music that makes you get up and dance but also gives you a chance to fall down...

Much better than techno

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