Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists of All Time

Originating from South London in the late 90s, dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music known for its distinct features. It’s all about those heavy bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, often clipped samples, and occasional vocals. The tempo is nearly always coupled with a dominant sub-bassline, often with a dark and brooding feel. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of sounds that takes you on highs and lows, leaving you wanting more.

The beauty of dubstep is that it’s a genre that’s constantly evolving, with artists pushing the boundaries and experimenting with sounds. Below, as voted by fans like you, are the dubstep artists the have created the best tracks and had the greatest impact on the community.
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1 Skrillex Sonny John Moore (born January 15, 1988), known professionally as Skrillex, is an American EDM producer who is known for popularizing dubstep. He is part of the bands Jack Ü (DJ) and From First To Last (Lead Singer). His album Recess debuted at 4 on the BB200, tying him with Zedd for the highest debut... read more

I love this guy. He is the artist that got me into dubstep. None of the artists below have anything on him. Skrillex is magnificent in many ways. Sonny Moore, thank you for your magic. Your music will live on forever in dubstep history. The guy with the comment below is right, Skrillex is the KING OF DUBSTEP. Gonna give you a thumbs up.

Whether you like Skrillex or not, he is definitely the most influential dubstep artist of all time - no questions asked. I don't think anybody in North America listened to that stuff until he brought it here and changed it up with his now famous Brostep. As Michael Jackson is the king of pop (screw you, JB) and Elvis Presley is the king of rock, Skrillex is the king of dubstep.

2 Knife Party Knife Party are an Australian electronic music duo comprising Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum.

I will give credit to Skrillex simply because "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" introduced me to the world of dubstep. But the more I explored, searching for bigger and better dubstep, I stumbled upon a website talking about up-and-coming dubstep producers. Knife Party was on the list, shockingly as number four of five bands, and they recommended "Centipede" by Knife Party to listen to. Needless to say, that song dramatically blew my mind, and they have continued to do so with almost every song they have produced.

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are absolute musical masterminds. They were when they were in Pendulum, they are now in Knife Party, and they will continue to be hopefully for a while longer. Knife Party for life!

3 Nero Nero are an English electronic music trio, specialising in dark vocal dubstep, electro, drum & bass and drumstep, consisting of Daniel Stephens, Joseph Ray and Alana Stephens (née Watson). They are well known for creating a wide variety of styles of dubstep and drum and bass, combining deep vocals... read more

To this day, only Nero has been able to bring out a side to dubstep that has kept me hooked since the first time I heard them. Almost every single one of their tracks has an emotional and uplifting energy that has been replicated by no other.

Not always dubstep, but Nero has consistently made quality tracks that have such a dark vibe to them. If I want to go to a club, Nero is what I want to hear on the loudspeakers.

Nero, I think, has their own type of music. Revolutionized dubstep!

4 Deadmau5 Joel Thomas Zimmerman (a.k.a. deadmau5) is a Canadian DJ producer, formerly a web developer, who produces a wide variety of electronic musical genres, such as electro and dubstep, but is best known for popularizing work in the areas of progressive house and electrohouse, along with the genres themselves... read more

He may make a point by saying that the culture of dubstep is deformed from its meaningful and mellifluous history, but that doesn't stop him from trying to improve this, along with his specialisation in progressive house and electro house. It's one of many things that make him very admirable.

I like Deadmau5 as much as the next guy, but why is he even an entry on this list at all? He has publicly stated that he hates dubstep. I don't believe he's ever made any, or at least not released any.

Deadmau5 is the beast. His tracks are great, and he just recently signed under the same label as Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. That proves enough about him.

5 Flux Pavilion

I remember I first started listening to dubstep because of these songs in the top twenty on my radio, and Skrillex had been the producer of some songs that I found that had nice rhythms and beats. I started to search Pandora for Dubstep, Pendulum (I liked that band also - check out The Island Part 2), Skrillex, Nero, and a little more. I believe I had come across Flux through the remix of Gold Dust, which is so great, and I have loved all his other music ever since then.

The real track that I could listen to 24/7 is I Can't Stop, which is undoubtedly my absolute favorite dubstep track right now, along with all of his other music. I say Flux would beat out Skrillex any day. People who voted for Skrillex should check out I Can't Stop.

6 Excision

Excision is one of the original Dubstep artists. He always has that dark, gritty tone in his songs that define him, but he always can keep up with what's new and hot in EDM. And boy, has he kept it up for a long time - 8 years! (maybe even more) He deserves to be in the top 10.

Every time I hear filthy drops, it reminds me of Excision, because that's what he does. Blow people's brains, leave them deaf, and produces a drop that no one can do.

I LOVE the Codename X album, especially the Virus album. Listen to those albums, and you'll admit that Excision is the king of BASS!

7 Zomboy

Possibly the best dubstep producer of our time, mainly because of his creativity, finesse, and skill, which is not found with most other dubstep artists. And unlike Skrillex, who is recently beginning to struggle to produce quality dubstep tracks, Zomboy has consistently produced quality dubstep through all of his tracks, even up to his most recent work. He has the amazing ability to combine beauty and heavy drops (City 2 City is a good example) better than anyone I have ever heard. And above all, his music is just so much fun.

Unlike other dubstep artists whose music sounds angry or cold a lot of the time, Zomboy is always a pleasure to listen to. He is truly incredible and deserves at least the number 2 spot.

8 Bassnectar Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, is an electronic music producer from Santa Cruz, California, who specialises in dark dubstep and trap, using elements of downtempo, drum and bass, and ambient; describing his music as "amorphous and ever-changing". Notable tracks include the haunting "Underwater",... read more

There is a comment here, recommending the song "Ugly" ft. Amp Live. Because of this comment, I listened to that song with high expectations that were more than fulfilled. I also agree that this song has a unique style that very few people could pull off.

Some of my other favorite Bassnectar songs are "Vava Voom", featuring Lupe Fiasco, and "Bass Head". I like how Bassnectar combines hip hop and dubstep.

Bassnectar is the king of sound. It's as simple as that. Only Au5, Fractal, and KOAN Sound can catch up to his production skill, musical talent, and composition detail, but he still wears the crown. Go listen to his new album "INTO THE SUN" on some really good speakers or headphones, and you'll know what I mean.

9 Doctor P

Doctor P is a genius. He sees other songs in a way no other person does. Just listen to some of his remixes (Last Ones Standing, Love Goes Down). Also, his original stuff is so different from the others and still is awesome (Big Boss, Watch Out, Sweet Shop).

Skrillex sucks! He cannot make any good songs. All his songs are a bunch of random noises put together with no beat whatsoever. Doctor P, on the other hand, knows how to make good dubstep.

Doctor P is one of the artists that got me into dubstep. He is so clever in the writing of his music. Watch Out is by far my favorite Doc P track.

10 Modestep

One of my favourite bands. Their music is very mixed, and I simply love the beats. It's actually something I can move to, not just a couple of sounds here and there.

This band is the best band I've heard. They rose to the number one spot faster than any band could. And their songs are so perfect. They deserve better than 17.

Absolutely awesome, has a great mix of songs with different genres mixed in. With songs like Paradise proving that the band has some strong vocals.

The Contenders
11 Zedd Zedd is a Russian- German DJ known for his hits such as Clarity, Transmission, and Break Free. He is best known for his album True Colors, which has the highest debut on the Billboard 200 for an EDM album (tied with Skrillex's Recess). He is one the the richest EDM artists in the industry.

His remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is awesome! It's almost as good as the original!

He is just awesome! I love his mix. He stands out of the crowd in Dubstepness.

12 Feed Me

Feed Me is a musical genius. His songs have changed many things about dubstep, and hopefully, he will continue to do so. I also encourage you to listen to One Click Headshot. That song really shows what Feed Me is made of.

He is one of the EXTREMELY few artists who tries his hands at various electro genres at a single time and does so perfectly. He also roams the world as two electronic artists. Name someone else like this!

Jon Gooch of Feed Me and Spor can create some really amazing music that never ceases to amaze me!

13 Virtual Riot

The man's a genius. My favourite electronic artist by far. The emotions his music evokes are just fantastic. The thing that differentiates Virtual Riot, in my opinion, is that his music has all the elements that good electronic music should have, but they are all so masterfully combined that no song becomes monotonous and each has a distinct melody. I find dubstep in general to lack such finesse.

After Skrillex should be this guy. This isn't just blabbering dubstep, but an emotional slap in the face with almost every song. Also, a strong role model for other dubstep artists (like his samples used in lots of dubstep songs), Virtual Riot deserves a top 5 spot.

14 Pegboard Nerds

Yes, but not only Pegboard Nerds, all of Monstercat, because Tristam and Pegboard Nerds and those people are part of Monstercat.

These guys are awesome. They have their own sound and are constantly evolving. Love every track they produce!

In my opinion, they're even better than Skrillex. They're one of the few artists today still doing real dubstep, electro-house and drum-n-bass.

15 xKore

Just check out this track (Rogue Status) and you'll go xKore crazy.

At least this guy is somewhere near where he should be.

16 Kill the Noise

Kill the Noise is one of the heaviest bass monsters ever. Just look at tracks like Thumbs Up and Jump Ya Body. KTN knows how to combine killer beats with ear-shattering bass drops, and he does it in a way that no other dubstep artist has shown me yet.

This guy should top the list. He's got the best sound in the dubstep category. His EP "Kill Kill Kill" topped all EDM charts. His track "BLACK MAGIC" is the best track ever produced by him. He is even good at drum and bass. This guy should be placed beyond the top ten!

17 Chase & Status
18 Datsik

I listen to many different artists and producers, but Datsik has always been my favourite. Some of his tracks are immensely well made, and I feel he needs more recognition.

Datsik is just awesome. He is so simple, yet so complex at the same time. Just drums and wubs. He has also been producing for a longer time than most artists and still going strong. Datsik is awesome!

Datsik is the very best there is, no question.

19 StrachAttack
20 Burial
21 KDrew

KDrew is my favorite artist by far as of right now.

22 Stephen Walking

Stephen introduced me to EDM with Top of the World and he's been one of my favorite artists of all time since.

23 Xtrullor

Some of his buildups are already better than most other dubstep. And when the beat drops... well...

I prefer house over dubstep, yet Xtrullor is still my favourite electronic music artist.

Just... listen to what this guy makes, and be sure to turn your volume down slightly to prevent brain damage. His music is more brutal than all Mortal Kombat X fatalities combined.

Dex Arson wasn't on the list, so I voted for another legend. I don't need to say more than one word: corrosive

24 Klippa
25 Noisia
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