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1 Air/wind

Air or Wind is by far the most powerful element, simply because of the amount of things one can do with it. For starters, wind manipulation is basically telekinesis but better. And in addition, controlling all aspects of air (like how waterbenders can control the temperature and location of water) gives access to WAY too much. Suffocation, the creation of vacuums, plasma and liquid nitrogen/oxygen, sound manipulation, concussive wind blasts, a nigh-impenetrable wind shield, the ability to counteract even the toughest of force fields by simply removing the air inside it, the ability to redirect practically any elemental attack, controlling the contents of the air, and even the ability to keep oneself alive by using wind to carry blood through the circulatory system and keeping the lungs and heart working normally. And then there's the ability to "see" at near-infinite distances by sensing the wind, flight, immunity to suffocation or falling/blunt force trauma, combustion, ...more

I believe air/wind is the most powerful because you can stop people from breathing by taking oxygen away from an certain area. You can fly so earth powers are basically useless. You can stop fire by removing oxygen. You can make the wind into blades that can slice through objects easily. You can deflect projectiles by changing the wind direction around you. The only weakness this element would have is Lightning I guess and maybe ice.

Air is the best because you can fly duh you can kill people in seconds you can make any weapon out of air well duh you can make air portals you can make tornados you can maybe just maybe bend time and you can make a hurricane if you are by the water. You can literally rip anything out of the ground you can breath in space and you can fly to space you can breath under ground and under water you can turn into air and you can go into someone in air form so I think this is the best it should be number 1 people why do you not like air it is the best!

The most powerful element took for granted

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2 Fire

PEOPLE! Fire is not the strongest element! It is dependent on air, water can put it out easily, earth as well. In Avatar, I don't think lightning should be part of fire. Like aren't air molecules produced in AIR! Oh and also you can only make fireballs and burn stuff. With air, you can control winds, smoke, you can choke someone, glide and I think lightning should be part of air. With water you can control ice, and freeze stuff, bloodbend, make water into any shape, and make big waves. Earth can control rocks and metal, make amazing shields, control the ground beneath you and I think it should also control plants - Hydro_shinobi

I think fire is not the strongest. WAIT WAIT WAIT! Don't kill me, let me explain it. Fire may not be the strongest because it can't adapt with oxygen loss and you can easily put it out with both water and earth. But let me tell you something. Tsunami and earthquake both are very dangerous disaster, and so is hurricane. But we don't even know that fire is our most common element that can kill people in even a small amount. Can you be killed by your friend who is spraying water on you or wind which we need to breath with? Or even we walk on earth. I'm talking about the small amount people, not the disaster type. Yes, Forest fire can also wipe out many animals even kill endangered species, so don't underestimate elements people! Because the small fire that looks cute in front of you can kill you anytime!

I believe that fire is the strongest in my opinion. In basic knowledge though it all just depends on what the person/thing can do with it. For example most people might think that someone who holds fire just throw fire balls but their are many other things you can do with fire. A person with enough skill could even turn the fire into a substance that can go through something or they can make wing out of fire and fly. Even though I believe that fire is stronger there is no really logical answer on which element is stronger unless you give examples on what each element can do.

Fire includes manipulating heat so if you can control heat you can kill anything even without oxygen just drastically reduce their body temperature plus heat is the strongest elemnt as it is in greatest abundance example cores of the stars, the planets, big bang etc. heat and fire is everywhere...

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3 Lightning

So electricity is the movement of electrons, yes? So let's assume that given the power of electricity you have the power to control electrons. Also, considering everything else, most elemental powers would be really bad unless you were immune to them, so let's assume that too. Now these are all the things you can do just by controlling electrons. 1. Electricity (duh, whether it's a simple shock or 1,000,000,000 volts from a lightning bolt, just zapping someone with this can kill them in less than a second, and it's not hard either. ) 2. Shockwaves and force blasts (the amount of force electricity has when it enters or exits something is powerful enough to literally knock you out of your shoes. Put this to some extent and you can knock your opponents far away. ) 3. Nuclear fission/explosion (now I haven't done all the science, but I'm pretty sure you can still create fission with an electron, but yeah. Just split an atom and watch the show, well actually, you would die too, it's more ...more

Assume lightning is the power to harness electricity, or to manipulate electrons, electricity, and lightning itself. Lightning is a force that unlike all other basic elements: fire, water, earth, even air or nature, cannot be thwarted. Fire is an unpredictable element, but still weak, to all others�"even air, which is intended to power it, can extinguish fire. Water is versatile, but that does not mean it isn't just as easily stopped. And air is supposedly the strongest element, and yet to become so, the wielder would need to be the most powerful in the universe. It is an invincible force wielding unimaginably dangerous power. Electricity in the smallest amounts can pass a current so powerful it can be commonly associated with death. Lightning itself can contain 1,000,000,000 V of electricity. Air may gather resistance, but air resistance can be easily disregarded by this element. Even more resistance to the point of humans falling like slips of paper would do nothing. The ...more

Here's what I can come up with with Lightning/Electricity. Force fields, shocking people, major speed (unfortunately not as fast a light since it's the fastest, but still unhumanly fast), teleportation (that's where it matches light), ability to control the cyber world or have cyber/videogame characters work for you, control electronics, carry metal out of the way if it is coming right at you, conducts water and metal according to some fictional shows, destroy a lot of things depending on how many volts it has, cyber clone jutsu (New Naruto idea laugh out loud)

It’s the coolest elemental power to have, in my opinion.

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4 Ice/frost

Ice/Frost can do many things, You can manipulate water to turn into ice meaning that you can control water. This means that you can have ice anywhere on earth because there are water molecules in the air. Also if it is raining, you will have complete control over the entire area. Also with frost you could freeze people to death and/or create barriers to block attacks such as lightning and fire. Frost also means that it will be harder for anybody to hit you because you can either freeze the ground causing it to be a frozen floor or freeze them to slow them down and eventually kill them of hypothermia. If you could manipulate water that means that you can control human beings. Water molecules are inside our bodies, so if we can manipulate it, we can move it allowing us to control them. (Sorry about too much avatar references but it is true). And with Ice you could potentially fly because if you could control water, you could make ice particles around your body and move with the ice ...more

Scientifically ice is the strongest and I'll explain why. The power to create ice is actually the ability to remove energy from water atoms. Things don't get hot or cold it's actually heat. Heat is the transfer of energy through atoms and the faster atoms move the more heat they produce meaning it gets hotter. So the ability of ice is removing heat from water on an atomic level. Now here's the reason why ice is the strongest; anyone ever here of absolute zero? It's the stand still of atoms, when heat is no longer produced... At all. Now this is where things get tricky, because in order to get to absolute zero, you must break quantum physics, however if you were able to pull it off, by simply cooling water to absolute zero you could shatter a human body in an instant considering the body it's around 65% water. Potentially you could stop time with this ability considering that in order to have all the atoms at a stand still would require having every other atom in the world at a stand ...more

AND become a pervert stripping whenever it's's not how it works? Okay...l thought you would be like Gray from Fairy Tail if you had ice powers.

I find ice so majestic! I like everything about ice, and it was probably the only good part of that ridiculously overrated and highly disregarded Disney movie- Frozen. I don't want to turn this into a rant about the farcical movie- yeah, I'm gonna stop talking like that.

Anyways, ice=good. Good=vote. Vote for this element!

Just remember the Ice Climbers. - MaxAurelius

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5 Darkness/shadow

I'm sorry, but darkness is the best by far (my opinion only); you can see in the dark, become invisible, teleport to other shadows and manipulate shadows. Say if you were trying to get into a big warehouse, and there were guards everywhere. Make their shadows rise up, become spears and kill their owners. Then, to avoid the cameras, you teleport past or just go invisible and walk. It's extremely effective simply because there is so much darkness everywhere.

Darkness should be, by far the strongest. Due to the endless amount of supply one could use to fuel their abilities, whether it be the physical absence of light or someone's shadow, or even drawing upon the vast darkness that occupies the area between planets. And if one is able to control darkness, it would be able to ignore the limitations, weaknesses, and strengths, since it isn't a "normal" element of nature, rather the embodiment of nature's destructive side.

Darkness is the most powerful. You can escape guards my turning yourself into a shadow. You can create life forms and other living things like a shadow wolf, dragon, etc. You can easily steal or break in the most secured place in the world. You can even see the secret recipe in Coca-Cola unnoticed. You can manipulate black holes, create dark matter and energy, that means you can manipulate space and even time. The only thing faster than light is darkness. It is existent, but also non-existent. So practically it is very hard to kill. You can create anything with shadow powers, even extra lives!

In my opinion spirit can also be part of darkness making it stronger. You also can’t have light without darkness.

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6 Earth

Earth is an fantastic element, cause you have the earth itself under your command! You can easily make shields of hard stone (almost impenetrable), you can shoot stones, make them sharp like knives, or you could create quicksand and bury your enemies, or control mud and throw it on people. The earth element also gives you control over calcium, wich also is in your bones, teeth and nails, also earth-elementals can control metal, and so they can move knives, bridges, steel, iron, and other base metals. Even gold, silver and bronze, or other minerals. Earth means also sand, and sand means also glass. So, earth is powerful. THE POWER OF MOTHER EARTH!

I read the wind/air comments...EARTH IS USEFUL sure you have the ability to fly in the air cause your a wind/air elemental but earth can use sand from the ground to the way up so can make sand fists and punch the living heck out of people. Anyways, I LOVE EARTH there are so much possibilities you could do with this elemental power, like when you create a rock barrier from the ground to defend yourself but after you defend yourself smash the rock barrier so then it will create shards that will fly at your opponents!

Earth is my favourite as you can levitate rocks under your feet and basically fly, swim through earth, destroy entire towns and city's by taking the ground from underneath them, move entire mountains and place them in another area and even control all rocks and minerals and even the dirt/rocks on other planets!

Earth is not only powerful, it is beautiful. Imagine being able to form crystals that would take millennia to naturally be formed in seconds. Besides, if you need a few bits of money, then grow some diamonds.

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7 Water

Water is basically the fundamental structure of ice/frost so this should be in 3rd place. Water can do all sorts of things. Since there is water inside our bodies, we can manipulate the water inside other people and potentially control them live slaves and kill them at any time. Water if frozen can create dangerous weapons and can do other hazardous things as well. If you were to freeze somebody they would start slowing down and eventually die of hypothermia. And/or you could solidify them into place by creating ice shards around them making it impossible to move around. If you were fighting against a person with an elemental power we would win. We could block lightning with a solid ice structure. We could counteract fire. We could use water molecules in a rainstorm to kill air. And we could freeze the ground causing earth to be useless. And with water we could make mist which will hide our presence. And we could use water dummy's, for instance, since water can reflect out images, we ...more

Water is a great element because you can manipulate ice and water. You can create weapons out of ice like spears,claws and boulders out of ice. Water can drown people, take the water out of a living thing, dehydrating the living thing, and create a tsunami. It can be used to heal the user or create ice barriers. There is water in living things, which means they can control your body and even worse, have you harm yourself.

I believe water is an incredibly powerful element, since you could use it in a variety of problems. Trapped in the desert? Counjure up some water. Fire destroying everything in it's path? EXTINGUISH IT! With the elemental power of water, you could create bridges made of ice, erode mountains in your path, and even send strands of electrified water towards enimies (water+air/lightning combo). All in all, with the ability to both attack and defend, water has it all.

Water is best element after air or darkness

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8 Magic

Magic in my opinion is all these elements: you have spells to control water, earth, fire, nature, darkness, light, lightning, ice, and other stuff. You can even shoot curses, hexes and jinxes on people wich have various effects (lamentation, crippling, torturing, freezing, burning, and others), and wizards have spells for practically everything! (Also create elixirs, arcane alchemy, cursed fire, necromancy, telepathy, telekinesis, psionic and concussive beams).

May I point out magic is essentially everything? You have all the things on this list, can shoot obscure spells, cast hexes, and jinx everyone. And magic has all sorts of unique powers, and can summon things. - MaxAurelius

It seems very powerful and it seems like you could do anything with it. The amount of power with all of these elements combined should be the best. You would have control of all the elements, which is something I would want.

Magic can be one or all of the elements, so the user could do all the elements. Also Magic can be the most dangerous or most helpful to other people, it depends on the person doing the magic.

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9 Nature/life

Okay, let's see... What was life again? Oh, now I remember. The ability too control life could kill us all in seconds! The user can manipulate plant life and vegetation, and animals. Users of this element could easily kill you by TAKING AWAY YOUR LIFE. Also they can mess with your lifestyle, making you a loser at school. Nature and life can also bend energy itself, and that is extremely powerful.

Nature is basically all elements everyone, fire, heat, sun, water, everything, there's no arguing, nature is the essence of all elements, even darkness and light, thus creating twilight. This is the most powerful element, not air, not water, not earth, not fire either, nature, it's a part of everything, it can beat all the other elements because IT IS them.

I have a feeling this might be powerful more than these other elements here in the top 10. For example, you can "feel" the animals' feelings and auras, even trees and young plants too, also if you get beat up by someone, your "friends", which are the animals, will protect you.

It will be a good heal for soldier whos needing help.It can poison people with poison plants

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10 Void

Void is not only space and time, but is also nothingness. Space and time are powerful enough, but with the addition of nothingness, it literally cancels out all other elements, with the exception of Creation. Make a loud room silent, repel the very air we breathe...endless possibilities. This is without mentioning space and time, both. Portals and teleportation, not to mention stopping time.
The only downside is if Void were to go against Creation, but even then Void would have space and time.

When people die, their souls go to the underworld. This is under normal circumstances. However, with Void, their souls would cease to exist.

If nothing else, said "nothingness" can be drawn from the infinite nothingness in between the planets and space.

Void is the king. Enough said.

Void is the absence of any element. With the power of void, one has the ability to control none of the elements, yet is able to dismiss them. Make a noisy room absolutely silent, rid the area of photons to make absolute darkness... Even repel the very air we breathe. With void, nothing can be just as dangerous as anything.

Void is basically unstoppable. It can just decay everything by folding everything into a big black void of nothingness

Void is extremely important
Without it you could not have disintegration, space, time and nothingness
Void is exactly like the primordial Greek god chaos, the one whom creates every other god. Without void the world would not be a world. It would be gone.

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11 Lava

I am sorry but lava has a meaning also like lava girl remember that well lava is the most powerful element of all because, you can kill people anytime when you are being harmed, which is why it is very important on life also that it has said that lava can create earth which can create another land on it's own powers which you can do, so please everyone I rest my case but lava is the far most element which also goes with fire so yeah thank you.

Lava would be a powerful sub element for earth as it can not only create lava pools and shoot lava, but you can also collapse buildings, burn down wooden structures, create lava disks, and if you can bend metal, you can melt the metal supports and vehicles. So basically it's the most powerful sub technique of earth.

If I had to have 2 elements they would be lava and darkness

In my opinion "Lava" is a big deal but water can solidify lave then it will turn to a nourish land. But in terms of chaos lava is the massive one. Tnx

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12 Metal

Technically, metal manipulation is a sub-class of earth manipulation, but it's still a really cool and useful power. It can be used to build, and/or destroy.

Metals are in the earth so it can be absorbed by the earth element

I guess you could bend walls?

Wire,Iron send,Steel zou chould destroy citys and if you can produce all the forms of magnetism than u chould have the power of Diamagnetism (levitation lets say neutral) and Paramagnetism(drawing of any materials if its attached to you're skin) so you can be telekinetic whitch comes whit the pocket power of tactile-telekinesis and Ferrokinesis which comes whit the pocket power of Density manipulation whitch is honestly extreem badass.. yeah and the mimicry or dermal skin/armor :P

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13 Creation/Life

You can make powers and animals and living stuff. Magic and this one is pretty mush the same thing though.

What the heck you could create all the other elements

You don't need the other elements if you have life and creation.

You can create literally anything with this power, I think this is the best element

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14 Destruction/Doom

Destruction is a pretty cool element because you could destroy anything but I think its dangerous. Also I rather call it the element of bomb.

Explosion is what I'm thinking.

Michael Bay

15 Time

Time is...well, time is just broken, no two ways about it. If we're judging these powers based on fighting ability, than you have to realize that being able to react before your enemy is just busted, lol. Example! Ahem...How to Win a Fight when you can control time! Step 1: Stop Time. Step 2: Stab someone in the eye with literally anything! Step 3: Grab popcorn and then unfreeze time.

I know that was kinda graphic and cruel, but that's the really scary thing about time travel. Traceless crime. Stop time, rewinding either at will or upon death or something, traveling through, if someone has that ability and you don't, you lose. The only way you win is if they let you beat them, or they decide that killing you is either not worth the energy, or if they're a sadist, has gotten boring.

Time is omnipotence. If you'd go against another element, especially air (since a lot of people thinks that air is the most powerful), you'd stop time before he/she attacks you and cuts the life out of you. Besides being 'out of time' itself is invulnerability to anything, even the lack of air. To conclude, time is unstoppable especially if you could use it to it's extent.

Controlling time is controlling the flow of everything. If you control the flow of everything you can't lose. For example, lets say something doesn't go your way. All you have to do is hit the rewind button and redo it the way you want to. This power makes the game unfair. Another way of putting it is that controlling time is cheating.

Time is just the strongest you wanna beat someone just freeze them in time and they stop existing want to create fire make the atoms vibrate faster want air power speed up the air in the direction you want time is everything and once you control it you become god

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16 Telekinesis/Mind Control

What if you could control objects without even touching them? Or read someone's mind? You could carry a person if you were strong enough without even touching them. Or read their mind and see what they're thinking about! I think this is an amazing power!

You pretty much have EVERY POWER! I mean you can move ANYTHING, including Fire, Water, Ice, EVEN THE EARTH

When your a mind elemental you are pretty limited on what you can do you can't have every power since telekinesis is really limited to lifting up solid and liquid objects.It also depends on how strong mind is.

The apility of moveing ings with your mind

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17 Spirit

You can raise the dead. They will do anything you want them to do. They will worship you like a king/queen

Spirit is absorbed by darkness because they are both associated with fear

Spirit is the best!


18 Light/spirit

Listen. This has to be the best. Light is a force. It is carried by a force carrier called a photon. This photon takes control in making electrostatics and magnetism and light. So you could manipulate these things. And also. Spirit is a lively and heavenly objective that can be used in many ways. Since light is involved, I'm assuming this is angelic powers. Angels have the power to protect one another and use light to keep away bad things. They can manipulate clouds and even emotions and dreams. So in this case Light/Spirit is the best.

If you had the powers of light, you could run at the speed of light. Light is also almost everywhere so it would be a good source of power and you could fight people without even being at their location if you knew where they were. A blast of light would travel extremely fast.

Spirit powers can be relatively simple and meek, but as it grows it can give extremely powerful wisdoms, and come on, spirit powers are always very beautiful and heavenly. They are extremely powerful. I think it should at least be in 8th or something

Can cleanse evil
Can break the curse

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19 Crystal

This is the most helpful app for me because, I'm doing this for homework that I made for my sister. But she wanted it to be a teamwork project. So I did it. She made me one two it is about, drawing. It's to help me draw. Because I want you make a drawing of my teachers face for the last day of school.

You could create anything with crystals I know its like earth but earth can't control crystals lets get back on crystals you could shoot shards of them you could turn them into a gas liquid and more it's a cool power
plus you could make your own crystals that's how cool this power is

I love crystal

I love crystals they should and it in ninjago

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20 Thunder

Thunder is already in sound / electricity. Sorry but thunder is only sound. Also note that thunder is the sound lightning makes. Completely in sound with electrical background

For me thunder is the superior form of lightning why because it can destroy such as country when it gain to much electrons.

Thunder is absorbed by lightning because they are both parts of a storm

You can create sonic booms.

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21 Poison

Poison ability is so much better than being immune. You are basically a deadly living weapon that could kill anyone. Unless you are immune to poison of course. Their are a lot of characters who have poison abilities mallegan, cobra, and coco.

Poison is Great because it can make people suffer or can make people weak making the User able to rob or put Bad guys in Jail...

You can shoot out deadly toxins at people and you are immune to poison.

22 Space

You can control space objects and space events, probably the weakest thing space can do is to send a doomsday asteroid, comet or even a planet to collide to earth. Maybe you can control stars, black holes neutron stars and maybe galaxies. You can control events like supernova and even Gamma Ray bursts.

Telekinesis and Teleportation at once. You can create and manipulate vibrations to control earthquakes and sound. You can also change the light refraction and got invisibility and illusion powers.

Go any where in the universe just by thinking it


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23 Energy

I actually created a character for my own liking who controls energy as an element. At first he is only able to control psi energy, but he is able to convert other types of energy into psi and manipulate them that way. But when he has a near-death experience in Limbo with Nature, he gets extra divine powers: now he can tap into the universe's limitless stores of cosmic energy, so he can generate force fields, levitate my altering gravitational potential energy, use telekinesis by altering kinetic energy, suck the chi out of others to kill them...he is basically overpowered! And I love the element of energy for that: because of its limitless possibilities. You can even absorb energy into your own body and become immortal!

Ok this shouldn't even be a question ENERGY IS THE MOST powerful you see energy is all of the elements combined so its blasts are as powerful as shooting a blast from every element so basically if energy lands a hit your dead and energy can also control all of the nature elements earth water fire ice lightning and air so basically it can control even elect and don't forget since they can also control energy they can control all FORCES including gravity and time so they can also walk on walls like spider man using gravity and slow down time so its pretty obvious that ENERGY IS THE MOST powerful

Energy is the best 'because energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. So while you can't create it, you can still take it from somewhere else and if you shoot an energy ball at someone, there's nothing they can do about it.

Everything is made out of matter, witch is energy. That means they can control everything and rearrange matter.

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24 Gravity

You can control gravity. So you can fly. So it is kind of like the force. You can raise an enemy army over 100 feet and bring them crashing down.

Gravity manipulation would be an extremely useful superpower, in both combat, and everyday life.

Gravity can be absorbed by earth because earth pulls you down do to it's gravity

In my opinion, gravity has to be one of the best. You can increase or decrease a person's weight, create black holes, and, because gravity can alter spacetime, you can speed up or slow down your enemies, or even yourself. You can also fly (technically). I suppose that would just be falling, just not downwards.

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25 Emotion

You can make people do your bidding by making them like you.

Love,Hate,fear,joy,sadness,courage. Use this power to persuade anyone.

26 Blood

Blood has the ability to pop a blood vessel, control them and control your own blood to do many things,

Your can make people do things they don't want to.

Basically it's blood bending but with no manipulation of water

Just think of Blood weapons and the powers from deadman wonderland and how many psysical atribute enhansments you can have whit this kinesis type.

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27 Wood/Plant Life

I think that wood and plant life would be pretty useful if you have it but all elements get out out by something

Plant powers rock!

When referring to earth as an element it means dirt and rock.Wood is like making plants grow by force.

This is Earth

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28 Dreams

It's basically a thing that I like is that people with power like this they can control them and you can yourself control the dream and make it your own fantasy world and with illusion it make it kind of real in the world

That is weird, if they wake up, they will turn on you.

Hypnotize anyone to fall asleep

29 Tachyon

All though this isn't a technical element, (although neither are light, darkness, or magic), it is powerful. With this, you can go back in time, move when no time is passing (preventing yourself from being stopped by time-stopping abilities), you can move faster than everything (including light), and you can't be stopped (tachyons have an imaginary mass so they pass through everything). Plus you get an extreme amount of force by moving at that speed and nothing would be able to hit you if you were skilled enough. So, practical invincibility (nothing can touch you), and you can wipe out all life (you go so fast that no time passes. Powerful.

What can qualify as an element is be a normal component in nature which is why light and dark are on this this plus tachyons are theoretical

Does tachyon exist?

Tacyon can control almost all the elements including (ice,water,fire,earth,darkness,life etc. so any of these elements are weak for tachyon.

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30 Essokinesis

Warp reality at you whim

31 Speed

Go almost anywhere a human can walk! You can steal a lot of stuff if you need it.

Also like Quicksilver and flash they can run for miles

Like Hermes/Mercury in Greek/Roman Mythology

You can go really fast and make lightning and tornadoes which is really cool. plus you can go back in time like flash does.

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32 Polonium

It is 1. a Real Element 2. Deadly (few grams of it can wipe out an entire city) - AlbertAngrySami

33 Sound

With sound you can go supersonic speeds, create shockwaves, make a room completely quiet, or make it possible for no one to hear you. You can also make deafening screeches or high frequency that will blown someone's head. You can use echolocation and communicate with animals.

Actually sound is absorbed by wind because sound travels through air.

You get the same abilities as an air elemental but just not as cool

Audiokinesis(can manipulate sound)
Super sonic screams
advanced hearing
become inaudible

Watch “Lost Song” anime... if you sang a song and the power will go blow things upp

34 Smoke

When an enemy tries to physically harm you, smoke can disappear into a location a foot away from them or behind them which is an advantage in battle

Well that will get rid of the fire and air problems.

Can suffocate victims. Use to blind. Can be used as faster traveling

Smoke is absorbed by fire because fire produces smoke

You are right

35 Absorption

Absorption is basically the counter for the void element since instead of deleting powers it gains powers.

With absorption you could literally become the king of elements.

You can temporarily gain powers from another elemental

This power is very powerful, because you could possibly have many powers at the same time and use them to your advantage. Whether you how the power(s) for a limete d amount of time ( Rouge, X- men) or forever ( Skylor, Ninjago) your ability to own other power is powerful.

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36 Magnetism

I think Magentism would be as amazing elemental power because you could control the magnetic field and control metal. It's like a mixture of Metal and Gravity.

Magneto power

37 Gender changing

I think gender changing is really good because you can just turn into a boy and girl it is really good in a situation when people are trying to hunt you down and you can become any species you want.

38 Creativity Creativity

" so, not the kind of creative creativity. it is a power that can create anything that will last forever. like, if you do not have enough money to buy the video game you want, you could create enough money that would be totally real! Heck, you could become a millionaire!

39 Combustion

Make stuff explode at will but your not explosion proof

It is most likely you can regenerate from the explosion

I like this element because I really like explosions, it also a good combo with the earth power: deoxygenation. it takes out all the oxygen from a place. then you can just explode them.

40 Death

Honestly, any form of element manipulation is dangerous, just because you control fire doesn't mean you are immune to it, powers close to omnipotence are always too dangerous, you stop time and you basically stop air from flowing into your lungs, stop light from entering your eyes and electricity from running, you create a big black void and NOT expect to be sucked into it? Also, it would possibly be highly dependent on how far you can see. Lightning would be like detonating a huge bomb right beside you,loud enough to make you deaf, bright enough to blind you, and that's not even considering what is needed to cause lightning... I could go on like this for ages, but I advise you carefully consider science before using any superpower

Good to see none of us want to kill people. This is last place. - MaxAurelius

Are u happy one flick can kill all humanity

41 Weather

Combining earth, air, fire, and water for amazing power over the earth's atomosphere

42 Form

Okay, from my perspective, you could literally turn into a giant anything, dragon, lion, human, ANYTHING, and just destroy stuff. Oh no, someone who controls ice! Become someone or something they love. Someone who controls fire, dragon, problem solved. Someone who controls air, same solution for ice. Someone who controls earth, dragon. Burn the earth. Your problems are solved. Dragon. In my opinion, being able to change form or something should be ranked so much higher.

Form is so underrated, you can literally be exactly what you always wanted to be, that really cool 7'12" NBA Basketball-Star, boom, done. You want to be the dragon who ate your little brother for being a stinker, done. You wanna be a disney princess for crying out loud, let's bippity-boppity-boo this sucker and you instantly become Merida and talk with a cool scottish accent. You wanna be somebody, something cool, you now are exactly whatever, whoever it is that you want to be. That's just begging me to choose this ability.

Take the shape of anyone in the world and gain all their thoughts along with memories.But you do not get any powers.

Cool,Love it! Good idea on this one!

43 Heat

Although it can be used in fire this power alone allows you to make fire cold or water boil.

44 Nuclear

Almost like Poison nuclear can burst out poison at will and also have side effects or chance of mutations.

45 Copper

ITs elastic conducts electricity copper dust if you breathe it in kills you can turn the copper to liquid and the liquid is hot copper liquid. Turn your skin as hard as copper and no knife or gun can hurt you no fists can hurt you that's an awesome power to me

You can also turn yourself into hot, liquid copper so you can not be hit, and you can be invincible when you create weapons out of copper, it will hurt pretty bad.

46 Flying

An air elemental can do this and also flight isn't really an element because it is an action

This is already used in wind.

I wouldn't take flying as an element because think about it you can fly with most elements like fire, lightning,air, or wind.

Offbrand version of wind

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47 Love

Love is truly powerful because (my religion) God created love and uses it on us because he loves us as creatures of God

If someone wants to fudge you over it doesn't mean that love will magically solve all your problems

I want this and all the others. I want this so my crush will love me

My sister is love

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48 Combat

This encompasses war as well, thus it has many benefits. The main one being, of course, is being unbeatable in combat. The second is adaptability to any weapon. And because this includes the entirety of war, this also means unbeatable strategy and tactics. This is just old things. In today's world with today's military, stealth tactics and combative abilities are also present in the range of possibilities. One who possesses this is an unbeatable warrior!

Basically Ares the god of war in greek mythology

Yes true

49 Gold/Wealth

Gold is cool because you could be rich with it. I'm not saying gold is the strongest or most powerful but the hardest. Gold is a very hard thing.

Get all the money you want with this power. You can be rich!

But would it be like your minds or Pluto God of wealth

Can I have this power. My name is Tiffany Glaze B. Aviles

50 Nightmare

You can make people dream even if there awake

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