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1 Air/wind

Air can be used for practically anything, and you don't even have to be immune to it. You can shield yourself from anything that could harm you by creating a barrier with wind going at unmatched speeds. Also, depending on how much control you have over the element, you might be able to fuse your senses with it in a way. By this I mean you could feel anything the wind touched, hear what was around it, etc. You can control basically any other element with wind except maybe Earth because it would be hard to lift a chunk of the/a planet using wind alone. A potential downside to having Air/Wind as an element could be that you couldn't create wind. Air would be in most places you went but if you couldn't create or intensify wind without at least a small breeze you would be powerless in an underground fight. Lastly, it is possible that, if you had this element, you could multiply air, keeping someone who had little oxygen from suffacating. I'm not trying to imply that this is the strongest ...more

Air control is the strongest element there is. Just use the air and push with g-force to basically be able to use other elements. Think on that for a second. You can send other solids and liquids. You can blast your own rocks. You can shoot liquids and make it precise by cutting down the air. It's basically turning all the other major elements into subcategories with air controlling it. You can make some powerful combinations, too, such as making a bright spark of light from a small explosion and clapping to control sound to make your own concussion blasts. Think offensively this is just powerful? You can use the air to cushion around yourself so the g force of anything is redirected. Ground attacks won't work since you can simply fly over it. Solids and liquids- once again- can be redirected. Thunder can be insulated. You want light and darkness control? Change up the ozone layer. Fire can't work without oxygen, and thus, you can remove it. Light and darkness don't really have much ...more

To those of you who don't quite understand what "removing air" implies, or how it would be possible, imagine this. Someone who could control water could move it around, shape it to suit their needs, and so on. They could also, however, simply "remove" the water from an area, by moving it to a different location. This could be deadly if the water in a living organism were to be removed from the area, but that's not the point here. A similar thing could be done with earth, removing the earth from an area by relocating it, leaving a hole. Of course, in both cases, the area once filled with water or earth would quickly be replaced by air, since gases tend to flow from areas of low pressure to those of high pressure.

But let's say that someone who could control air were to do the same thing with air. Of course, removing the air from an area means that new air would try and flow in, but this person can control the air, so they could simply hold this new air back. ...more

There plenty of fictional characters who can live without air and this is all on your interpretation

Okay, so, whenever my best friends and I play an elemental game, Weather/Sky is always my favorite! So this is definitely my favorite!

2 Fire

Here is the reason why I believe fire is the best element. Fire destroys anything in its path. Fire can evaporate water with intensive training. Fire is also a form of explosion which causes earth users to be useless. Fire is also stronger than wind in general due to the chemical reaction in order for Fire to heat or burn it needs oxygen. Wind has the oxygen if there is a lot of that the fire will; be bigger and stronger which causes wind users to perish. Now, if this doesn't help, Fire is also a form of electricity. Electricity is OP it cannot be blown away, nor that it can be blocked it is invisible. Say for example a water user was fighting a Lightning user. The water user is dead, with one shot water will be electrocuted and anyone in it will die. Lightning can one shot any earth defenses or offences. Finally, wind users they cannot blow away electricity but it may oppose to it if they have the right moves. Still, lightning is shown to have immense power over the main elements. ...more

In response to the first point, it sounds like lightning is the most powerful.

You guys think that water seriously? Can overpower fire how? It can easily vapouriser the water if it has enough heat fire is the strongest because it is the chemical reaction themselves it is combustion with that power you can burn anyone anywhere and even travel insane speeds even lightning is constant fire is unpredictable and the main reason it is so strong because heat
Heat is so op that just one word is enough blackhole to tell I mean yeah fire can't do that but fire can create a bomb with that much energy not even earth can stop it lightning can escape it and lastly you can't just remove oxygen from anywhere that defies the law of conservation of mass

Okay, so, whenever my best friends and I play an elemental game, Fire is always one of their favorites! And I respect fire, too, and it's just amazing!

Fire is a really strong element and this sounds brutal but you can burn down bad people's houses and burn people you don't like. Fire can overpower air because fire is drawn to it and you actually can't take away oxygen according to scientists. There is also metal in the Earths core and Fire is drawn to that too and so many cities are in danger from fire in Australia. Fire can appear out of nowhere in hot places. In my opinion there is no strongest element, but fire is one of the stronger ones.

3 Water

Water is an essential part of everything. Without water, air would be more restricted in its capabilities. Without water, the earth will not thrive and therefore wither because so. Fire cannot be doused without water, so there will be an ever-burning inferno if a fire gets out of hand. It possesses the ability to be used in all three states of matter and can be changed intermittently. Water is also always recycled, making water a rarer and more stable element. Water is in every living being and plant, so the ability to control water is like being able to control life and death. Disasters can also be caused by water. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas, which leads it to global warming. Tsunamis, floods, thunderstorms, rain, etc. are all caused by water.
Air: Water vapor literally controls the weather
Earth: Dampen the earth to make it hard to control or turn it into mud for water to be able to control
Fire: Pretty straightforward, able to douse a fire
Water is weak to light, ...more

Water literally can just about become any element. You can hold the water molecules inside of the ground and move that around like earth. Or you can turn it solid by freezing it. You can even control the water in the air and basically do the exact same thing as air. All storms and most natural disasters involve water or can be created using water. Again if you have enough water control or people with water control you can just use the water in the ground to shift the ground itself. Basically you make an earthquake. Or you can even create a tsunami, rainstorm which can become a lightning storm with the right connections, tornado(water vapor in a circular motion), hurricane, and you can force a volcano to erupt by mixing the cold water with the magma and creating steam which will create too much pressure and then, BOOM. Another thing, what exactly are people mostly made of, WATER, control the water inside someone's body and basically force them to maybe attack themselves or their ...more

Whenever my best friends and I play an elemental game, Water is always one of their favorites! And water is so cool, not to mention powerful!

Water is basically the fundamental structure of ice/frost so this should be in 3rd place. Water can do all sorts of things. Since there is water inside our bodies, we can manipulate the water inside other people and potentially control them live slaves and kill them at any time. Water if frozen can create dangerous weapons and can do other hazardous things as well. If you were to freeze somebody they would start slowing down and eventually die of hypothermia. And/or you could solidify them into place by creating ice shards around them making it impossible to move around. If you were fighting against a person with an elemental power we would win. We could block lightning with a solid ice structure. We could counteract fire. We could use water molecules in a rainstorm to kill air. And we could freeze the ground causing earth to be useless. And with water we could make mist which will hide our presence. And we could use water dummy's, for instance, since water can reflect out images, we ...more

4 Lightning

One of the most powerful forces known to mankind hands down. Also the human nerve system runs on electrical impulses. Therefore you could make a person feel anything you want them to feel (such as pain, fear, anger, depression, etc), you could even mess with the information that their other senses are sending the brain such as making them see something that isn’t there or even making them blind. Also a non lethal shock to the brain will knock them out without even having to touch them (unless you want to kill them with a lethal shock to the brain or the heart) they could also be fried from the inside out or even killed by the simplest technique: throwing a frickin lightning bolt at them! Also the properties of lightning include super speed and an insanely powerful emp burst. Also with enough mastery over the powerful u could overload your muscles to essentially give you super strength along with super senses, and you could even control a person using the electrical impulses inside ...more

Lightning is the best to me because you can do so many things with it. And remember, at the right cercomstsnces, lightning can start fires too, though you won't be able the control it.

Lightning is an extremely strong element because if you focused fire to its maximum strength it would go to lightning. Lightning gives speed stamina and agility as well a faster healing. Also, you can power weapons (especially metal weapons) waking a great teammate for metal or you can also gain power from electronics and power lines.

Lightning is the strongest. It can manipulate the electrons in one's body and make you a god and make your enemies powerless. It is the weapon of the mighty Zeus and a divine symbol of the heavens

5 Ice/frost

Ice is by far one of the most powerful elements yet. If none of you guys have ever heard or played Mortal Kombat, you should and learn about Sub-Zero. Ice can not only freeze fire but can also find the air molecules that might be used against you by someone who controls air and freeze them, automatically taking air and fire off the chart for rivalries. Next is earth. If rocks or vines are thrown at you you can instantly freeze them and crush them with your mind. Next is lightning. Though lightning could easily crack through an ice block, you can use your abilities to freeze lightning in time to redirect it anyone/anything you want. Not to mention you can create sculptures, weapons, and even buildings with ice. And if you forgot, ice also leads to black ice. Black ice is practically an instant kill. You freeze something or someone and all you have to do is touch it to destroy anything inside of it. For example normal ice usage doesn’t destroy something once you break it after it was ...more

If you can control ice and frost, you can control; people, air, water, earth, and even time. Here's why; people; you can control people by freezing the 60% water that is in them(I'm saying them because I am not human). Air; you can control air due to the water molecules that float around in it, just make sure if you want to freeze a cloud into solid ice, make sure you're not beneath it. Water; ice is made of water, you can control ice and control where the water is going to go. You can also use the water to block oncoming fire and lightning attacks. Earth; if there is water in any cracks, you can use that water and expand it using your power, expanding the ground a certain amount can cause sinkholes, rockslides, and even earthquakes. Time; this one is going to take some "time" to explain(see what I did there? Jeez I hate myself). Anyways, you can control time if you can manage to get your ice down to or near absolute zero. Which stops the very atoms all around the planet, including ...more

Ice is so powerful, and can freeze almost anything. My friend considers Ice as a part of Water, so I think this is important as an element.

Scientifically Frost is the strongest and now I will tell you how. To create ice is essentially the ability to remove energy from water atoms. If you have ever heard for absolute zero... well anyway, it is basically the standstill of atoms, and since heat is the movement of atoms... you get the point. Since about 65% of human body is water, you shall be able to control the human body, and much more. I hope that this was helpful. BYE

6 Earth

I think earth will be the best element because you can control sand ,stone ,metal, lava, mud, dirt, wood , and many more. You can even create earthquakes and erupting volcano's. And have you readers ever seen overhaul from my hero academia you could see him launching spikes out from the concrete floor and making huge amount of destruction. ICE is not powerful than EARTH because ICE is also a solid material and EARTH could easily control the ice and launch the ice right back to the enemy the enemy. EVEN FIRE is weaker than EARTH BECAUSE earth could easily block the attack with armor like metal and could turn his power into lava because LAVA is made out of solid materials and EARTH could create a sandstorm or tornado of sand and can create himself a weapon of any earth like material like a lava sword or even a giant hand like claw and even a god like giant titan. SO YEAH EARTH IS THE STRONGEST ELEMENT OUT THERE CASE CLOSED.

Earth is a very peaceful and harmonic element which can give it the appearance of not being especially deadly but we live on this earth and many, many horrific disasters can be caused by it. Do not underestimate the earth element. Many have the earth element because they are down to earth, reserved, kind etc but earth is very dangerous a lot of horrible things that have happened to a loved one might be because of earth.

It's Earth! Honestly you can just crush the whole planet killing everything and essentially doing a better job than any overlord or evil being in movies T.V. shows and anime you control the earth itself just make it crumble to dust so no one will have anywhere to go since everything will be erased honestly this is the strongest power in terms of destruction. After all it's a simple thought and everything is gone in a Matter of seconds!

Earth is an fantastic element, cause you have the earth itself under your command! You can easily make shields of hard stone (almost impenetrable), you can shoot stones, make them sharp like knives, or you could create quicksand and bury your enemies, or control mud and throw it on people. The earth element also gives you control over calcium, wich also is in your bones, teeth and nails, also earth-elementals can control metal, and so they can move knives, bridges, steel, iron, and other base metals. Even gold, silver and bronze, or other minerals. Earth means also sand, and sand means also glass. So, earth is powerful. THE POWER OF MOTHER EARTH!

7 Darkness/shadow

Darkness is my favourite power to have! This is a list of abilities you can use with darkness:
1. You can teleport in half a second!
2. You will be able to do dark matter attacks like blasts, beams and weapons.
3. You can create mini black holes or portals wherever you want!

Darkness is the most powerful. You can escape guards my turning yourself into a shadow. You can create life forms and other living things like a shadow wolf, dragon, etc. You can easily steal or break in the most secured place in the world. You can even see the secret recipe in Coca-Cola unnoticed. You can manipulate black holes, create dark matter and energy, that means you can manipulate space and even time. The only thing faster than light is darkness. It is existent, but also non-existent. So practically it is very hard to kill. You can create anything with shadow powers, even extra lives!

Darkness is useful in the dark,as other people say you can go invisible and teleport which helps when your robbing. Push people around when your invisible,speak to people and make them go crazy!

Darkness should be, by far the strongest. Due to the endless amount of supply one could use to fuel their abilities, whether it be the physical absence of light or someone's shadow, or even drawing upon the vast darkness that occupies the area between planets. And if one is able to control darkness, it would be able to ignore the limitations, weaknesses, and strengths, since it isn't a "normal" element of nature, rather the embodiment of nature's destructive side.

8 Magic

Magic is awesome because it opens up new possibilities and expands knowledge and power. It has endless boundaries and has a rhythm and flow to it that seems otherworldly.

Magic is something everyone fantasies about. A huge array of crazy, dangerous, happy, wonderful things comes with magic. Magic isn’t really one specific thing, it’s many depending on what magic you have. It’s incredibly powerful and you could have magic of everything for all we know. Magic is a very intricate and difficult thing to master and understand. Magic can do equally good as-well as evil.

Magic in my opinion is all these elements: you have spells to control water, earth, fire, nature, darkness, light, lightning, ice, and other stuff. You can even shoot curses, hexes and jinxes on people wich have various effects (lamentation, crippling, torturing, freezing, burning, and others), and wizards have spells for practically everything! (Also create elixirs, arcane alchemy, cursed fire, necromancy, telepathy, telekinesis, psionic and concussive beams).

stuff control hardly can YouY
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9 Time

I think that time is very over powered because you can stop things from existing. It is also good when fighting because when freeze time you can hurt your opponent without them knowing. You would also be able to go back in time and get some old stuff and become rich. In addition time is everything because time plays a very important roles in our lives and without it nothing would be possible.

I honestly feel like time is the most overpowered from this list. If you can manipulate time to the fullest, no matter how weak you are, you can ALWAYS beat your opponent. Stop time, and obliterate your opponent. Also good for worldly things, like finishing an exam or something. Honestly, I feel like this should be first.

I love this element, you can pause, slow down or speed up anything! There's this time ability called time bubbles, it's where you make a giant orb of time energy and anything which is trapped in the bubble will pause or slow down!

Don't you just love the clicking on the your clocks? Time can be the fate of when you die. It can go forward and then be rewinded. I like clocks they are very powerful and there's a lot of movies about clocks. And I would love to mess with people with Time that would be nice.

10 Nuclear

If you look at the top of the chart you might notice an argument for wind is that it can manipulate all the others, but nuclear is electromagnetic. Plus even a blast of UV light can kill someone, imagine the power of Chernobyl or a solar flare at your fingertips.

Almost like Poison nuclear can burst out poison at will and also have side effects or chance of mutations.

Awesome although sends off radiation still destroys land

It's cool specially the explosions. I love exploding things. Hahah

The Contenders

11 Temperature
12 Void

Void is not only space and time, but is also nothingness. Space and time are powerful enough, but with the addition of nothingness, it literally cancels out all other elements, with the exception of Creation. Make a loud room silent, repel the very air we breathe...endless possibilities. This is without mentioning space and time, both. Portals and teleportation, not to mention stopping time.
The only downside is if Void were to go against Creation, but even then Void would have space and time.

When people die, their souls go to the underworld. This is under normal circumstances. However, with Void, their souls would cease to exist.

If nothing else, said "nothingness" can be drawn from the infinite nothingness in between the planets and space.

Void is the king. Enough said.

Definetally should be number 1. It holds every element, dimension, as well as space and time. (Not saying all dimensions are real) It is said as what takes our spirit during dreams into the 4th dimension, also known as the Astral Planes. The void can take you places that have never been scientifically classified even as an existing area. Without the void, there would be nothing to hold anything, unless the universe just isn’t created and we stay in heaven for the rest of time. Not only that but it is both everything, and nothing. No other element can literally hold everything in the universe, execept for spirituality but that’s heaven, not the universe, which this list is about every natural element in the universe, so I’m not going there. But anyway if you read all this way, just wanna say thanks for letting me spend my time (no pun intended) and opinion, to satisfy yours. Bye!

Void is the absence of any element. With the power of void, one has the ability to control none of the elements, yet is able to dismiss them. Make a noisy room absolutely silent, rid the area of photons to make absolute darkness... Even repel the very air we breathe. With void, nothing can be just as dangerous as anything.

Void is everything you control space and guess what? EARTH ITS SELF IS IN SPACE! Then those who vote space look! There is space in void! Then there is time which everything relies on time so the time votes also win the there is nothingness in it as well but out of nothingness creation came? Right? So creation also wins and all those control like... EVERYTHING!? Right? Then you teleport and there is all elements on earth so... yeah void is the king 👑! Right? Also if some how someone or something counteracts you can wipe it out! DONE, CASE SOLVED, DROP THE MIKE, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING!...

13 Nature/life

You may think that nature is just plants and animals but here is the facts: Beside the obvious control over plant-life and similar material, Nature also includes air and sky-related aspects such as the wind, electricity, and a substantial portion of weather-related factors.

Life is an unequalled force because nothing has power over it, least of all living things like humans. Humans only know how to destroy life but they do not know how the infinitely complex structuring that allows life to form works.

The nature/life element is very important as we practically live off of it. Nature provides us with oxygen, beauty, resources whereas life provides us to live, it’s our souls, our personalities. Both combined into one element is risky and comes with lots of responsibility. This element is very vital as it’s practically everywhere, everything and everyone. This is perhaps one of the most dangerously powerful elements to own.

I voted for nature because I absolutely love plants and animals. I don't really care about how powerful nature is just about how peaceful it is and I would say nature is one of the most peaceful elements.

14 Gold/Wealth

Gold is cool because you could be rich with it. I'm not saying gold is the strongest or most powerful but the hardest. Gold is a very hard thing.

Get all the money you want with this power. You can be rich!

But would it be like your minds or Pluto God of wealth

Money money money, here comes the money.

15 Creativity

Now I really like this element, you can create your own element and make anything you like basically like having luck whenever your in danger or vibrating powers or anything you think of you can create that element or thing.

Whatever you think of is your power limits.

For example:

Fate: your can do the first strike.

Luck: the moment you have this ability is the moment you are invincible.

Space: everything in space is what you can control.

Time: freeze your opponents.

Gravity: turn your opponents upside down and confused.

And so on...


So what you know is your limits.

With creativity, your dreams will be more vivid and you have the power to shape worlds that come out of your imagination. You can influence what people think and what they do – fictional people and real people – if you use your creativity and words well.

Its power can create any of the elements, by drawing, and thinking about them

16 Lava

I am sorry but lava has a meaning also like lava girl remember that well lava is the most powerful element of all because, you can kill people anytime when you are being harmed, which is why it is very important on life also that it has said that lava can create earth which can create another land on it's own powers which you can do, so please everyone I rest my case but lava is the far most element which also goes with fire so yeah thank you.

Lava would be a powerful sub element for earth as it can not only create lava pools and shoot lava, but you can also collapse buildings, burn down wooden structures, create lava disks, and if you can bend metal, you can melt the metal supports and vehicles. So basically it's the most powerful sub technique of earth.

Lava is by far one of the strongest on this list, you can simply create a fortress around your self, the perfect combo of offense and defense

In my opinion "Lava" is a big deal but water can solidify lave then it will turn to a nourish land. But in terms of chaos lava is the massive one. Tnx

17 Creation/Life

Okay, now having this element is kind of like being like god you can say. He created life and created people, animals, insects, creatures and more! This element will also probably allow you to have any elemental power. This element is really strong and powerful, you can control life, just think about that! You can make anything you want!

Both creation and life are very important. Creation comes under all sorts of categories. You can even create a whole new planet, colour or even ice-cream if you wanted and life is everything too. This is very vital. Having this element is basically being God. You are everything, you control everything like all those evil masterminds always want to do in

You can regenerate and you can create things to protect you. If your friend dies, you can bring him back to life.

You can make powers and animals and living stuff. Magic and this one is pretty mush the same thing though.

18 Telekinesis/Mind Control

This really sounds like a cool element, I would have this because you can literally bring stuff from a far distance with your MIND. You also can control people and make them do weird stuff for either payback or as a prank. This element takes a lot of skill and practice and it takes a long time to get the hang of. I would also know the answers to every test question just from reading a teachers mind :). If it was anything I would have this element! But, if it was between 100 trillion dollars then no I'd pick 100 trillion dollars. I LIKE DAT MORE!

Having this skill could be a miracle! You could make people do what you want and if you had the gut even kill could see there thoughts if you were well trained,you could even see where they live and see what they live through at home you could see that there getting abused or having a bad life you could use this skill to make a person's life better!

What if you could control objects without even touching them? Or read someone's mind? You could carry a person if you were strong enough without even touching them. Or read their mind and see what they're thinking about! I think this is an amazing power!

When your a mind elemental you are pretty limited on what you can do you can't have every power since telekinesis is really limited to lifting up solid and liquid objects.It also depends on how strong mind is.

19 Dreams

Dreams are powerful because they show us possibilities that we could never think of while we are awake. They open gateways to new worlds and show us things that we didn't even realise we wanted.

immortality yourself give always can you then world dream a like you around space the manipulate can you if and stuff scary some with up come can psych human The this. doing while awake be can I imagine would I

I think dreams is mine because dreams you can control people turn from fantasy to real

That is weird, if they wake up, they will turn on you.

20 Light/spirit

Light is my favorite! You can turn into light, travel at the speed of light, control and create light, can overpower darkness, and so much more!

Listen. This has to be the best. Light is a force. It is carried by a force carrier called a photon. This photon takes control in making electrostatics and magnetism and light. So you could manipulate these things. And also. Spirit is a lively and heavenly objective that can be used in many ways. Since light is involved, I'm assuming this is angelic powers. Angels have the power to protect one another and use light to keep away bad things. They can manipulate clouds and even emotions and dreams. So in this case Light/Spirit is the best.

Ok so with light basically you can control the sun, angels and stuff it tied with darkness basically, and if you wanna fuse do Light and Wind.Creating Sprit

Light has many different prosperities that can be abused. Scientifically speaking you can manipulate part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which means several things like manipulating radio waves (you can listen into people who use devices that taps in to this); blinding people; starting something on fire; fly; move at the speed of light; and if you could “harden” light - like what Green Lantern does - you’d have an arsenal of kinetic weapons/armor you could summon at will. But let’s be real here: blinding people pretty much screws over a great deal of people who still require eyesight in order to use their abilities effectively, and is probably the most effective if also the most crude usage of this ability.

On a fantasy note it’s the obvious counter to darkness-based abilities. Also, fire users are screwed against you since you can manipulate their own power if they try to start you or something else on fire due to how photons work.

21 Spirit

Spirit is very cool you could go wherever you would like in seconds and watch peoples lives (not to be creepy). You could appear in peoples dreams have a nice talk and then leave whenever you like. I also think I have spirits following me so I could do the same and protect the poor or abused! c:

I voted for spirit cause its basically the opposite of void I voted for void to because not to be rude but you can destroy anything you can to in spirit but spirit is strong cause of flightmand going invisible and taking control of someone by going into there body riping there soul out and takeing over the brain

You can raise the dead. They will do anything you want them to do. They will worship you like a king/queen

Spirit is absorbed by darkness because they are both associated with fear

22 Speed

I would pick this element because I really need it. I can show off to my friends during track and show them how fast I can really be. I can also slow down time just from going really fast and create loops and going back in time! With this element you can go anywhere you like, run on water, travel without sitting on a plane for a day or more whatever you think of you can go to except space. You would also be faster than light just like the Flash.

Go almost anywhere a human can walk! You can steal a lot of stuff if you need it.

With speed, you can make enough force to become Goku, or the Flash.

Also like Quicksilver and flash they can run for miles

23 Crystal

Me and my cousin created this power called gems. Pretty much you have access to any power but you have to create gems with it. This reminds me of crystal however accessing this power you would have the ability to create crystals with other powers held in them such as a water crystal or a fire crystal.

This is the most helpful app for me because, I'm doing this for homework that I made for my sister. But she wanted it to be a teamwork project. So I did it. She made me one two it is about, drawing. It's to help me draw. Because I want you make a drawing of my teachers face for the last day of school.

Crystals seem to hold the essence of light and purity. They glow with the light of wishes and are stronger than iron.

Crystals could contain life force and other elements which could make the user very powerful

24 Energy

I actually created a character for my own liking who controls energy as an element. At first he is only able to control psi energy, but he is able to convert other types of energy into psi and manipulate them that way. But when he has a near-death experience in Limbo with Nature, he gets extra divine powers: now he can tap into the universe's limitless stores of cosmic energy, so he can generate force fields, levitate my altering gravitational potential energy, use telekinesis by altering kinetic energy, suck the chi out of others to kill them...he is basically overpowered! And I love the element of energy for that: because of its limitless possibilities. You can even absorb energy into your own body and become immortal!

Energy could start fires & redirect ice, wind AND earth. You'd never run out of stamina & you could control lighting. You could even kill someone by taking away their energy, or bring them back to life, by giving them energy. You'd also be able to control a person, by controlling the atoms in their body. And I'm only naming some of the things you could do with energy. Overall, there's no question that energy is the most powerful element

Energy is the best 'because energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. So while you can't create it, you can still take it from somewhere else and if you shoot an energy ball at someone, there's nothing they can do about it.

You can control energy itself - the energy inside your body, the energy within plants, the energy of speed and light, even plasma and others. You have several energy attacks, and your extremly powers.

25 Space

Space = Time.

So then you could freeze time.


You could also have the power to manipulate space, supernovae, hypernovae, meteors, gravity, wormholes, black holes, white holes, energy, fire, water, earth, air etc.


everything in space is what you can control.


you could create nothing and destroy all atoms.

or you could create strange matter.



when I think of the best element I think of the best element in the long term, not just for fun, but you can do other stuff as well.

there is a known planet which is made out of water, except from its core. You could manipulate gravity and use that to your advantage.

You could teleport anywhere or turn invisible (by making the stuff you are made out of, more thinner). or fly (air).


think of every single thing in the known universe and you could use it to your advantage




Elements which might be ...more

You can control space objects and space events, probably the weakest thing space can do is to send a doomsday asteroid, comet or even a planet to collide to earth. Maybe you can control stars, black holes neutron stars and maybe galaxies. You can control events like supernova and even Gamma Ray bursts.

Telekinesis and Teleportation at once. You can create and manipulate vibrations to control earthquakes and sound. You can also change the light refraction and got invisibility and illusion powers.

In Elemental Battlegrounds(Roblox) Space is one of the most expensive and most powerful elements. You could summon black holes to pull people in it, or even possibly create Planetary Devastation(Naruto). The neutron punch could dislocate every limb of your opponent and send them flying. With space, you technically have the power of everything. Iike making your opponent vanish in thin air. :D

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