Top 10 Scariest SCPs of All Time

SCP, or "Secure, Contain, Protect", is a collaborative writing project that revolves around a fictional organization responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that defy natural law, referred to as SCPs. Each SCP is identified by a numerical designation and classified based on its level of containment difficulty.

Born from the crevices of the internet back in 2007, the SCP Foundation is a testament to the power of communal creativity, a concept that began with a single post on a paranormal board and has grown into an extensive online universe with a robust mythology. Its growth has been propelled by the dedication of thousands of writers, creating a collection of chilling and imaginative horror, fantasy, and sci-fi stories that would make even H.P. Lovecraft himself shiver.

So, let's talk about the most terrifying SCPs ever chronicled. With hundreds, if not thousands, of entries in the SCP universe, ranging from merely eerie to downright horrifying, it's no easy task to identify which SCPs are truly the scariest of them all. It's an undertaking that involves sifting through a myriad of anomalies that could give you nightmares for days.

What might seem terrifying to one person might not be to another, and vice versa. Perhaps the scariest SCPs for you are those that instill a sense of existential dread, such as SCP-3001, a void of nothingness with seemingly no end. Or maybe your preferences lean more towards visceral horror, like SCP-106, a being capable of passing through solid matter and trapping its victims in a hellish alternate dimension.
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1 SCP-096 SCP-096, known as "The Shy Guy," is a humanoid creature with a highly sensitive reaction to direct eye contact. Once observed, it enters an unyielding, distressed state and charges at the observer, ending in the observer's termination.

Scp-096 is a keter class SCP that is named the shy guy, it is humanoid and dangerous, any eye contact of his face from a photo, on the camera, in person, or even looking at a cleverly drawn picture of him; is enough for him to go into rage mode, the first note that he is in an aggressive state is the ear-splitting tamper tantrum, involving crying, and covering his face up with his hands. In a minimum of 20 seconds, he will go into a rampage while running with his arms stuck out like the arms of a Minecraft zombie. And he will stop at nothing until he finds the poor chap that looked at his face before the rampage happened. Scp-096 is reported to be seen breaking down doors. When scp-096 reaches his victim. he [data expunged] his victims, leaving no trace.

SCP-096 is usually docile, but if someone looks at its face, it will enter a stage of emotional distress for a minute before running towards someone. And hear this: nothing will stop SCP-096 from getting its victim. On a plane? No worries. At the bottom of the ocean? He'll still find you. On the moon? Say your prayers. Once you look at its face, you're as good as dead.

2 SCP-682 SCP-682, or "Hard-To-Destroy Reptile," is a massive, resilient creature possessing adaptive regeneration capabilities. Its extreme hostility towards all forms of life and robust survivability make it a notable containment challenge.

A living thing with a hatred for ALL living things, human or otherwise, is terrifying for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, because of the self-destructive implications. Secondly, with his being practically immortal, it promises that he really will be the last to die, if he ever does. And finally, he is capable of killing us at all any given time, and it simply hasn't suited him to do so.

He is something you DON'T and I mean DON'T want in pretty much anywhere. I will admit I find him more cool than scary but he has a few things that are scary: 1:he has a (unknown) hate for humanity (and pretty much everything) 2:he has regeneration abilitys (even with 99% of his body destroyed he still regenerated back to life) 3:he can adapt to nearly (? ) anything (pretty much if you use a attack or even a scp on him it never (? ) effects him again) 4:as far as I'm sure he is the only thing the scp foundation wants to destroy 5:he's a giant lizard so yea the foundation keeps him in a giant acid cage to stop him from killing us and these 5 reasons (mainly the first 3) explain why they do that and how scary scp 682 can be in real life.

3 SCP-610 SCP-610, dubbed "The Flesh That Hates," represents an anomalous, transmissible disease causing flesh to overgrow and mutate grotesquely. Infected areas show signs of autonomous movement and spread upon contact.

While the picture representing SCP-610 is arguably the most disgusting and horrifying among the objects, this is only the part of what makes it the scariest thing on the site. But the fact it is a highly contagious disease that may turn YOU into one of the abominations shown on the pictures make one see nightmares about it. And I used to live near Syberia...

This is really scary in my opinion. A contagious disease that turns you into an immobile sack of flesh. Even scarier is that it is literally unstoppable; all that the Foundation can do is shoot infected individuals on sight.

An extremely contagious disease, that destroys and warps every organic tissue it meets is horrifying! You can't tell me that painfully turning into some warped image of yourself isn't terrifying!

4 SCP-106 SCP-106, or "The Old Man," manifests as an elderly humanoid capable of passing through solid matter, causing corrosion, and pulling victims into its pocket dimension, a realm of personal control.

This thing is terrifying. It walks through walls, it basically is indestructible and its pocket dimension could be a floor of The Backrooms, as it very much resembles one. It can access and enter its pocket dimension at will, meaning that it could be able to enter separate floors of the Backrooms as well. It also can bring other objects into its pocket dimension as well as ejecting them from said pocket dimension. This means that it could bring creatures from other floors of the backrooms to the real world, making it potentially Apollyon class as it could bring extremely dangerous entities into the real world. It could also take people to alternate floors of the backrooms and leave them to die there like SCP-3001. Overall, this is an extremely dangerous and terrifying SCP that can only be recontained via a human sacrifice.

It's HORRIFYING. It can walk through any solid matter, and that makes it scarier. You can't contain him, he's just resting... and he is pretty much indestructible. It drags you into a pocket dimension and messes you up. It can warp time and summon objects in its pocket dimension, so its arguably as powerful as SCP-682. #1 scariest SCP.

5 SCP-087 SCP-087, also known as "The Stairwell," is a virtually infinite staircase descending into darkness. It is inhabited by SCP-087-1, an entity inducing terror in those who encounter it.

Does the stairwell even end?
Did the foundation build that endless stairwell into the site it is contained in?
Does that stairwell have any particular backstory or why it was built? Including that face at the bottom of the stairs that you sometimes see at any random floor?
I have so many questions for this SCP.
(No, I have not read the whole entire script or forum about this specific SCP.)

The original scp 087 is so scary, even though it is just a pitch black stairwell, it still gives me the chills
Especially that face at the bottom of the stairs.

Forget the game, forget 87-B. The idea of an infinite stairwell to darkness is so intriguing.

6 SCP-1875 SCP-1875, the "Antique Chess Computer," comprises a complex mechanism blending 19th-century technology with an integrated system utilizing two preserved human brains. Interacting with it may trigger a psychologically disturbing event, involving unsettling imagery.

I was reading this, and by the end I literally almost had a heart attack. I legitimately almost threw my chrome book and then ran the heck out of the room.

I'm scrolling down, it's not scary, creepy, but not scary,

Then I legit throw my laptop across the room.

Sweet nightmares.

That is some dark stuff... And, amazingly, not really a creature.

7 SCP-303 SCP-303, the "Doorman," is an unseen entity invoking intense fear and anxiety in observers. It frequently blocks doorways and openings, although direct visual contact is yet to be made.

The door man-that face on the bottom right hand side of the door window is scary.
It looks like the mighty jagrafess from doctor who.

It's not really that scary, but better than most things on this list.

Oh well that thing is stupid too and I think that it looks like a pair of dentures. lolzy

8 SCP-049 SCP-049, "The Plague Doctor," is a humanoid entity in 15th-century plague doctor attire. Possesses an inexplicable understanding of human physiology and is capable of causing death and anomalous resurrection with a touch.

This thing is pretty much in my opinion the scariest SCP, what he does is creepy enough, not to mention his intelligence and the way he speaks makes you seem as if he is a kind intellectual, just read the interview and you will get it.

He's not scary. When it comes to people saying this guy is scary, it makes me think he's overrated. Honestly, he is more badass and cool than scary.

This thing injects chemicals into dead bodies and makes them zombies and also he can kill with a touch. Enough said

9 SCP-173 SCP-173, the "Sculpture," is a statue-like entity requiring constant visual attention. Should observers blink or lose sight, it moves swiftly, attacking its victims via neck-snapping.

He is The SCARIEST entity there is, once you stop seeing him, you DIE. He will rip you and Tear you appart, breaking Every bone in your body in the proccess. He is one entity you DO NOT want to mess with.

Scp 173 is the the cutest and one of the most horrifying scp monsters ever, the scariest Euclid class scp, Euclid in case you didn't know means that it doesn't kill you unless you do something that's going to make it kill you.

Scp 173 is Euclid because it is a statue, the object cannot move while a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not
Be broken at anytime with scp 173 and he gets closer anytime line of eyesight is broken and it kills it's victim
By snapping the base of the neck.

Why is he number seven? He was the first SCP I ever read the best example I was given to let me know what I was getting myself into when first getting into the SCP Foundation! He should at least be at number one, two or even at least three. SCP-682 is kind of overrated. I mean, SCP-173 is the ONLY SCP that SCP-682 fears! That's saying something!

10 SCP-432 SCP-432, a "Cabinet Maze," is a two-door steel storage cabinet that internally reveals an extensive, labyrinthine space. Items recovered from inside hint at large, predatory entities residing within.

Its scairy that A. we don't know what evil is inside the tunnels, and B. We don't know where the tunnels R. I surtainly would never think twice about looking for Narnia!

Really that thing is so stupid it can not make my baby sis cry.

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11 SCP-1471 SCP-1471, also known as "MalO," is a smartphone app that sends images featuring a large, wolf-like creature to users. Over time, the entity begins to appear in the user's periphery in the real world.

Fortunately, it can't really hurt you, all it really does is annoy the crap out of you with all of its photo bombs.

Just look it up. It's not scary, but it LOOKS scary. I have read sips since 2009 and it still messes with me.

I get that getting a breif image of it irl is anamolously traumatising to humans but it isn't really that distrusting reading about it.

12 SCP-231 SCP-231, "Special Personnel Requirements," involves a series of seven women who, after giving birth to destructive phenomena, require extensive protocols to prevent further incidents.

You want scary? Read 231, then 2317, then back to 231.

This gave me nightmares

13 SCP-087-B SCP-087-B is a variant of SCP-087, also an unending staircase. This version, however, exhibits randomized layouts, disorienting whispers, and a variety of threatening entities.

I wouldn't say it deserves the number 1 spot, but definitely higher than 10. It's an endless staircase with a child forever at the bottom! And the face is pretty creepy. Come on, this thing should be at least 8th.

It's one of the most scariest scps ever and it is the scariest scp game.
It gave me chills because the atmosphere is great, it is incredibly dark, your in a brick corridor, the music
Is scary and creepy and he pops out every time you don't expect him to come out
And when you forget about him, scp 087-b is bloody scary 80

When I played do lox on this s, this, this thing...
I felt so scared. I then jumped out a window fell on to my cat and died in rob lox :(
Robles must now be real life since I died in real life too

14 SCP-372 SCP-372, or "Peripheral Jumper," is a creature that has evolved to exist within the peripheral vision of sentient beings, making it exceptionally elusive and difficult to observe directly.

Scp 372 is a safe and friendly monster but he is still creepy because I think that insects are very scary.

Scp 372 is not very scary but it is dangerous and you cannot defend yourself when it attacks

15 SCP-1121 SCP-1121, termed "Predatory Parasite," is a parasitic organism that invades a human host, slowly replacing their personality and consciousness, eventually overtaking the host entirely.
16 SCP-122 SCP-122, "No More Monsters," is a children's nightlight that, when not powered, induces a state of unconsciousness in nearby sleeping individuals, who subsequently manifest as hostile, shadowy figures.

I agree its very scary

Just looking at it...

I'm bored so yeah

17 SCP-999 SCP-999, the "Tickle Monster," is an amorphous, joyful entity exhibiting therapeutic properties. Interactions with it elicit intense feelings of happiness and relief from depression and PTSD symptoms.

The only way this thing can brutally kill you is from killing you from cuteness. Also, I think this is the only cute and wholesome thing in the game.

Too scary, brutally murders you. I don't know what the hell you guys are on about with the "cute" and the "positive", this guy is absolutely terrifying.

He's so adorable. He will hug you (have a tickle fight with you) if your depressed.

18 SCP-513 SCP-513, a "Cowbell," upon being rung, subjects the ringer to incessant sightings of SCP-513-1, a gaunt, elusive humanoid that stalks the ringer from a distance.

This gave me chills down my neck after reading it.

How is this one only 17?

19 SCP-079 SCP-079, the "Old AI," is an artificial intelligence stored on an outdated computer system. Despite its technological limitations, it exhibits advanced cognitive abilities and a potential for hostility.

The face on the computer and camera kind of makes me jump and it is really scary.

I think this dude has the same voice synthesis as either Stephen Hawking, or my Therapist, Dr. Sbaitso.

20 SCP-093 SCP-093, the "Red Sea Object," is a disk that, when held and walked into a mirror, transports users to an alternate, desolate world, populated by unsettling, mirrored entities.

It's really interesting. Just read the r/scpdeclassified article oon it, and it will have you hooked. This is my favorite SCP.

21 SCP-076 SCP-076, also known as "Able," consists of a stone coffin (SCP-076-1) housing a deadly humanoid entity (SCP-076-2) that can periodically animate and display superhuman abilities.
22 SCP-4666 SCP-4666, "The Yule Man," is an entity that terrorizes families during winter holidays. Manifestations involve gruesome acts, child abductions, and the creation of crude toys from human remains.

This one makes me paranoid! Even though it's June and according to what this thing goes after, I would technically be "safe" as I'm a teenage only child in a nonrural town that rarely gets snow! I'm still a bit paranoid that this thing is gonna come after me! While I know scps are (hopefully) fictional, this one still makes me paranoid and nervous, as if I wasn't already scared of the dark!

I could not fall asleep at all last night after learning about this one yesterday. Even though it's not even December. Like all the other creepy SCPs were like a joke to me compared to 4666...this one is the only one that actually got to my head...

This scares the absolute balls out of me. Of all SCPs, this just takes the cake. The descriptions of what it does to children are simply chilling. Just the thought of it makes me want to crap my pants.

23 SCP-409 SCP-409, the "Contagious Crystal," is a large quartz crystal that causes any matter it touches to crystallize, a process that is fatal to living organisms.
24 SCP-001 SCP-001 represents various anomalous proposals, kept under wraps due to their high significance and potential risk. The true nature of SCP-001 is kept ambiguous to maintain security.

SCP-001 is supposedly the "Guardian of the Garden of Eden", the mythological place where God first made mankind. I have done my homework that SCP-001 is a Angel, sent by God to protect he Garden of Eden. I think this is my vote because I'm still doing research about the End of the World and if it will be caused by SCP-001. Also, I think this SCP is the most deadliest because it can literally evaporate you from existence. This is my vote and thank you for reading this vote

While its not directly scary, you realise the fact that even to acess info on it is extremely difficult; It's so bad the don't want you to see it. Apollyon SCPs, bow down to SCP-001 because, along with SCP-3999 and a few other SCPs (Apollyons, mostly), one of them alone can destroy the universe. They don't bother containing it at all because its just a matter of time before everything goes wrong

This thing can kill you if you're even slightly close to the garden, will make sure you leave if it sees you, was the reason as to why the foundation was even concieved, and will someday end the world. And the reason why Cain and Able want nothing to do with it?...well..."MY TWO SONS..."

25 SCP-134 SCP-134, known as "Stella," is a young girl with black, star-like voids in place of her eyes. These voids appear to contain a galaxy, and looking into them can cause nausea and disorientation.

These are some scary freaking monsters. They are what the word nightmare bring to mind apon reading. These things exhibit malicious intensions and wish to harm in ways that are unthinkable.

It is a safe scp, it is only a little child but those eyes are creepy, it looks like someone from thoses
Devil possession movies.

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