Top Ten Most Embarrassing Names of Athletes

The top ten most embarrassing names of athletes. College and pro, present and historic, hall of famers and non hall of famers.

The Top Ten

1 DeWanna Bonner

We are officially running out of list ideas. - RockFashionista

She's actually a pretty good player. - brianfigueroa2401

2 Lucious Pusey

He didn't do anything but he was still on the team. - brianfigueroa2401

3 Chubby Cox

Why is this number 3? Because he was born John Arthur Cox III, but he wanted to be a chubby one. - brianfigueroa2401

4 Dick Trickle

He committed suicide, not because of his name, but because Dick Trickle was full of pain. - brianfigueroa2401

5 Ivana Mandic
6 Rusty Kuntz

A lot of Rusty Kuntz love Dick Trickle. Damn, he's got the same birthday as me. - brianfigueroa2401

7 Jack Glasscock

He's been around since 1857, he has to be remembered this long for some reason... ( - brianfigueroa2401

8 Yoshie Takeshita
9 Dean Windass

I'm speechless... wait... uhh... aaah... BwwAAAP. - brianfigueroa2401

10 Dick Butkus Dick Butkus

And everybody wondered how he got to be so mean!

He should be higher because he's a hall of famer. However, there's funnier names on this list. - brianfigueroa2401

The Contenders

11 Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is an American professional golfer who is among the most successful golfers of all time.
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