Total Drama TopTens - Episode 1

simpsondude Thats right it's finally here everyone never thought this would exist but it did me an Turkeyasylum were planning this for quite some time now and the first episode will be the introduction of all users to the island here it goes:

Admin (host):Welcome to Total Drama TopTens the new hit show where we put TopTenners on a crappy summer camp and make them do crazy challenges basically like Total Drama Island but With TopTenners lets met all the contestants first they will be coming on as we describe them

First Andre56 a hated user who has become a boastful teen disney star who has horrible grammar yes he really is like that

Next is PositronWildhawk a smart electronic music lover who has surprised us with his smartness and sarcastic humor

Now is Turkeyasylum a Total Drama loving user who has joined not too long ago but definetely become a part of this community with his original lists

Now Britgirl a suggested by the title british girl who is very popular and humorous everybody loves her due to her huge personality

Superhyperdude a user who makes lots of blog serieses and can seriously insult people along with all his orginal lists

Next is Simpsondude who is me the creator of this post and well I wouldnt describe myself that would be boasting

Kiteretsunu an anime loving friend of Positron who also has a thing for physics and has become popular in a very short amount of time

Puga a dog and yes a pug who got tons of followers in just a day but he has now gone into war with another user who will be the next introduced one

That will be SevenLizards he loves pokemon and whats in his name he also hates arthur alot and started a war with Puga because of it

Letdot52 Andre56's only friend he is very religious and owns the user we mentioned before:Puga though he doesnt know about the war Pugas having

Keyson - a soccer and video game fan from argentina hes also very romantic and will have a relationship with one of the users on the show later on

HezarioSeth - a crazy user who can make the weirdest lists and comments ever he loves many things and makes the randomest lists ever

Funnyuser - a cat loving user who is again as suggested by the name a funny user she has also made many random lists and I know from experience extremely random

Britboy - a user who has a huge crush on Britgirl and will do anything and I mean anything to make her like him he made the craziest lists ever and not good crazy

Nintendofan126 - he is of course a nintendo fan he is very friendly and makes lots of persuasive lists which definetely convince you to hate thing like:Justin beiber,Sanjay and craig and much more

PetSounds - a music loving friend of Positron who makes great music lists and is a huge fan of The Beatles and The Beach Boys

JaysTop10List - a funny user who loves making lists with others and also loves beyonce he also makes great lists like most of the others

SelfDestruct - a user who has a rivalry with Positron with a hate of deadmau5 but a love of Sage The Gemini he also has a very very very big hate for Jackie Evancho

Garythesnail - a spongebob lover who can really stand up for himself and is also very friendly he also obviously loves Gary The Snail

PatrickStar - another spongebob lover who makes great spongebob lists but actually doesnt like NEW patrick or the actual new show like other spongebob fans

CerealGuy - a VERY random user with VERY random lists which usually feature dark humor he has improved himself over the months too

And last but not least Wolftail - a Warriors lover who is probably SevenLizards biggest supporter and Pugas biggest hater

Ok now that all the users are introduced and they arrived too we can start first I have to tell them the rules so it's the same as Total Drama but with TopTenners and I know I said that earlier but still the rules are the same as any reality TV show but now lets tell the teams:

Team 1 - Heroic Hawks












Team 2 - Sarcastic Snakes












Well thats all for this episode next time the first challenge begins but the date is unknown


I'm excited! - Turkeyasylum

This is going to be great - simpsondude

This is gonna be awesome - nintendofan126

Oh my god! - JaysTop10List

Me too! - funnyuser

I actually do like new spongebob :D ( Most episodes) - PatrickStar

I wish to be in it. - cosmo

Good read - EvilAngel

I don't like Total Drama at all but I like TopTens so I may read more - SelfisSUCK

Nice, this is awesome. - visitor

I wanna see the rest - jmepa1234