Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show

Oh, TheTopTens T.V. , the drama, the romance, the humor... Such a great show. Will it happen? No. but this is just for laughs!
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1 The First Union

Everybody comes to a union and vomit all over the place. They vomit and destroy thetoptens. This episode will an hour long special with patchy the admin segments where patchy pees and poops on all thetoptens lists.

This is just an idea, but I always thought that a show involving TTT would be more like a variety show. And I can name one specific stereotype for nearly each of us to fit in with.

I would love to see this show, if it existed though we'd have to create our own channel. Though can I be part of the cast. I have some great episode ideas.

It's a bible of how thetoptens was made. Showing how every user joined and popular list creations

2 Tina and Martin's First Date

They both go to the other person's country/city/pig farm to find them but they can't!
They then realise that the other person is in their area trying to find them and then start arguing about who goes where so they go to some kind of supermarket and meet up, and everybody lives romantically ever after

Just felt like voting on this again since she cannot. I think I am speaking for everybody qhen I say I miss her lists and comments.

This would sure be my favourite chapter of the first season. I love you, Tina!

Plot Twist: Cosmo and Wanda are lost and make the 2 switch between the UK and Argentina every second

3 TheTopTens Awards Ceremony

That will be gold. This kind of show should need to add some slapstick fashion (e.g. person won the worst awards get punished in the humorous way, the winner hurt himself as a reward, etc.). Also the tone and the themes should added too, via South Park-esque tone. The celebrities and politicians fight together, voice actress in high pitch voices destroyed the whole ceremony at the end. That will be hilarious if I were you.

Yeah this would be great! Randomly saying this but when you type your name are you in all the episodes that come up? - Unnamed Google User Remade

If I won I would fake cry all the way there, say being nominated is an honor, but winning is so much better, punch out the host, and walk away.

I wouldn't get any rewards only a few people know me and I'm boring. But it would be good for other people.

4 Britboy's Last Stand

Then admin comes and uses his wizardry banning powers to ban the killer from earth,but he will go to heaven

Yeah hi is over britgirl and has his own girlfriend to all the trolls whenpick on hi. Go get banned

I guess either a troll made it or Turkey is a jerk,but I highly doubt Turkey made it

Leave him alone,:( he regretted for making "that list".

5 Double Dare

All the female users get double penetrated by Admin.

I dare all of you to lick a raccoon.

I dare you to lick my butt

That'll be the best

6 GoldenRocket vs. Caliou

GoldenRocket would win because caillou is a 4 year old that acts like 4 months old

GoldenRocket would of course win.

Like if caillou had a chance!

My idea is on number 4! Thank you all!

7 Science Talk!

Oh, how I'd love to tune in for this one. That is, if there aren't any science-bashing God-nitwits to steal our thunder.

I might be in this one. I think I would be the other person with letdot52. I've researched a lot about the creation vs. Evolution debate.

But then me sirskeletorthe3rd Gary the snail and cereal guy try to interrupt it randomly because its pranks giving that day

*drinks acid* I'm probably only attending his lesson because I can get high.

8 TheTopTens: Shopping Competition

When for girly girls, they will buy shampoo,makeup,gorgeous skin care and lotion
When for boys, they will buy video games and skateboards
When for techno lover, computers,laptop,electrionics and gadgets
When for music lovers, they will buy posters of their idol, albums and especially clothes with their own idol
When hungry people, What is it? No offnese but snacks!
And who had the most will won and go to the top 10's

I would videotape mine and get all the Pokémon cards in Walmart that I don't already have, get a bunch of MLP:FIM toys, and get an Xbox (360 and One), a Wii U, and a PS4 as well as games I want for the consoles. Oh, and more 3DS games.

In Walmart, of course. (USA, Canada, China) (ASDA for Brits, and Carrefour for others)

Pokemon cards, chocolate and Roblox guest toys

9 Warped

And in the alternate universe, Sanjay, Craig, SwaySway, Buhdeuce, Fanboy, Chum Chum, Dora, Caillou, Peppa Pig, Scrappy Doo, Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Krabs, and Serena from Pokemon are all partying and the portal closes but everyone is saved by the almighty BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

A group of TopTenners regularly hanging out in a cafè, when they notice a police box. One of them has an idea of trying to fit everyone in. Everyone could EASILY fit in. Why? Because they accidentally walked into the TARDIS.

The TopTenners get into a universe with the Maniacal Justin Bieber from Trapped Inside On Christmas, takes the TopTenners away one by one. Will they escape?

All TheTopTens users accidentally warp into a portal to an alternate universe

10 New Years Trouble

Admin suspends everyone at the beginning of the new so they could "think about what they've done in the last year".

Everyone celebrates New Years,then Martinglez accadently shoots a firework that hit the British clock,then they turned to wanted criminals,and they survive in wilderness,then one week later everyone forgets about what happened

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11 TheTopTens Stranded In Texas

Hey come on that be boring I'd wouldn't have to move at all I live in Texas.
Oh well maybe I can be the host cause I know the ins and outs.

This isn't that far from actual life in the Lone Star State, to be honest.

We can meet that Texan dude from the simpsons!

I live in Texas and I should give you all a tour

12 TheTopTens: Clue

If you ever played to Clue, a game board, it's simple. The butler invite six TheTopTenners to an haunted mansion. One of them is the murderer, and they have 1 hour to find out who is the murderer before the cops go arrest everyone.

This would be really fun. I love playing Clue. Ayone else played the Harry Potter version?

Yes please we should do it!

13 Turkeyalysum in a Turkeyalysum

Random Person 1: The Turkeys Run Wild! And Smacks A Random Person In The Face Of Coarse

Random Person 2: Who Did WHAT!?!

Random Person 1: You Know The Person Who Started It All? The Turkeys HATE Being Tortured

To Be Continued...

It's about Turkeyalysum in a asylum with Turkeys. Get it?

14 TheTopTens: Big Brother

Maybe it could be: Britgirl, Keyson, PositronWildhawk, Angelofdarkness, Kiteretsunu, AnonymousChick, Turkeyasylum, Funnyuser, Garythesnail, Wolftail, Andre56, MoldySock, Britboy, Happyhappyjoyjoy, SevenLizards, and BlueDiamondFromNowhere as house guests.
BigBrotherSucks is the reluctant host.
Puga is the house pet.
Featuring the format of the American BB, with the 2 HoH twist from BB16.

No offense but Andre56 would go out first.

And we'll force BigBrotherSucks to play for wining about ways to kill lists!

Top Tenners get a big a brother who bullies them.

15 Opposite Personalities

PositronWildhawk: He will hate science a lot and be short. He will say rude things about Britgirl, he will like Nicki Minaj, he will hate Deadmau5, he will like sports and rap music, he will like Beauty and The Beast, he will like Bieber, he will hate bacon sandwiches, he will like MLP, he will praise Luigism, he won't be hot, he will like Dora and Dinosaur Train and all those shows, he will hate Moby, he will like Stairway to Heaven, he will like Heavy Metal,
Britgirl: She will be TheTopTens bully, she will be sexist, racist, and evil.
TeamRocket747: I will be nice sometimes, but be rude most of the time. I will be 747tekcoRmaeT, I have to be a big dubstep hater,I have to be fat(I'm skinny as hell),I have to be very slow at running (I am a very fast runner),and I have to be one of those guys who always follows school rules(I'm a big trouble maker and I'm proud of that because thug life

Mine would be someone who hates PositronWildhawk, Pokémon, MLP:FIM, Warrior cats, and loves pop, rap, country, being a jerk, backstabbing everyone, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Bruce Springsteen, Nicki Minaj, new Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, etc.

My opposite personality is a loud, annoying makeup-obsessed girly girl who hates Pokemon and likes Teen Titans Go. Eww more like Teen Titans No!

16 TheTopTens: Fashion Show

Britgirl hosts a fashion show and it goes wrong when fart is played on the radio and women being to sassy with their walks that they break the heel of their shoes and fall off the stage. Britgirl must fix the craziness.

I would get eliminated on the first competition because I would come unprepared wearing my pajamas on the runway. The Lazy Song would be playing in the background.

Hmm, I've done fashion so I'd be pretty good at this...but I'd definitely troll everyone and wear ladies' clothes.

I'd lose. My skin is awful, and I cannot stand formal outfits. I could at least be a running joke in the episode!

17 MsWiseguy's Revenge

Mswiseguy kidnaps everyone except patrickstar. He must save the other users from the evil mswiseguy

18 A TheTopTens Christmas Special

The admin is coming to town! He sees if your lists are good! He sees if your lists are bad! He knows if you are a nice or mean user so give him a present for goodness sake! Oh, you better watch out! You better be nice! You gotta make a good list, I'm telling you why. The admin is coming to town!

Jingle bells! smells! Dora got pushed off a cliff! The TopTenners threw a party and got sued!

Dashing through the lists making lists bright
Hearing flame wars around- oh Jinglebells the toptens smells Britgirl laid an egg TurkeyAsylum's Car Lost a wheel and SpongeBob got away

19 TheTopTens News

Andre56 makes a news show about TheTopTens but instead of telling the truth he lies about everyone how will the users get in to stop him

Or maybe toptensfan writes a news paper and he tells lies about the users he dislikes and all the lies are them to bad things so everyone needs to stop him

Maybe Positron Wildhawk tells us about the latest science stuff, Therandom tells what ISIS has been doing lately, Puga can do a speech about dog abuse, and I'd like to be the critic.

I would be the bad reporter who gets fired on the first day cause I change my topic to Halsey!

20 Danteem Returns from Hacking

We now present the porn addict, Emo stripper, fat virgin, Nicki Minaj ripoff Metts!

If this happens then I'm leaving this website.

Danteem returns and becomes Admin.

Plot: Admin wakes up from his nap, and goes on TheTopTens to see how everything is doing. He goes on banned users list and sees Danteem has hacked out. Admin vanishes 10 seconds later. Meanwhile, Puga fixes JacksonTop10 and Wildhawk breakfast, but it turns out to be snake heads served with spider legs. Jackson gets grossed out and he and Wildhawk go in the bathroom to barf. When they're there, Puga vanishes, because he got banned. Jackson comes out and looks for Puga, but he isn't seen. Since Wildhawk wasn't done barfing, Jackson also vanishes, and then Wildhawk does too. It cuts to ModernSpongebobSucks and Videogamefan5 posting on Top Tens. They hear that Jackson, admin, Pugs, and Wildhawk vanishes. Modern is shocked when he realizes that Danteem has hacked out. He tells Videogamefan5 to look at what happened, but when he turns back, video also has vanished. Modern hides in his bathroom, but also vanishes. Then, everyone starts vanishing, except Disney1994 who comes back and stops ...more

21 Slideshow

Bigbrotheryestotaldramano and I make a slide show on why big brother is good ans everyone watches it and likes big brother. We brainwash everyone to hate on total drama even TurkeyAsylum after than

I like Big Brother, but an episode about forcing other people to like it is going too far.

Danterm makes a slideshow where he kills everyone on thetoptens including admin.

22 TheTopTens in Split

Psst... I know where admin hides the duct tape!

23 TheTopTens: Clue REMAKE

A website called, a complete copy of TheTopTens, puts our beloved website out of business and leaves all the users as homeless wrecks. How will we fight back?

Interesting plot... Would definitely love to make a chapter or two about this story... Probably not. I'll probably just be too much of a chicken and not post it.

A rip off of the top tens. The users look just like the top tens users, like clones. We aren't enemies but rivals. They think they're site is better.

Yes it will we will throw knifes in the creator's head. #Gore

25 Puga Eats The TV

He must have some strong teeth in that episode.

I'm sorry, but what?

I'm confused now.

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