Top 10 Most Evil Sounding Languages

The Top Ten Most Evil Sounding Languages

1 German

To speak German, it seems that you need to thicken your voice, lol!

Definitely German lol

Is it because of ramminstein? - XxembermasterxX

2 Russian
3 Dutch
4 Chinese
5 Korean
6 Romansh
7 Spanish
8 English

English sounds like the language of the head boss. Whereas German sounds more like a foot soldier lol. Most romance languages don't even sound that intimidating to be honest, more squeaky and whining.

9 Slovene
10 Arabic

The Contenders

11 Croatian
12 Polish
13 Hebrew

Sounds very evil like a witch or something.

14 Danish
15 Hungarian
16 Tamil
17 Czech
18 Estonian
19 Finnish
20 Norwegian
21 Icelandic
22 Lithuanian
23 Latvian
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