Best Excuses to Get Out of School Swimming Lessons


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1 I forgot my trunks

Ah, the classic, It usually can work if done once, but if done again, they might make you put a spare pair on. - Cazaam

But then you'll hear the dreaded "Spare costumes. Put one on." from your teacher. - Entranced98

Why would you want to get out of swimming?

There are school swimming lessons!?!?!? Srry Ima bit behind...

2 I'm on my period

Will only work if you're female, hit puberty and only used once a month as that's how the menstrual cycle works. - Cazaam

My high school requires a written note from your parents for this to qualify as an acceptable reason to be excused.

As much as I hate getting periods, I'm still thanking them to this day for all the chlorinated hell they saved me from. - Entranced98

Only females are allowed to talk like that!

3 I'm allergic to chlorine

This one would probably work, don't quote me on that though, it depends on the teacher sometimes. - Cazaam

20 percent of people who use swimming pools have admitted urinating in them.'s actually a misconception that chlorine in water turns your eyes red, it's actually a mixture of urine and chlorine. - Ananya

4 I'm feeling nauseous

Make it look like you do and act like you do as well. - Cazaam

5 The water pressure hurts my ears

This could work especially if you have an earache. - Cazaam

6 I pulled a muscle

Like the nausea excuse, act like you have. - Cazaam

7 I've got a open wound... down there

To make sure they don't look, say that you've got an open wound down in the groin. - Cazaam

8 Water is too cold

Nah, not too effective if the teachers can see nobody else is physically getting hypothermia. - Entranced98

It's horrid in the Changing Room, people see you naked, watch you and you are half naked in it.

Not a valid excuse in most schools

9 I don’t know how to swim

Alright, then get that life jacket on and do 10 laps!

10 I've got a migraine

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11 I have a headache

This has worked many ti mes

12 My mom wants me home...
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