Best Excuses to Get Out of School Swimming Lessons


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1 I'm on my period

Only if you're a girl. - SpinelliFan

Yup, works well :)
But only for girls

My high school requires a written note from your parents for this to qualify as an acceptable reason to be excused.

Only females are allowed to talk like that!

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2 I forgot my trunks

But then you'll hear the dreaded "Spare costumes. Put one on." from your teacher. - Entranced98

Why would you want to get out of swimming?

Ah, the classic, It usually can work if done once, but if done again, they might make you put a spare pair on. - Cazaam

There are school swimming lessons!?!?!? Srry Ima bit behind...

3 I'm allergic to chlorine

My friend is allergic

Well, the teacher would say why did you even sign up - MrGuyDudeMan

This one would probably work, don't quote me on that though, it depends on the teacher sometimes. - Cazaam

20 percent of people who use swimming pools have admitted urinating in them.'s actually a misconception that chlorine in water turns your eyes red, it's actually a mixture of urine and chlorine. - Ananya

4 I'm feeling nauseous

Make it look like you do and act like you do as well. - Cazaam

5 The water pressure hurts my ears

This could work especially if you have an earache. - Cazaam

6 I pulled a muscle

Like the nausea excuse, act like you have. - Cazaam

7 I've got a open wound... down there

To make sure they don't look, say that you've got an open wound down in the groin. - Cazaam

8 I have swimmers ear

It's a pretty good excuse especially if you come to school with an earplug.

9 I've got a migraine
10 Water is too cold

Not a valid excuse in most schools

Nah, not too effective if the teachers can see nobody else is physically getting hypothermia. - Entranced98

It's horrid in the Changing Room, people see you naked, watch you and you are half naked in it.

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11 I don’t know how to swim

This would never work - MrGuyDudeMan

Does not work

Alright, then get that life jacket on and do 10 laps!

12 I am feeling unwell
13 I have an ear infection

€�This one works all the time”

14 I have a headache

This has worked many ti mes

15 My mom wants me home...
16 I have a chest infection
17 I don't want to get water in my ear
18 I have hurt my knee
19 I have ear lice
20 I have STDs

This will get you out of swimming for sure. you most likely got std's from the gym teacher anyway.

21 I've twisted my ankle

Limp all day and get crutches/bandages

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