Worst Body Parts to Have Pain In

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1 Genitals

I knew this would be at the top. Getting hit in the balls or even the penis itself... just ow, man.

Girls will never understand our pain.

Must be the nuts. Nothing comes close.

2 Head

My concussion was one of the worst times of my life, lasting around two years, and mine was mild. I feel so bad for those who have it worse. Head injuries suck because they last so long and worsen with certain things.

Everything that you once loved becomes your enemy: watching TV, sunshine, loud music, running around outside, laughter, movement, reading books, action movies, bright colors, large groups of friends in a conversation, even opening your eyes.

I get headaches and migraines all the time. It's annoying as crap!

3 Eyes

Consider yourself lucky if you haven't gotten a scratched eye before. I once scratched my left eye from accidentally hitting it with my seat belt. It was a very stinging sort of pain in my eye.

When my mom arrived at our house, I got eye drops in my eye, which aren't that bad. The next day, we went to the doctor and they said it was a scratch. They put this eye drop in that was supposed to numb your eye, and that healed my eye.

I had to take eye drops in my left eye every 12 hours, even at school. Then, another time, my dog hit me in the head with his head and my left eye hurt. It wasn't a scratch but it still hurt badly. It didn't last too long, but it still hurt a lot.

4 Legs

Knee pain has to be up there. Agony, inflamed joint, and every time your leg moves, your knee gives you grief.

5 Teeth

Wisdom teeth pain is the worst, especially if it hurts to the point where you have to get them out. They shouldn't even exist in the first place. Then no one would ever have to deal with it.

Especially when you finally get your loose tooth out or get teeth pulled out. It's very painful.

I can't take a toothache without trying to bury my face into my pillow and crying.

6 Neck

It's very excruciating, like thousands of pillars have been made all around the neck. Who knows this more than me? It's 2015 now, and I have been with this constant pain since 2013.

Neck soreness sucks, or any type of pain. You can't use your head properly without it saying "NO!".

As Sheldon Cooper once said, it's quite a feeble support for something so valuable.

7 Abdomen

The greatest pain I've ever been in is when I had an inflamed appendix. Nothing in my experience can compare.

8 Anus

When your butthole cracks to the point where you're pooping blood and it stings whenever you wash your butt.

Some weirdos like this kind of pain.

9 Finger
10 Nose
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11 Stomach

The worst part is the cramps you get before you have a diarrhea episode.

I get bad tummy-aches all the time, and they are the worst things ever.

12 Brain
13 Breast
14 Back
15 Heart
16 Gums
17 Ankle
18 Shoulder
19 Ear

When you get ear infections or swimmers ear.

You want to massage the pain, but you can't.

20 Appendix
21 Bladder
22 Toes
23 Foot
24 Buttocks
25 Nails
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