Top 10 Best Things to Do to Help Deal with Depression

As a person who suffers from it himself I know how it feel and I want to help.
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1 Don't give up

Sometimes I start to feel really unhappy, but I always try to overcome it. It doesn't always work, but as long as I try, I feel like I'll be okay.

I constantly have to remind myself that it will be okay

If only it were that easy

If you give up, it wins

2 Get professional help

"Professional help" is not a school guidance counselor or psychologist. To actively get depression treated, you should go to an actual neurologist that can provide a medication which will help you control it and seek happiness.

Doesn't have to be professional just some kind of help

Professional Help has never helped me.

Even though it's really hard to never give if you get help it can help you cope with your depression and manage it on your own which makes it easier to not give up

3 Realize you are not alone

Damn it. damn it, man! I am all alone in this world. There's literally nobody on my side considering that all of the peers and ''trusted people" I've met in my life can't help me at all without being fictitious for once.

This is true. You’re not alone. You’re never alone. I always feel alone, but I realize that so many others are going through the same hardships that I go through every day. I know that there are people who care about me, even when I feel unloved. So please, don’t commit suicide, even if you feel rejected, because there are people who care about you and love you.

You are not the only one feeling these things, everyone's through it

I’m not alone, and nothing feels like home.


4 Lean on a supportive friend

Find a friend who can keep you accountable and cheer you up

That moment when u got no friends

5 Do not cut

Easier said than done. Once you do it once, it feels like it's near impossible to stop. But you CAN stop. I believe in every single on of you beautiful people out there. Please, don't give up, and get help. Your life will be so much better.

Self harm does nothing, it is a temporary fix that just leads to more pain later

You can draw lines on your wrist as an alternative

I cut, I try to stop but I can't help myself :/

6 Spend time with friends

The best friend is the buddy who can help you in the diffuclt moment

7 Stay busy

My depression is a gentleman. He taps me on the shoulder when I'm not occupied and says (in a British accent) "Oh, I see that you're not doing anything. Here, worry about everything and think horrible things to fill your time." Of course this is personification, but that's basically what happens. And it's not fun. You really should keep yourself occupied. Read a book, draw, let out your anger by shouting at dragons in Skyrim, anything really.

I struggled with depression, going to the gym helped me stay busy, when I wasn't at school, I was at the gym, because naturally it makes you feel good and helps relieve stress.

I constantly am doing something, just to keep the crushing emotions away.

8 Cry

People see me as so unemotional. I don’t cry often in public. But the truth is, I cry myself to sleep every night.

Don't feel afraid to let it out

I..I do this a lot

9 Look to the future

A woman I know once told me, “You’re Not trapped in this moment forever. A lot of girls feel like they’re trapped in an eternity of pain and depression, but they’re not. You’re just in one tiny blimp of the rest of your life. There’s hope, so just hold on a little longer.”

10 Cling to the good moments

Kind of hard to considering my father abused me and my biological mother abandoned me.

Don't let them go

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11 Listen to music
12 Talk to someone you trust
13 Focus primarily on the present
14 Think about the people that love you

Yes, please do this

I often feel like no one loves me. But I know it’s not true.

15 Pray
16 Eat healthy
17 Exercise
18 Spend time with your family
19 Look at the funny things around you
20 Do things that make you feel good about yourself
21 Think about the people with worse lives

Although it depends because then it could make someone more depressed.

No! This is unhepful. Someone having worse lives doesn't make your situation better...

22 Release negative emotion
23 Say thanks

Be thankful for what you have, it could always be worse

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