Top 10 Famous Scientists Who Believed in the Lord Jesus Christ

This is a list of famous scientist belonging to various Christian denominations who strongly believed in Lord Jesus Christ.

The Top Ten

Augustin Louis Cauchy

Famous french physicist and mathematician augustin louis cauchy was a ultra conservative lifelong fervent catholic.CAUCHY wanted to restore catholic monarchy and wanted to reestablish catholicism as state religion in france after the so called french revolution. He strongly defended the catholic chruch during the time of crises and also had very close ties with the catholic jesuit orders. cauchy played a very important role in reviving catholic education in france in the post so called french revolution era. the leftist liberals persecuted cauchy because of his catholic faith, he even had to went into exile, the leftist-liberals did not even allowed cauchy to be appointed as a mathematics professor despite the fact that cauchy was exceptionally talented all because they disliked cauchy for his catholic faith, but cauchy never compromised his catholic faith and catholic values and remained a strong ultra conservative traditional catholic till his death. - rondejesus

John Ambrose Fleming

Famous british scientist and father of modern electronics sir john ambrose fleming was not only famous for his inventions but was also famous for his sermons, the reason is this is because he was also a preacher he many times gave sermons at local congregationalist churches, he was a lifelong devout quite a fundamentalist ultra conservative type of christian, he never believed in evolution and famously organised evolution protest movement in 1932. SIR JOHN AMBROSE FLEMING strongly believed in the bible and strongly believed in the teaching of lord jesus of helping the poor therefore in his will he left most of his money to christian charities which worked for the down trodden and poor. - rondejesus

Pierre Duhem

Famous french chemist pierre duhem was a lifelong very devout reactionary french catholic. during the 19th century french scientific and educational institutes were dominated by leftist-liberal intellectuals. these leftist liberal intellectuals persecuted scientist and intellectuals of christian- catholic faith. pierre duhem was one of those scientist of catholic faith. the leftist persecuted duhem but duhem stood his ground, he defended all attacks on his catholic faith, duhem written many books highlighting the role of the catholic church in medieval era in promoting science and how catholic church contributed for the growth of modern science. duhem till his death had written many books defending and highlighting the role of the catholic church, many of his books are also translated in english, because of his great work in defending catholic church, duhem is not only remembered as a great scientist but also remembered as a great catholic apologist. - rondejesus

Jerome Lejeune

Famous french geneticist jerome lejeune was a lifelong devout fervent catholic, actually he was a one of the leading and most famous pro - life catholic hero in france. all his life lejeune had very close ties with the vatican, he was also a de-facto leader of the anti abortion movement in france, the movement was a catholic movement against abortion, lejeune was also member of the catholic pontifical academy of sciences and also became president of catholic pontifical academy of life, he remained as president of that organisation till his death. because of his great work all his life in promoting catholic values lejeune was awarded servant of god award. the work of lejeune was so impressive that when lejeune died and when pope john paul 2 visited france the pope went to the grave of this great catholic hero jerome lejeune to pay his his respect - rondejesus

Lord Kelvin

Famous british scientist lord kelvin was a lifelong devout fervent christian. he belonged to the church of scotland. kelvin is considered by many scholars as one of the greatest defenders of christianity in the 19th century britain. kelvin never believed in evolution, kelvin was one of the most famous and active members of the christian evidence society, he was elder in the church of scotland and was also president of the local bible society in scotland, he remained in that position as president of the bible society till his death. - rondejesus

Michael Faraday

Famous british scientist michael faraday was a committed lifelong and extremely devout member of a close knit small and extremely strict new testament based protestant christian denomination called the sandemanian church.the sandemanians believed in living strict religious life resembling the life of lord jesus christ. Michael faraday lived his whole life according to the strict principles of his sandemanian church, faraday refused knighthood and also refused to become president of the royal society only because his church was against such materialistic possession and position. faraday also refused to make poisonous gas for the crimean war because his church believed in pacifism, also faraday all his life till his death was a lay-preacher in his church but taking into consideration his dedication for his church, the senior authority of his church even promoted faraday as a senior elder of his sandemanian denomination. - rondejesus

Gregor Mendel

IN an era when karl marx was lecturing everyone to shun christianity and destroy christianity, gregor mendel did not heed his advice and did the exact opposite mendel accepted lord jesus christ as his lord and saviour and chose to become a catholic priest and he remained loyal to catholicism till his death, mendel never got married and never had his own family but dedicated his whole life to lord jesus christ and his catholic church.
AS a scientist despite being a extremely talented and father of geneticist gregor mendel never got much fame when he was alive even much after his death.
the mainstream media ignored him,and whenever the mainstream media by default if they mention gregor mendel they never mention that gregor mendel was catholic priest. all this because the mainstream media wants to project a narrative that christianity was a against science. the leftist liberal intellectuals who dominate most western educational institute also did the same they chose to ignore ...more - rondejesus

Georges Lemaitre

During the early years of the 20th century when the leftist were destroying churches all over the globe,during that era famous scientist georges lemaitre chose love over violence and hate and accepted lord jesus christ and decided to become a catholic priest, lemaitre never got married and never had his own family but dedicated his whole life till his death to lord jesus christ and his catholic church.
AS a scientist what happened to gregor mendel same thing happened to georges lemaitre, despite being father of big bang theory, the mainstream media on most occasions choses to ignore, the faith the fact that father lemaitre was a catholic priest is rarely mentioned in the western mainstream media, the ledtist liberal intellectuals do the same thing, the faith of georges lemaitre is not mention in school science textbooks.
its very demeaning how great priest scientist like georges lemitre, gregor mendel and many more priest scientist and scientist of christian faith get treated in ...more - rondejesus

Nicolas Steno

Famous scientist and father of geology nocolas steno though born and raised as a lutheran but later in life he converted to catholicism and chose to become a catholic priest. AS a priest steno was very active in northern europe specially in germany, till his death he worked very hard to revive catholicism in germany and because of his effort catholic faith was did able to regain a lot of lost ground, so taking into consideration the great work steno did to revive catholic faith in germany, the pope finally in 1988 decided to beatify steno as a saint. - rondejesus

Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization.

The Contenders

Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton PRS was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution.
Andre Marie Ampere

Famous french scientist andre marie ampre though initially he had lack of faith but later in life he became a born again fervent catholic and then strongly defended catholicism in a difficult era till his death. Andre marie ampere was one of the leading and most famous figure of the neo- catholic reactionary movement in france which became hyper active after the so called french revolution, the goal of this neo catholic reactionary movement was to restore catholicism as a state religion and also to defend catholicism from the attacks of leftist liberals.
andre marie ampre was also the religious mentor of frederic ozanam the founder of the famous sociecty of saint vincent de paul organistaion - rondejesus

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