Top Ten Fastest Nephop Rappers


The Top Ten

1 BulletFlo' Thapakaazi V 2 Comments
2 Emereff AD
3 Sacar Adhikari

Heavenly sick rhymes are constructed in this guys mind who is this boy how does he rap so good I don know... whoaaa Sacar bro All The Best

V 1 Comment
4 Yama Buddha
5 Laure

Laure is my favourite rapper from nephop.. I love you laure... All the best..

Laure is king of nephop nobody can compare

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6 Viber Bi
7 Balen
8 Unique Poet
9 The.Pace
10 Lil Grizl

The Contenders

11 Aabihskar
12 Rumon
13 SYK
14 King
15 AirEase
16 Lonewolf Nepal

Amont the fastest improver and a learber stayin real to the hood

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1. BulletFlo' Thapakaazi
2. Emereff AD
3. Sacar Adhikari



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