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81 Chorizo Sausage

Pork chorizo

82 Arugula
83 Roasted Pumpkin

Roast pumpkin, feta and spinach is the best pizza on this planet

84 Kalamata Olives

They are truly the best with pip/pit? Has to be in or they taste naff. Up there with Anchovies really. Should be top two.

85 Shredded Lettuce
86 Asian Cucumber V 2 Comments
87 Provolone Cheese

Excellent on any kind of pizza, and much better than mozzarella. - schulz562

88 Cabbage
89 Syrup V 1 Comment
90 Fetta

Delicious salty taste and melts thru beautifully especially with English spinach

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91 Chicken Tikka
92 Pork


93 Broccoli

Congratulations, San Francisco! You've ruined pizza!

Really good with chicken, actually. Don't knock it down until you've tried it.

It is more of a veggitarin pizza option but it is still tasty I know I spelt veggitarin wrong I think but I don't care🍕

94 Laksa Chicken
95 Jelly V 2 Comments
96 Egg

Had it in France. Sounds funky but was good! Don't knock it until you try

Fried egg is great

97 Orange

Juicy cheesy bready yum


98 Tuna

Spicy tuna topping with some chopped red onion and tomato green chilies its simply amazing add some bell pepper even better.

Why hasn't anyone put this on the list yet? It's usually delicious regardless of which brand it is and the fish works really well with the cheese on the top. - maxbastow

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99 Capsicum V 1 Comment
100 Cinnamon
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