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21 Grand Moff Tarkin Grand Moff Tarkin Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. Tarkin was Governor of the Outer Rim territories, and eventually earned the rank of Grand Moff in the Galactic Empire. Tarkin was also in charge of the production of the Death Star. Tarkin is killed when the Death Star is ...read more.

He may have lived a short on screen life but his expanded universe self was some of my favorite Legends stories.

Definitely is one of the greatest Star Wars characters - pancake2015

22 Kyle Katarn Kyle Katarn Kyle Katarn is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. Kyle Katarn served many roles throughout his life. Katarn was involved with the stealing of the Death Star Plans in Star Wars Legends. Kyle Katarn later found out he was Force sensitive, and joined Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. He served ...read more.

Nobody remembers old Kyle anymore so he'll never get his own movie even if he were the best!

He's a 3rd tier character from a video game!?!

Need some EU representation on the top 10

23 Biggs Darklighter
24 BB-8 BB-8 BB-8 or Beebee-Ate is a droid character in the Star Wars franchise, first appearing in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Bb-8 is the cutest droid ever. He should be at a way higher place.

Cute r2 knockoff. Then again force awakens was a cute star wars knockoff.

Best droid ever! Totally cute and funny

I'm big BB-8 fan. - AdamBurt

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25 Bastila Shan Bastila Shan
26 IG-88

He's a 17th tier character why is he even on the list!?! -guy ranting

He was in it for 7 seconds

Super cool with a ton of different weapons, and he also helped almost take over the galaxy as a key part of the Droid Revolution led by IG-88A. He also humiliated Olag Greck and escaped just when Greck thought he caught him. He also survived and escaped when he got shot by several stormtroopers and was hit by a paint bomb by Sabine Wren.

27 Grand Admiral Thrawn Grand Admiral Thrawn Grand Admiral Thrawn is a Chiss male from the Star Wars universe. He first appeared in Star Wars Heir to the Empire. Thrawn has more recently appeared in Star Wars Rebels, and also has a novel that was released in April 2017, titled Thrawn. In summer of 2018, Thrawn: Alliances will be released, where ...read more.

I'm sure they won't, because it's been a while since Star Wars did something smart, but making Thrawn the main villain in Episode VII is the best thing Star Wars could do for itself.

He is coming back for Star Wars rebels...I have a feeling they will do him justice...they did with maul

Thrown needs to come back to canon. He needs to come back. Episode X maybe?

He isn’t the smartest villain in Star Wars and a boss. He is the only villain who will quit while they are ahead instead of trying to chase after themselves and looking like an idiot. He also looked like a boss when Ezra and Sabine were shooting at him with a TIE defender then he just stood there. This guy is bringing me over to the Dark Side (meaning I’m cheering on the villains). Also he is one of the only characters who is breaking the Rebel’s streak of winning. He has destroyed most of the X-wings to get onto Lothal, and a almost killed a god+destroyed one of the main rebel cells in one episode. He ALSO isn’t just highly attuned mentally but also physically. He works out fighting against droids regularly.

28 Bib Fortuna
29 Bossk

Great bounty hunter with a long backstory, should be higher on the list.

30 Wat Tambor

He sucks!?! -guy ranting

31 Count Dooku Count Dooku

Dooku is a with lord and the only reason Anakin killed him is because he under estimated anakins power and Darth sidious tolled dooku not to kill Anakin he should be at least top five number one to me

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32 Ko Sai

Not canon!?! -guy ranting

33 Meetra Surik
34 Jyn Erso Jyn Erso Jyn Erso is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by English actress Felicity Jones in the 2016 film Rogue One. V 1 Comment
35 Jacen Solo

You have to admit he is awesome he is the grandson of darth vader and an awesome sith

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36 Yarael Poof Yarael Poof

He's sucked. -guy ranting

37 Jango Fett Jango Fett

Love his armor! And he was badass enough to go up against two jedi masters, even though one of them killed him.

He should come as 3rd top violence I mean he is the best, I wish he was the clone trooper leader

38 Princess Amidala

Amidala is beautiful princess red jacket of body, good white make up to face. She is powerful madam and princess to big planet.

She's one of the most boring characters (in the first movie). Then she dies from this "Anakin! You're breaking my heart! " Wow. Pathetic. - DCfnaf

It's Senator Amidala! When was she ever a Princess? I mean she was Queen People!

Sucked! -guy ranting

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39 San Hill
40 Greedo Greedo

Yeah bet you have!

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