Top Ten Features that Were Removed from the Sims 3 to the Sims 4


The Top Ten

1 The Open World

Number one open world. but also living community color wheel and not as much interactions in the sims 4

The open world was a great part of the sims 3, and now someone thought it would be nice to take that away. - demonrolink

Why would they screw themselves like this? - EliHbk

2 Living Community

I wish this was still a thing. I want the Sims that don't end up as the heir in my legacy to have their own family's without me!

This was a good thing in some situations. - benjigoo

In the sims 3, other people would get married, get promoted, have children, and have lives, even when you aren't playing as them, or at there house. IN the sims 4 nope! If you aren't playing as them, or at there house they are frozen. - demonrolink

3 Toddlers

Didn't care that they were removed, and they were added in an update, anyways. - benjigoo

This was odd, you just change from a baby into a child? what? I question Maxis on this one - demonrolink

4 Diving Boards

THEY GOT RID OF THE DIVING BOARDS! After the community had complained enough to add diving boards to the sims 3, they got rid of it in the sims 4 GRR! And replaced it with a diving stand thing. - demonrolink

5 Interactions

See some interactions were removed, and some you can't have all the time, like unlike in the sims 3 where somethings your sims wont do because of their mood is too low, some interactions can't be used until, you reach that type of moods. Like flirty interactions are best and have the most, when they are flirty. - demonrolink

6 Traits and Lifetime Wishes

Traits weren't removed, but there is a lot less of them, and that creates less custom sims, to the point where with only 3 traits, there are probably more than 1 person in the sims universe that have the same combination of traits. And lifetime wishes were removed. - demonrolink

7 Cars

See the sims 4, doesn't have cars or buses, you just see you child walk to the edge of the lot, when they need to go to school, and Adults too. - demonrolink

8 Color Wheel
9 Rabbit Holes

Even though nobody liked these, It was nice to know your sims was actually in some where, and not just off the screen. - demonrolink

10 Easy Window Placement

While building a house, putting in windows was always my favorite part, but know the windows look like crap, they are all either too high or low, and it is frustrating. - demonrolink

The Contenders

11 Small Objects

Objects like the dollhouse were enlarged, That would be the toy I gave my children, if there wasn't very much space, but know it is four blocks big. - demonrolink

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