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1 Evanescence Evanescence Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.

Evanescence is by far the best band you could ever find out there! Not only are they my favorite female-fronted band, but they are my favorite band period. Amy Lee sings with such a distinct tone that is unmistakable and unique. Their lyrics are so thoughtful, and very deep and heartfelt. These lyrics can just help you go into your own little world sometimes.

Amy Lee has voice that I love so much. It is so beautiful and special. She sings with so much passion in her songs that it gives me goosebumps. Her songs are so meaningful and I love the fact that her songs aren't just written for the sake of it, there is actually deep thought into it which makes it so unique. She has a voice that you could never get tired of. This is my favourite band that I could never imagine to let go of. Perfect. Her voice is my escape. Go Amy Lee!

What can I even say about Evanescence? Though Amy Lee is the sole founding member still in the band, I love everything they have done, including their new album Synthesis. They never fail to amaze me! Amy Lee is the most talented voice of the 21st century. Such a large range, so much power! She sings higher than any of us ever could (see: Weight of the World, right after the second chorus) while still maintaining that same level of power! No band will ever top Evanescence for me. Additionally, their spinoff, We Are The Fallen, is amazing too. Everything that comes out of them is great!

Was hard to choose between Amy Lee, Cristina Scabbia and Hailey Williams. I chose Amy because of the lyrics. Best. Lyrics. Ever.

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2 Paramore Paramore Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro.

In my opinion Paramore is the best. They're unique, versatile, their songs are really relatable and emotional without being whiny. Instead of just letting the entire song focus on a problem someone is going through they also offer solutions to the problem.
Honestly I don't think they are overrated at all, most people say that because Hayley is usually compared to Amy Lee. But not saying Evanescence is bad but without Amy not many people would care for them and most of their praise is due to her vocals. Reminder Amy is not the entire band (same with Paramore, Jeremy and Taylor are great too) Besides I think a lot of Evanescence songs are kind of similar to each other, but I'm not a huge fan I mainly know their popular songs.
Additionally the members of Paramore sound amazing live and are good role models. They don't ignore their fans and have shown their gratitude for the fans many times. Also they make mistakes but can own up to them and are generally positive people. They also ...more

Paramore deserve be where they are. They've worked hard for it, no I'm not saying there aren't bands that have worked harder or don't work hard but that doesn't change the fact that they made their way up here through hard work. They have brilliant lyrics and awesome beats and their songs are so real and relevant. They don't always have songs about specific events but emotions and feelings so it's easy to relate to. They're amazingly creative and unique (also no they aren't a No Doubt copy cat, they've never ripped them off)
Each album they've created is great in its own way. They've grown over the years and have been through hard times. And although they may not be the most mature and talented band in the world I still love them so much.
Besides the members and the fan base is actually pretty cool. Not saying there aren't annoying fans or that the members have never made a mistake but they're truly wonderful people.

Paramore deserves the number 1 spot. Over the years this band have been getting better and better. Their latest album reflects on the hardships the band went through when the Farro brothers left and were still able to make catchy and upbeat songs with that air of optimism and looking towards the future. The band are also really committed to putting on great live shows for the sake of their fans.

In short Paramore kicks ass.

It's not even close. Paramore wins

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3 Halestorm Halestorm Halestorm is an American rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith .

Halestorm is HARDCORE! She has an awesome voice and they are definitely my favourite band at the moment. I don't usually listen to rock but Halestorm is just so EPIC. I would recommend this to anyone who wants their mind to be blown.

I discovered Halestorm quite recently and I must admit that even though the lyrics aren't that deep, that the music is EPIC AND... * no words to describe feeling. Lzzy has such a powerful and breath taking voice that I loved the group since minute one. Plus the talent of the rest of the band is fascinating. I recommend "I am the Fire", "Ms Hyde", "I miss the misery", "Amen" and "Love Bites". Which are your favourite songs?

I almost picked Flyleaf as my #1, but Kristen May kind of ruins the deal for me now. She's a great singer, she's just not a good fit for them in my opinion. Halestorm, on the other hand, is a MINDBLOWINGLY talented group. Arejay is an animal on drums, and Lzzy is definitely the most talented female singer in rock right now. My only problem is that their lyrics aren't very deep for the most part, but they're insanely talented and definitely going to be around for a long time.

I've been a hardcore Halestorm fan for 3 years, nearly 4. Lzzy's voice is so raw and pure and I have personally never seen as much talent anywhere. I can honestly tell you when I found this band it was an absolute gold mine and it will always hold a place in my heart that no other band can.

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4 The Pretty Reckless

On of the best rock bands out their but gets a horrible rap, common give Taylor a chance she's got a great voice and deserves to be higher on this list

The Pretty Reckless has been my favorite band for five years. Taylor is an amazing performer and she is PASSIONATE about what she does. She lives and breathes her music, and is constantly inspired by the music around her.

I can't get enough of Taylor. She is really an inspiration to all girls. She stands for expressing yourself and living your life in a way that will make you happy. She should be in the top 3.


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5 No Doubt No Doubt No Doubt is an American rock band from Anaheim, California, that formed in 1986. Since 1994, the group has consisted of vocalist Gwen Stefani, bassist and keyboardist Tony Kanal, guitarist and keyboardist Tom Dumont, and drummer Adrian Young.

What is going on, something is wrong here. I have never even heard of most the bands on this list. No Doubt is one of the biggest and best bands of all time. No doubt has more top 10 charting songs then any other band on this list. They should be number 1. This actually makes me mad.

They're a decent band, but do you seriously think that they should be ranked higher than both Fleetwood Mac and Heart to name just 2 that are so much more accomplished than No Doubt, hell The Pretenders and Blondie blow them off this list!

What the hell is wrong with you people? No Doubt is one of the most popular bands of all time. Gwen Stefani is one of the greatest front women in music industry. They are definitely number 1

Bump this up to #4 at the very LEAST

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6 Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band formed in July 1967, in London. The band have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time.

Seriously, how is it that arguably the most successful female-fronted band of all time isn't even listed, when One-Eyed Doll is?

Lol Heart and Fleetwood Mac 6 and 7? What a joke. Fleetwood Mac and Heart should be 1 and 2 no doubt.

Stevie nicks is the Queen of Rock and Roll she is probably the influence of the people on this list. People are just to stupid to realize their favorite isn't the best!

Hey! Not all of there songs were fronted by a woman. - Interrogator

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7 One Eyed Doll

Yes... I have to admit.. Paramore and Evanscene are pretty cool, plus Otep and Sirenia aren't to be ignored. But... You forgot all about One Eyed Doll. Kimberly Freeman has a beautiful rocker voice that could blast a hole of love into your heart and Junior's drumming is super epic!

This two-piece band is awesome. I highly recommend them to anyone that likes a bit of goth-punk.

GREAT concert! Gotta see 'em again!

Kimberly is awesome.
If you get a chance to see One-Eyed-Doll in concert, you definitely should.

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8 Heart Heart Heart is an American rock band that first found success in Canada and later in the United States and worldwide.

Guys, don't be ridiculous. Heart should be at the top. They are more than just a "lead singer"... They write they're own music and Nancy Wilson plays guitar just as well as, actually better, than most guys. Ann Wilson has the best voice in rock history, male or female. The sisters both play several instruments and they only get better with age. Saw them live recently and even as "old ladies" they still out rock Evanescence or Halestorm. I'd like to see most of these bands who are listed ahead of Heart 40 years from now. They will be forgotten. They don't have the lyrics and riffs that Heart has. Heart is a classic... A legend, these other bands, while somewhat enjoyable, are just trendy. They won't have the timeless appeal of Heart. Has anyone ever jammed on acoustic guitar as hard as Nancy Wilson? Heck, Ann Wilson can currently sing Led Zeppelin in 2013 as well as Robert Plant could in his prime in 1970! Unlike a lot of older acts nowadays, they are still going as strong as ever! ...more

All I want to say is that Heart should be at the top of the list. Honestly paramore isn't even a rock band MOST of their songs are extremely pop sounding and just because they have a few "hard rocking" songs doesn't make them a "rock" band. I mean come on think about it Heart beats everything on the list they write their own music, are FANTASTIC singers (One of the very best in rock), and they can play multiple instruments better than most people. Unlike a lot of rock bands on the list and in general they never butchered their style and music to be trendy. Their music had soul! They put their everything completely into their music it wasn't just about catchy songs and trendy music videos to them it was about the music which in itself makes them one of the best rock bands in history.

Ann Wilson has probably one of the best voices in music, while her sister is probably one of the best guitarists of all-time. Ann and her sister Nancy wrote almost all of their songs on their albums from 1976 up through 1983 and even after 1983 until their last original album in the mid-1990's they wrote hit songs like the hard rock song Black on Black II. They play Led Zepplin and the Who better than Robert Plant & Jimmy Page's and Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend's bands could ever play their own songs. Not only that but they could hang at both Ozzfest with Heavy Metal and hard rock Bands like Black Sabbath & definitely Leppard; then go to an 1980's pop hit concert fitting in with groups like Journey, the Eagles, ELO and the Steve Miller Band; then finish up at a folk singing festival with Peter, Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Joan Baez. Hits ranging from folksy Dreamboat Annie and Dog & Butterfly; to pop hits like These Dreams, All I Want to Do is Make Love To ...more

I can't believe these ladies are not in the number one slot! Wait 20 years when they are still remembered and almost no one has heard of many of the other bands on this list. Ann Wilson one of the best rock voices male or female. Nancy Wilson one of the top guitarists of all time. Amazing song writing. And all at a time when women in rock music were either ignored or worse. Women were supposed ro play nice happy folk songs not hard rock.

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9 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Ah, yes, now we're into classic rock. Joan Jett, the most amazing female rocker of the 20th century, I would say. Sadly, she's gone downhill this century. She's lost her mind-blowingly good voice. I miss the old days of her career. I'm glad she left The Runways to form her own awesome band. She's far more talented than Cherie Currie. So, in conclusion, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts may be one of the best rock 'n roll bands of all time.

Joan Jett is awesome. Must I say more?

I loved this bands songs even heifer I knew it was them!

Joan jett and the blackhearts lo mejor de lo mejor incompareble estilo,she is the one

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10 Hole Hole Hole was an American alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989 by singer and guitarist Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson.

Such an awesome band. Honestly one of the most badass bands to ever exist

I love this band so much

Too much Courtney hate. Live Through This is as good as Nevermind if not better.

But She KILLED KURT! Oh No... Uhhuhhuh no she killed him uhn
- Cries in the distance

Even if that was true - I'm not saying it is, I did not do enough research to be able to tell - how does that affect the musical quality of her bands? - Martin_Canine

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11 Nightwish Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. It's currently formed by Tuomas, Emppu, lead vocalist Floor Jansen, bassist and vocalist Marco Hietala, more.

Nightwish is unbelievably astounding! Tarja's voice may have been better than Anette's, but at least Anette wasn't as greedy. Anette still has a very sweet-sounding voice. I know the fans favor Tarja over Anette, unlike me. If the fans would quit being so rude to Anette, maybe she wouldn't have left. They want Nightwish to not die, but it WILL die if they do that every time they can't accept a new lead singer. Tarja was fired for a reason, though. Anyways, Nightwish is good enough to rise all the way up to my #2 spot :) Even though I prefer Anette Olzon, my favorite song by them was sung by Tarja Turunen.

Unfortunately, Annette was replaced due to illness. She didn't leave because the fans were rude to her. Me thinks every time a female lead steals the spotlight from Marco, they end up replaced. However, Floor Jansen is with them, so it brings a new dynamic to which I'm interested in listening.

Nightwish is so underrated, and even though Tarja was replaced with Anette, I personally like Anette better. It's a beautiful band, no matter who's singing.

Tarja, anette and floor are all amazing.

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12 Within Temptation Within Temptation Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.

Sharon den Adel is one of the few lead singers of any bands that contributes to all of the band's songs. Within Temptation is simply an excellent band. They were the first gothic rock band I ever heard of or listened to. They are what introduced me to Sirenia, Epica, Nightwish, Delain, etc.

Within Temptation have been the best female fronted band in the world since the late 90's. There is no better singer than Sharon den Adel, she has a tremendous vocal range and she does what a front woman is supposed to do, dominate the stage. She is also gorgeous and talented, what more do you need?

Sharon den Adel is simply on a different level to ALL other female vocalists. Her range and versatility are amazing. When performing a ballad, she has the ability to make grown men cry (me actually! ). Her voice is so exquisitely,achingly,hauntingly beautiful words seem totally inadequate. Then you look at that stunningly gorgeous face and you see the true meaning of perfection. If I'm feeling down the sound of her voice lifts me instantly. Yes, I like lots of other artists too, mainly raised on metal and hard rock, yet WT combine almost every worthwhile style of music into something truly powerful, melodic and memorable. Music that will stand the test of time I believe. I also believe that Sharon den Adel is a rare musical Goddess - one that I desperately hope will gain the recognition she rightly deserves one day. Love you Sharon and WT!

Sharon is the ideal front woman for a band. She looks gorgeous, her voice is amazing, her moves are unique, she interacts with the audience in live shows and in interviews she comes across as a very level headed / down to earth person.

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13 Flyleaf Flyleaf

Without Flyleaf I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'm gonna be a happily socially over expressive guy for the rest of my life because Flyleaf taught me to follow my dreams and be who I am, because the people who keep you happy are the ones just like you, and how are they gonna find you when you wanna be somebody else?... So I Thought my favorite song by Flyleaf is such an inspiration to everything I do, with just interpreting the true meaning behind that and every other song they flow personally from the heart. It doesn't hurt too much to see Lacey Sturm move on, I mean it's been such a long journey for her and the members of Flyleaf that she even had her name changed. Not like I don't want her around when I first hear of her, besides the fact I would be going to every one of her concerts laugh out loud. Lacey rescued herself from her own insecurities and surely did the same for many people like me everywhere, and I'd totally have a major crush if I met her in person, even a ...more

Flyleaf is a Christian rock band that I favor over most Christian bands that are their style. Their lead singer just left, I know, and closed her being the lead singer with their 2012 album, "New Horizons". I wish she didn't have that heavy auto tune; I've heard her without it, she sounds good. I've never been crazy about them, but I'd like to see where they go with their next lead singer.

As much as I miss Lacey she has a good reason for leaving and I respect it. But just because she left doesn't mean we don't have 4 amazing rock albums to headbang to all day. I haven't heard anything from Kristen May other then some horrible cell phone recordings but I wish the best for her and many more epic rock albums to come.

The best Lacey Sturm is amazing. can't believe they made 10 because they're a Christian band. - Emofag

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14 Arch Enemy Arch Enemy Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1996. Its members were in bands such as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, and Eucharist.

Best female fronted band ever.
One more cd like last one, and they are the best band ever, female fronted or not

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15 Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive have quickly broken out of the whole "Paramore clone" claim that people gave their earlier songs. They have a heavier sound to them, but their songs are relatable to a lot of teenagers and the band members themselves seem like genuinely good people.

Tonight Alive has a great pop punk sound and really relatable and encouraging lyrics! The whole band is really nice and jenna is a sweetie.

I was checking Punk Goes Pop and I found their cover of Little Lion Man and I instantly fell in love with them, Jenna's vocals are amazing, The music is awesome, The lyrics are meaningful and I can relate to them, I believe that they are the next big band and they do deserve it.

I was reading a Hayley Williams fanfiction back in late July or early August and saw a mention of the lead singer and the ship name between her and Tay of We Are The In Crowd so I looked them both up via their ship name and started listening to this band. I am really glad that I was reading that HW fanfiction when I did because Tonight Alive has become one of my favourite bands.

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16 Garbage Garbage Garbage is an American-Scottish alternative rock band formed in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1993. The group consists of Scottish musician Shirley Manson and American musicians Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Butch Vig.

Garbage should be in the top 10, they're one of the coolest 90's bands. They could be a part of the rock crowd and the pop crowd and had a very unique style. Shirley is one of the most iconic figures in music from her voice to her style.

Very few bands out there where I like every song on the albums. Garbage are the best, great balance between guitars, bass, keyboards/synths and drums. What I like about the vocals it that she is not squeeky 'high pitched' (this irritates me after 2, 3 songs in other bands). They invented a style, can be recognized instantly despite all songs being different.

Garbage. Musically, their music is the most unique and experimental compared to the other band on this list.

Shirley is the queen of alternative rock

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17 Epica Epica Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from After Forever.

Simone Simons definitely has a gift with her operatic voice. The beauty of her voice is just so... Different, unique... Something along that line. But it is unique in the good way. It isn't just a good voice, it's talent. Their music can be boring, but that doesn't mean I don't like it or that it's not good.

They're actually a metal band but this deserves to be higher up on this list

Such power! Her note range is incredible and her music is creative and amazing.

Deserve to be higher on this list

18 Blondie Blondie Blondie is an American rock band founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. The band was a pioneer in the early American new wave and punk scenes of the mid-late 1970s.

Blondie and Debbie Harry set the bar high very early on and I think you'd find that everyone else who is on this list would agree that great deference is owed to her.

Are you guys serious #49, absolutely insane! Top 10 for sure, maybe even top 5!

This band is amazing, I really don't like female fronted bands but I came here just to vote for blondie, its one of my favorite bands ever and debbie is a true inspiration

Perfect and indifferent

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19 The Cranberries The Cranberries The Cranberries are an Irish rock band who formed in Limerick in 1989. The band consists of lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fergal Lawler.

Dolores is the queen of rock and the band is unique and has it's personal vibe nobody else does.

That voice of dolores...

I think Cranberries should definitely be higher up on this list. The Zombie generation shouldn't get to vote. Lol. It is good to see Pretty Reckless at #4 though.

There is no competition in this world to this band.

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20 Icon for Hire

I actually came here to find some bands to listen to with Icon For Hire and Halestorm. No one I know has ever heard of Icon For Hire but many like Paramore; they're okay but I much prefer Icon For Hire. I'm not here to say that they're the best female fronted rock band ever, just that they're my favourite and well deserve to be high up this list.

I think these guys are totally underrated. Whenever I listen to one of their sings I can't get it out of my head. They have meaningful lyrics and very impressive instrumentals.

Icon for hire isn't just your run-of-the-mill band. Their lyrics always have a deep meaning of their opinions and the musical aspect is like an onion. They have so many layers to create each song. Their heavy rock riffs to the candy pop tech sound makes them unique and hard to forget.

Saw them in pontiac, mi. Awesome time. Should be in top current top 10. No offense,but don't think Blondie tours anymore.

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21 The Runaways

In my opinion, they tie with Blondie as the most influential and underrated female rock bands. Just listen to a couple of the Runaways' songs. They were rather ahead of their time

Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Jackie Fox, and Sandy West. A band way ahead of their time. True legends

Ever heard of the song "Cherry Bomb"? That is the runaways.


22 Otep Otep

I, much to my chagrin, have only discovered this band very recently and I must say that Otep is extremely awesome. Personally, I enjoy music that gives you something to think about while your brain is being tossed back and forth Ina violent manner.

She has such a strong voice and the music is hardcore! Did I mention that the lyrics have very strong and important messages? I love Otep. It should really be higher on this list.

One of my favorite all time female lead bands!

Meaningful Artcore hard rock at it's best

23 The Breeders

Kim Deal is by far the most talented musician ever and is incredibly underrated. Releasing music for the sake of art, not money.

Kim Deal's amazing post-Pixies band - Influenced Nirvana!

Should be around top 10

Def #1 - Onafriday

24 The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian dark wave and synth rock band currently consisting of Chibi (vocals), Rainbow (guitar), Falcore (guitar), Owen (keyboard), Rhim (drums) and Nate Manor (bass), that formed in 1999 (even though the 2016 demo collection "Imagica" dates some tracks back at 1998). more.

Grace Slick has a wonderfully sassy voice. Some classic tracks too.

Great songs and Chibi is wonderful.

Someone needs to update this list...TBM needs to be way higher, awesome band.

25 Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane was a San Francisco, California-based band who pioneered the American counterculture movement as well as psychedelic rock. more.

Jesus, how is Jefferson Airplane at 30 when bands like Halestorm get the top 10? Bloody hell these guys are legends.

What is this, should be well within top 10

Ummm... Grace Slick. Enough said

Top ten material people,not 38! try white rabbit! - Toucan

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26 In This Moment In This Moment

Absolutely amazing! Maria Brink is fantastic live, I've been to many, many rock concerts and they just step up big time and stand out among everyone else!

I absolutely love Maria brink, just everything about her, her voice her style.. always mesmerized by her videos

This band should be at the top, their music never left my playlist for years!

Maria Brink is awesome... The end

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27 Luscious Jackson
28 Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil is an Italian metal band from Milan. Since their formation in 1994, the group has had two name changes, being previously known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal.

Compared to other female fronted bands, Cristina Scabbia shares the mic with Andy Ferro. Scabbia's heavenly, controlled vocals blend well with Andy's gruff beautiful unpolished style of singing. They band were one of the trend setter for the gothic music style in the late 90's in Europe.
For anyone looking to get into them, the songs 'My Spirit', 'Kill The Lights' and 'Losing My Religion' will no fail to impress.

The most beautiful and sexy vocalist who know, excellent voice, fantastic band

Cristina Scabbia is the singer who can gather the maximum quality with the sensuality of maximum, is beautiful and fantastic love it should be mosprimeiros places this top

#20?! Deserves top 2 at least!

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29 Vixen

Amazing rock band that got foxier with age

Love is the killer and a homicidal fiend! Janet, Jan, Share, and Roxxxy knew how to rev it up!

30 The Brilliant Green
31 Amaranthe Amaranthe Amaranthe is a Swedish heavy metal band notable for having three lead vocalists: Elize Ryd, Jake E. Lundberg, and Henrik Englund Wilhemsson, each presenting a different vocal style. Their second album, The Nexus, reached 6th on Swedish charts, 4th on Finnish charts, and reached a peak of 12th on the more.

They are simply amazing, perfect combination of strong melodies with harder rock/metal influences.

I love this band!

Elize Ryd might be the most underrated, or at least underappreciated, voice on this list

32 Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes is a German-Norwegian symphonic metal band from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany.

PVRIS is such an amazing band and deserves to be much higher on the list! They do a great job of blending together some really cool and unique types of music and I Lynn is actually an amazing singer and really really talented. They're all so sweet too and is one of the most genuine bands I've had the opportunity of meeting.

PVRIS has more of an alternative rock sound but still should be AT LEAST top 10. Their music is just perfect and all the band members are so sweet. Definitely give them a chance if you haven't already.

They're so good! Someone needs to make a new list because this list obviously hasn't been updated in A WHILE.

Pvris make great alternative rock, and I love their evolution from a more punky first album to a darker sound. The band themselves are super humble and nice people! I’d say to check out “Heaven”, “Half” and “St Patrick”, but there are some brilliant deep cuts like “Nola 1”

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34 Fireflight

Seriously...well I'm not gonna blow a gasket here. But fireflight is my #1 favorite hard rock band with a female singer. No ifs, ands, or buts. I just love the feel of music.

Didn't really know Hard Rock Christian music until I heard them... One of my top 5 bands of all time...

Uplifting and hard rocking.

Very good. Nice songs

35 The Sugarcubes The Sugarcubes The Sugarcubes were an Icelandic alternative rock band formed in 1986 and disbanded in 1992. They received critical and popular acclaim internationally.

With Bjork, everything will be awesome.

36 Orchard Hill
37 New Years Day

Ashley is so beautiful in both singing and personalities that she makes Jennifer Lawrence look like a member of Hollywood Undead.

49 are you kidding me, Ash constellation is so amazing and beautiful and nikki shreds awesome guitar solos

Why the crap isn't this higher on the list? They're super popular so I'm so confused. And they are so good.

Why aren't they higher on this list? They are so amazing, they are one of my top five favourite bands

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38 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

They aren't female fronted. But their drummer is a backup singer, so... whatever, I guess.

Their lead singer is male but one of the singers is female so I guess this technically counts.

Their back up vocalist is a female singer so it doesn't count - Th3Zm0nst3r

Yasss Jen and Korey are amazing. - Emofag

39 Eurythmics Eurythmics Eurythmics were a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. Stewart and Lennox were both previously in the band The Tourists, who split up in 1980; Eurythmics were formed that year in London.

Sweet dreams are made of this...

40 The Animal In Me

Album stuff is fairly heavy, check out the covers they do though, these are amazing! Female singer has an amazing voice.

My goto band now. I just newly discovered them. Along the same lines of skillet, but harder and improved.

41 Veruca Salt

Why is this band so low?! Go and listen to Seether

90's rock at it's best

42 Stitched Up Heart

Saw them live, opening for One-Eyed Doll - very impressed! They rocked hard! Met them after the show & they were very cool people as well. Definitely check them out.

Can't believe it took me that long too find this on the list. This band rocks by far better that In This Moment

Hey this band is every bit as good if not better than In This Moment

Favourite band, I love them sooo much and mixi is so sweet. I wish I could meet them someday

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43 Automatic Loveletter

This needs to be higher on the list. Juliet Simms has such an amazing voice.

Juliet Simms... Enough said

Ugh the worst band out there shouldn't be on the list Juliet Simms is terrible,and has the worst voice,clothing style,and personally, not the best band at all. - Emofag

Eww no get this bs off the list and take juju with it ugh you dumb snakeys - Nosnakeysallowed

44 Doro Pesch Doro Pesch Doro Pesch is a German hard rock singer that started her career in native Düsseldorf in the early 80s with the underground bands Snakebite and Beast.

Have You ever heard about the german Band "Doro" former known as "Warlock"?
I think this should be mentioned here.

Kind regards Torsten.

45 Girlschool Girlschool Girlschool are a British heavy metal band that formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1978 and frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead.

This band should definitely be number one, better than all of the acts above and below it on this list

Favorite female rock band

These girls have been everywhere playing their traditional NWBHM. They have even performed on several occasions with Motörhead.

46 Dead Sara

This is the best newer female fronted band I have heard in a while. Should be and probably will be soon top 5 on this list in a year or two.

Surprised they're this low on the list. I like the way they sound, and I enjoy the second album, not counting airport sessions, just because it feels a bit different, as well as sounds good.

They are my new favourite band EVER. They should be much higher up the list!

nice band

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47 Guano Apes

This should be on top 10
They ruled in the 90's and her voice is pretty damn powerful

48 Bikini Kill Bikini Kill Bikini Kill was an American punk rock band formed in Olympia, Washington, in October 1990. The group consisted of singer and songwriter Kathleen Hanna, guitarist Billy Karren, bassist Kathi Wilcox, and drummer Tobi Vail.

Kathleen Hanna is seriously bad ass!

Kathleen Hanna is the coolest women on the face of the earth.

I have more than one favorite but they have such a low rank! Badass band basically any Riot grl band is though.


49 X
50 Ali Project
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