Best Female Fronted Rock Bands

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161 Gunsafe
162 The Clits

Ari Up had more guts than 95% of these girls

163 Tegan and Sara
164 Misterwives

I haven't heard all their songs, but from what I've heard I really like them.

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165 The Go Go's

Come on these girls were iconic in the 80's

166 Animal Alpha

This is my favorite band in the whole world they are unique and their song "Bundy" is one of the best I've ever listen, Agnete teaches us how to be ourselves even if that means to vbe a little wilder and crazy,I LOVE THIS BAND give it a chance!

167 Straight Line Stitch

Heavy metal band with Alexis Brown as their front woman. I love this band and discovered them a few years ago. "What You Do to Me" is one of my favorite songs, but a little softer. "Conversion" is another good one also.

168 Butcher Babies

They're a heavy metal band with two bad a$$ chicks as the lead singer. They remind me of In This Moment. Definitely pretty heavy stuff.

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169 Little Green Cars

Band out of Ireland, lead singer, Faye O'Rourke.If you haven't already heard of them, check out song, MY LOVE TOOK ME DOWN TO THE RIVER TO SILENCE ME, her vocals are outstanding on this haunting piece. The song,HARPER LEE was single from cd ABSOLUTE ZERO.

170 Leaving Eden
171 Evarose
172 Skarlett Riot
173 Superchic[k]
174 Shocking Blue

Should be in the list - Venus is one of the best known rock songs sung by a female vocalist.

175 Curved Air

Fronted by Sonja Kristina and scored a top 10 hit in 1971. Still touring.

176 The Rezillos V 1 Comment
177 Hey Ocean
178 Everlife Everlife
179 KSM KSM KSM was an American all-girl teen rock band from Los Angeles, California that was active from 2006 to 2010. The band consisted of lead singer Shelby Cobra, lead guitarist Shae Padilla, rhythm guitarist Katie Cecil, bassist Sophia Melon and drummer Kate Cabebe. V 1 Comment
180 Pussycat Kill
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