Top 10 Most Annoying Fantasy Football Stereotypes

As we approach the halfway point of Fantasy Football, here are just some annoying people who you might encounter in your league. Dealing with them isn't always easy and requires strategy. Note that if you can't find that guy in your league in some form, it probably means you're that guy.
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1 Ridiculous Trades Guy

You know that guy. I'm going to throw myself in this category. We're like that annoying car salesman you can't get to shut up on the radio. We'll throw everything in the book at you trying to get you to accept.

We'll either send you a King's Ransom for someone like Aaron Rodgers or send you almost nothing in return for your star receiver.

I probably fit into this category.

2 Repeat Auto Draft Guy

I get sometimes life gets in the way, like maybe you have to work that night, but when it's a repeat offense, then it's a problem. Somehow, this is the team that either wins the championship or is in dead last because they got three players who are suspended because the computer takes the top players left.

3 Guy Who’s All in Until His Team Starts Sucking

He's the bandwagoner in the group. He starts off 0-2 and then throws in the towel. Sometimes you never see him again after week 4.

4 The New Guy

You know who he is. The noob. He doesn't do anything but follow ESPN, CBS, Yahoo's cheat sheets to a tee. He somehow has a perfect lineup and is playing for the championship. Beware of this guy. He's new but he's one of the most dangerous players out there.

5 Trash Talkers

You know the ones who sit in the middle of the pack yet they keep talking trash every single week. The only problem is they can't back any of it up. These guys are normally drunk and just barely make the playoffs only to get destroyed.

Boom, 2-3 and in the playoffs. I'm smart at this game. Anyway, what are we talking about?

6 The Traitor

This guy breaks the Golden rule of Fantasy. Never put your fantasy team over your real team. He's the guy who cheers for Julian Edelman, who's on his fantasy team, when his team is playing the Patriots. That's just not right.

7 The Way Too Serious Guy

He goes out of his way to do his own research because he doesn't trust ESPN or CBS. He's the guy who goes through every remaining player in the draft to pick out the best one statistically. He'll spend countless hours watching training camps and preseason games, just for his team to be dead last.

That is me. During the fantasy football season, about 70 percent of the words I say to my friends are about fantasy football.

8 Drafts Their Favorite Team Guy

This guy has confidence in his team, thinking this is their year and pays attention to only their team. As a result, they will literally draft their team down to those second-string guys you can find via waivers, and everyone else is like, Who?

Yeah... this is kinda me. The Chiefs and Browns hype trains aren't looking good right now.

9 The No Trades Guy

On the opposite side of the spectrum as Ridiculous Trades Guy, we have this guy. He's the one who won't let anyone trade with him whatsoever. He's too confident in his team to give anyone up.

10 The Lucky Guy

He somehow isn't human because he has incredible prediction skills. Playing the Ryan Fitzpatricks and Gardner Minshews of the NFL world. Coincidentally, they go off and have a huge game and that's why they beat you.

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11 The Bench Rules Guy

You end up starting many wrong players in favor of pure, infuriating emotion going down your skull.

12 The Free Agent Burner Guy
13 The Tank Commander
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