Top 10 Most Anticipated Games on the 2020 NFL Schedule

The 2020 NFL schedule has been revealed. As we approach the summer and fall months all we can do is hope these games are actually played. Right now the COVID 19 Pandemic is still an issue but hopefully it will be resolved by September.
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1 Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs, Week 3

This matchup stands out because both teams are among the best in the league right now. Mahomes and Jackson are the last two MVP winners.

These two teams have met before, with KC winning both times. Now the defending Super Bowl champions are on the road in Baltimore for what should be a crazy atmosphere - a lot like the Chiefs vs. Rams game a few years ago.

This matchup will be a must-watch thriller.

2 New Orleans Saints vs Kansas City Chiefs, Week 15

Possible Super Bowl matchup late in the season.

A matchup in the Big Easy with two elite quarterbacks, Brees and Mahomes. Combined with their explosive offenses and the late-season timing, this has the potential to be a war and a possible Super Bowl preview. Bring out the popcorn!

3 New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 1

Normally, I wouldn't think much of the Saints and Bucs rivalry, but with Tom Brady in the mix, things get interesting. Two future Hall of Fame-caliber quarterbacks will clash as division rivals. Brady vs. Brees has the potential to bring chaos.

4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs, Week 12

Brady meets Mahomes in Tampa. These two have delivered some incredible games, including the 2018 AFC Championship Game, which we won't talk about here. With Brady now in a new conference and both teams entering 2020 with a lot of hype, this relatively late-season game will be good.

5 Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans, Week 1

Well, we have an interesting opening game between two teams who met in the playoffs last year. Do I need to remind you how that one turned out? How about being up 24-0 only to lose via blowout?

Combine that with the fact that KC won the Super Bowl, meaning this will be the banner reveal. Add in the infamous atmosphere of Arrowhead Stadium on top of that, and you have a recipe for... well, this is awkward.

Yeah, I'm sure the Texans will be salty about letting KC off the hook. They'll have a shot at revenge at least, and Watson vs. Mahomes is always a good one.

6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers, Week 6

The biggest storyline here is Brady vs. Rodgers: two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks who always deliver when they face each other. These two teams appear evenly matched, setting up an exciting showdown. Without Brady, this game might have been overlooked.

7 San Francisco 49ers vs Buffalo Bills, Week 13

A bit of an underrated game between two young, up-and-coming teams. Both are well-rounded and match up well. This should be an interesting game that could go either way. I'd keep my eyes on both teams.

Two young teams with good defenses. It should be fun.

8 Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans, Week 11

Continuing the trend of a team seeking revenge, this game is important after last year's playoffs. I would have overlooked this matchup, but Tennessee didn't just beat Baltimore - they humiliated them on their home turf. Now they meet again, and Baltimore will look to avenge that loss. The fanbase will undoubtedly be salty after such a brutal defeat.

After being shockingly beaten by the Titans, the Ravens will be out for revenge.

9 New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings, Week 16

Well, well, another team with a chance for revenge! These two teams will meet in a rare Christmas game. This should be a fun one, as their matchups always come down to the wire. And it's on Christmas Day! Yes, please.

Should be a thriller. I'm a fan of both teams, though.

10 Las Vegas Raiders vs New Orleans Saints, Week 2

The Raiders begin a new era in Vegas with a showdown against the Saints. This should be fun, considering the weapons Oakla - er, Vegas - has. Not to mention the fanbase is sure to be loud in the new stadium.

The Contenders
11 New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers, Week 3

This will be a great Sunday night showdown between two quarterbacks destined for the Hall of Fame. This could be a shootout.

12 Tennessee Titans vs Minnesota Vikings, Week 3
13 Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Ravens, Week 13
14 Philadelphia Eagles Vs San Francisco 49ers, Week 4
15 Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals, Week 3
16 Tennessee Titans Vs Denver Broncos, Week 1
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