Top Ten NFL Players Most Likely to Win NFL Comeback Player of the Year for the 2018-2019 Season

Last year’s CPOTY, Keenan Allen, had a magnificent season with the Chargers. Now we’re left to wonder, which injured player will come up with the award in 2018? Many missed the whole season, some missed most. We’re looking at the top ten NFL players most likely to win Comeback Player of the Year for the 2018-2019 season.
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The Top Ten
1 Andrew Luck Andrew Austen Luck is a former American football quarterback who played his entire career for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

The most obvious choice, Luck missed all of 2017 because of shoulder complications. But don't be surprised if, when he comes back in 2018, he whips up a storm in the NFL.

Yeah, he's going to win it for sure, as he should. As the season went on, he looked more and more like Andrew Luck when he first started out.

2 David Johnson David Jerome Johnson Sr. is an American football running back for the Houston Texans of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Cardinals in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He played college football at Northern Iowa.

Injured during week one in 2017, Johnson missed the rest of the season. Now, he expects more of himself and has said he wants to hit the 2,000 yards from scrimmage barrier. He's still quite young, so don't be surprised if Johnson ends up as the comeback player of the year.

3 Eric Berry James Eric Berry, nicknamed "The Fifth Dimension," is an American football safety for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

He's won Comeback Player of the Year once already. He fought off cancer to win that, so I don't expect a decrease in production from the Pro Bowl safety in 2018. He could win his second CPOTY award.

4 Odell Beckham Odell Beckham Jr. is a NFL wide receiver, playing for the Los Angeles Rams. He is most-known for making an incredible one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Beckham was drafted 12th overall to the New York Giants.

He only played a few games before a season-ending ankle injury. The young wide receiver has looked ready during the offseason, so I think he'll do fine in 2018. It's just that Eli Manning needs to step up.

5 J.J. Watt Justin James "J. J." Watt is an American football defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Texans with the 11th pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and played college football at Wisconsin... read more

Will he get injured yet again in 2018? Texans fans better hope not, because they're loaded and ready for a playoff run this year. He could end up with 20+ sacks this year and win CPOTY, but Defensive Player of the Year would be more fitting.

6 Josh Gordon Joshua Caleb Gordon is an American football wide receiver for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

Gordon was just reinstated last year after not playing a snap in the NFL for a few years. Now, he's back for vengeance and is helping the miserable Browns step up their game.

7 Allen Robinson Allen Bernard Robinson II is an American football wide receiver for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League. Robinson was drafted in the 2nd round 61st overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2014

After tearing his ACL and missing all of 2017, Robinson is with a new team. The Chicago Bears look promising this year, and if there's anyone who can get good play out of Robinson, it's Matt Nagy.

8 Deshaun Watson

After missing out on the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, Watson could end up with a different trophy on his shelf, provided he plays well.

9 Dalvin Cook
10 Darren Sproles Darren Lee Sproles is a former American football running back of the National Football League. Sproles was drafted in the 4th round, 130th overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 2005 NFL Draft. He also played with the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles.

Sproles has stated that 2018 will be his last year in the NFL. After missing all of last season, he looks to help the Eagles reach another Super Bowl, albeit in a lesser role.

The Contenders
11 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

He played seven games, which makes me wonder if he'd even qualify for Comeback Player of the Year. If so, it's plausible, but MVP seems more likely.

12 Julian Edelman Julian Francis Edelman is an American football wide receiver for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

Edelman was drafted in the seventh round two hundred and thirty two overall to the New England Patriots.

Edelman played quarterback in college, but in the NFL he changed... read more
13 Karl Joseph

Pulled a hamstring, then came back and knocked out everyone.