Worst Injuries of the 2018 NFL Season

Of course, there were going to be injuries in 2018. It however was one of the more brutal years that I remember. Some were just downright unwatchable. Anyway, here, we’re looking at the top ten worst injuries of the 2018 NFL season.
The Top Ten
1 Alex Smith Breaks Leg

This was the worst injury for a few reasons. Smith broke his leg in a game against the Texans, and the break broke through the skin. A week later, in the hospital, infection started to rage through his leg. The injury may be career threatening for the 2005 #1 overall pick. It also derailed a once promising season in Washington, ending at a dismal 7-9 mark after leading the NFC East at one point. On a side note, the same thing happened to former Redskins quarterback Joe Thiesman over 30 years ago, with so many similar conditions that you'd think Smith and Thiesman were the same guy.

2 Allen Hurns Breaks Leg Allen Bernard Hurns is an American football wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League.

Yikes, this was downright brutal. The injury to the Cowboys receiver actually happened during an NFC wild card matchup with the Seahawks. His leg basically did a 180 while you could see it snap. He was taken out on a stretcher and had multiple surgeries to stabilize the leg. Who knows what his status will be for 2019.

This one was really painful to watch. They wouldn't even replay it on T.V. and on a couple websites because of how graphic the injury was.

3 Jimmy Garoppolo Tears ACL

The football gods hate the 49ers, and 2018 is another reason why. After trading for and finding a franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garappolo, he tore his ACL in week 3. After that, San Francisco stumbled to a dismal 3-13 record, which wasn't even last in their division. They had better hope the same thing doesn't happen in 2019 if they want playoff hope.

And that was the moment I knew our season was over. We lost several key players to injuries over the course of the season. Hopefully next year we will actually stay healthy for once.

4 Keanu Neal Tears ACL

Neal's ACL tear in week 1 changed the trajectory of the Falcons defense and their season. Their secondary and defense was pretty much crippled the whole season, though Damontae Kazee provided relief at safety with Neal gone.

5 Colt McCoy Breaks Leg

In another cruel, ironic twist of events for the injury riddled Redskins, their backup quarterback to replace Alex Smith also broke his leg. It's just sad to see that McCoy went out and gave the chance for Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson to play.

6 William Hayes Tears ACL

The only reason Hayes tore his ACL was because he was trying to avoid getting flagged for roughing the passer, which the NFL enforced too much in 2018. It's stupid how players are injuring themselves because of an NFL rule.

Did all these seriously happen?

7 Ricardo Allen Tears Achilles

The other Falcons starting safety suffered a season ending injury as well, which made Atlanta's defense one of the league's worst.

8 Earl Thomas Breaks Leg Earl Thomas III is an American football safety for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

If Earl Thomas hadn't broken his leg, he probably would've been traded to either Kansas City or Dallas. If he had gone to Kansas City, that maybe would've revitalized their defense with a veteran presence, and made their defense actually good. But, Thomas found himself on the sideline yet again in 2018.

9 Muhammad Wilkerson Breaks Ankle Muhammad Wilkerson is an American football defensive end for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

Didn't really affect Green Bay, but the injury was brutal. His own teammate accidentally ran into him and his ankle collapsed under the pressure. That sidelined him for the rest of the season.

10 Kwon Alexander Tears ACL

Definitely affected Tampa Bay's already terrible defense to an extent. Really took them down.

The Contenders
11 Tyler Eifert Breaks Leg
12 Dez Bryant Tears Achilles

I'd put this on the list just because He didn't get a chance to even play for the Saints at all who literally acquired him right before his injury. He could've been another dynamic weapon but instead he was sidelined after his injury at practice

13 Raheem Mostert Breaks Arm

If you haven't seen this already, watch it unless you can't watch a forearm snap in half. He was having a great game too

14 Delanie Walker Breaks Ankle
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