Best Fortnite Emotes


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1 Take The L

LLL best dance ever

The best from Eliot sonier

Rust lord - B1ueNew

I hate when black kids do this to me until I lynch em and get the moneh you know what I mean boah

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2 The Floss

Not only is this an incredibly rare emote. But in my overall opinion, this emote deserves the number one spot. The emote may be repetitive and nothing else, but that is what makes the emote cool and fun! An OG emote and people that own this emote are cool.

That dance is a god I do it when I kill players.

Awesome song - james6


3 Orange Justice

Why 11? this is the best dance ever it is hard to do which makes it good it looks awesome and it has a good story behind it I will always love this dance

This should be no. 1 to be honest

Get this to number 1. - DarkBoi-X


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4 Dance Moves

Hit em with that dance, it's yo boi default lance, about to flex on yo body with the default dance - B1ueNew

It's the first dance you get and is plain awesome

This is art right here

I'm default bitch - JayJayPlayzzz

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5 Rocket Rodeo
6 Dance Therapy

Second best, behind dance moves

The best

7 The Gun Show
8 Electro Swing


9 Airplane ace

Best emote definitely worth it

Not even a real emote - B1ueNew

10 Drop the Bass

The Newcomers

? Smooth Moves

on god - JayJayPlayzzz

? Hotline Bling

The Contenders

11 Break Dance
12 Best Mates

I’m gonna do this dance whenever I like. It’ll be fun - DewSpectrum11

13 Boogie Down

There's no Llama Bell, so yea

For life boogie down in the season 6 trailer, best 4 lirfe

Boogie down with populotus - B1ueNew

14 Vivacious
15 Electro Shuffle

Great dance because I have got it

Awesome dance


16 True Heart
17 Tanzschritte
18 Hype

Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot

19 Flamenco
20 Make It Rain
21 The Worm
22 Fresh
23 Slow Clap
24 Disco
25 Swipe It
26 Flapper
27 Reanimated
28 Star Power
29 The Finger Guns

Ali A is the reason this is on the list

Your gay if u don't vote for this

The best thing like ever

Yeah boi

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30 Jubilation

It the best

31 Rock Out
32 Turk Dance
33 Default

You got to admit its beutiful

34 Groove Jam
35 Boneless
36 Fancy Feet
37 Infinite Dab
38 Llama Bell

Llama bell has best music ever


39 Salute
40 Rock On
41 Confused
42 Tidy
43 Ride The Pony
44 Wave
45 Floss V2
46 Running Man
47 Robot

It’s made for the sweaty skin called elite agent

48 Dab
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1. Dance Therapy
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