Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods

To be honest with, I really like Friday Night Funkin' so much. Very, very much. It comes to the point where I pretty much have an addiction of it and try to show it to my friends (Sorry CrypticMemory). Since it's a rhythm game, it's no surprise it has a lot of mods. But I did not expect it to have this many amazing mods. This list was a bit tough to make but you always gotta narrow it down to 10. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today I'll be telling you the Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods.
The Top Ten
1 Mid-Fight Masses

Even though it received criticism before it's first update for it's poor charting, the new update for Mid-Fight Masses turned it into what I think is one of the best mods in FNF. The mod adds an entire week and 3 songs with a 4th hidden song in the story mode. The plot is about this girl named Sarvente who wants Boyfriend and Girlfriend to join their church when they come across. After some battling with the first two songs, her friend Ruv arrives where he battles Boyfriend, but even after that, Boyfriend still pulls out. Sarvente then reveals a secret and morphs right into a demon, but even after all of that Boyfriend still remains victorious (If you have the fingers to survive). And since it's an open-ended story, there is no ending. Oh, the possibilities.

Even if this mod had bad charting previously, the update fixed it up and now it is an almost perfect mod. The songs are absolute bangers and they make the mod fun to play.

I just overall love this mod! It’s so fun to play, even tho my fingers end up like fire on the last two songs... anyways, the mods songs are totally amazing! I can’t stop playing and listening to the songs. The characters are also very good and have a lot of detail. Shoutout to Mike Geno for making this!

Best songs in game, and awesome characters! Great lore! Once again, I am mad at Boyfriend, since, according to Sarvente, he disrespected the church.

2 Vs. Whitty

To me, this is the best mod just for how much passion and creativity that goes through in this mod. The beginning is where Boyfriend finds Whitty by himself. After disturbing him, they begin the first battle Lo-Fight. After that, Whitty (Even though he doesn't wanna do it again) plays against him yet again, through the song Overhead. And after that, Whitty ends up losing his cool and goes totally ballistic. Literally the final song is called Ballistic. And when this mod was released many people considered this to be extremely frustrating to beat. The design for Whitty is pretty cool as well. And all of the three songs are bangers to listen to. The lore is great and I just love this mod quite a bunch. To me, it's the best mod out there so far.

Whitty is, and always will be one of the hardest mods to date. Despite the difficulty, and the insane random factor that is the old input, I was able to beat this song, on hard, and while using the old input. The first song just shines with atmosphere, the second song is a nice little step up, and the third song doesn't hold back any punches, it throws them out in a flash. Definitely one of the best mods I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

This is probably the best mod out right now. The sheer creativity and effort that went into this mod makes it feel like it is in the actual game. The deeper story is well written and the gameplay matches the vibe of the story every time. The songs are great too.

This is my favorite Mod because it looks official! Lo-Fight is my favorite in the whole track in my opinion, but the songs are good! The hard work and effort that went into this is why it is my favorite mod. Also, it's ICONIC in the FNF Community! Alos Whitty is the new sans with the fangirls and stuff lol.

3 Hex Mod

The Hex Mod was created by the user known as YingYang48, and has gotten quite the hype and popularity over the courses of the new updates added. The mod starts after Boyfriend and Girlfriend fighted against Whitty (I guess the Whitty Universe exists in this too) when they come across Hex, a chill robot with a monitor for a head just wanting to whip out his old mic for fun. Just about like every mod on this list, the animation looks nice and the character design for Hex looks great too. After the songs Dunk, RAM and Hello World, Hex is then corrupted after using too much power, which causes a virus to slip in him. In the final song Glitcher in a corrupted and broken blue background, Boyfriends fights against so he can be saved. After the song ends... that's it. I kind of wish it did have an ending, but other than that, this mod is definitely worth installing.

To me, this is the best. His songs are great, his design is delightful. The best song, or as I can say, "Music". Is definitely either hello world or encore. They're too good that I play it everyday.

One thing I like about this mod is the fact that there's no intense competition. Boyfriend and Hex aren't doing this for any competition. They're doing it just for the fun of it.

I think that the Hex mod is the best because there is a story, there is easter eggs in the back ground and last but not least there is incredible music!

4 Miku

Wait did you just say those two are BROTHER AND SISTER
Stakamakataka used Screech! Now if you excuse me I'm going to look up some fan art of this - Stakamakataka

I love how far we've come here. Popipo, Aishite, and Siu are are very fun songs to play. Disappearance is like the Ballistic of this mod. The first 3 songs are easy and Disappearance is that challenging song.

Miku! Miku! You can call me Miku.
I totally believe all the headcannons about Keith and miku being Siblings.

this should be number one not whitty the songs are good and boyfreind and mikus duet makes it catchy and they are brother and sister so they are happy too see how much they both learned also boyfreinds name is not keith

5 Tricky

This game is from the game Madness Combat, which the main character of this mod Tricky comes from. After the duo arrives in Nevada where Tricky is, he spots them and is not happy about it at all. The first song Improbable Outset is where Tricky is only just beginning. And in the second song Madness, he straight up loses it. Losing all control of his feelings. Madness is considered by many people to be one of the hardest songs in the entire mod community of FNF. And as of now, after you beat Madness, Tricky then unleashes some weird red flames from himself, with the words to be continued presented right on the screen. This mod is intense for all the right ways.

The songs are very hard, but guess what? The charting's good! Even the bits with spam. But.. it's in character for Tricky to spam notes, even though he doesn't really sing..

I don't know what to say about this mod but.. that it’s totally amazing! The first song is a banger! The last song makes my fingers fall off... can’t wait for phase 3 and 4!

It is challenging but fun and the way he sounds just sounds cool and with the note and the way tricky sings it makes him sound super cool 1,000/10

6 Vs Sky

Ok so here's the breakdown of this mod. Boyfriend finds himself in front of this blue-haired girl named Sky. She then explains that she wants to go out with him. After the first song is finished, Boyfriend apparently tells Sky that he can't date her. Of course, Sky gets mad and you do another song. Then, she realizes that Boyfriend can't date her because he's already dating Girlfriend. So Sky teleports them and herself to the Manifest, where we see Girlfriend being hanged. If you get the good ending, you save Girlfriend and escape the Manifest. If you get the bad ending, you have to live with Sky forever. While I find this mod creative, I was angry at Sky after. She's basically your typical fangirl, but she takes things to the next level.

If nobody knows, I'm pretty sure Sky is a fangirl with an obsessive yandere-like desire for BF.
She had shifted there to be with her "True love" and has three songs, I'm sure. The songs are nice to listen to.
She is also a minor, so she shouldn't get any hate, of course, criticism doesn't count.

I relate to sky because I'm also a fangirl. Specificlly for Kaito Momota, Leon Kuwata, and Byakuya Togami. And I also have blue hair lol.

I like this mod it may be a bit cliche but it is uniqe and sounds good and sky looks like one of those anime girls you would see on the internet also one thing I hate about it is the rule 34 but the creator and the character are young some people are just creeppy and weird

7 Friday Night Funkin': Neo

This one at one point was one of my personal favorites in the entire mod community of FNF. The game takes place in a futuristic setting type of place that has the players reflect themselves, so for example, instead of Pico having ginger hair in the original game, he now has black hair. The songs (Like B-Sides) have remixed versions of all of the songs from the original. And it's still be updating as we speak as well. Other standouts include the mouths moving fluently unlike most mods and new possible redesigns for the characters as well.

The redesigns are very creative. Tankman, (revealed in a discord server by the devs) Pico, (same situation) The spooky bois, it's all great. I ADORE the remixes.

This one, in my opinion, is much better than b-sides. The characters are designed perfectly with the colors! The music is soooo amazing. Week one, with this mod, sounds so good! 10/10!

I really like these mods, my personal favorite is the NEO mod! because the remixes are SO GOOD! my favorite song in the NEO mod is Spookez NEO! :D

8 Vs. Zardy

Zardy brings out all the horror in us mostly, at least for our main characters. Boyfriend and Girlfriend arrive at Zardy's Maze, where the main villain Zardy finds them and challenges them to a battle. AS of now though there is only one song in it so far, but the song Foolhardy does pack in quite a punch for all of the players, as it is very difficult to do and complete it. Even when I kept trying to do it, I would always fail do to the fast flying notes, but it is still a very enjoyable mod.

This has to be my favorite mod, every YouTuber that I have seen play it has lost on their first try! Great mod! Keep up the good work people!

Ah yes, Zardy, that one scarecrow that literally scares the crap out of you (you would know if you played the game where he originated from, Zardy’s Maze). I also love his design, and animation!

Shame there is only 1 song, but the charting and the vocals for zardy is amazing, definitely better than Whitty's charting lol

9 Friday Night Funkin' Minus

The Minus mod may not be too much when you first see it as it all has the same songs and plays out the same plot as usual. But what makes this mod so special is the new character changes. Instead, the characters are all based off of their icons, which is why there are 3 Boyfriend characters to choose from. Speaking of which you can also change the character you play as, since the only way you could do that in the original was through the debug mode.

I finally checked it out. I just love how creative someof the designs are. My favorite Boyfriend skin would have to be Blue Boyfriend because it fits with the mod and it looks the most like him. My favorite design in general would have to be Pico's design. The dragon outfit for him looks very cool.

I love the skins they are so awesome! I'm ready to see the week 5 and 6 And others

I have not played this mod so I don't know

10 Friday Night Funkin' Starcatcher

All of the designs are so cool. My 3 favorites were the mom, Girlfriend and my most favorite, Pico. I was not expecting the cyborg design for him, but I really liked it.

The redesigns are great, I love how it changes the demon thing to aliens. The songs are what I like most!

The Contenders
11 X-Event Mod

This just takes modding to the next level. The songs are pretty good, just like the sprites. But what I like the most is the overworld. Overall, pretty good mod.

I'm a huge Underverse fan. I love the menu, it's very similar to Undertale. The animation is smooth. It shows emotion in the animations. XE Chara is . Emotionless Ink is.. emotionlessness. XGaster.. I love it. I just love this mod. The work poured into it, the songs from Underverse with vocals, I just love it.

also this mod got me into underverse, don't @ me /srs

the music is godlike, and I saw on stream that the entire menu is being revamped. And it's not just some reskin, he mad an entirely functioning map that you can walk on and interact with.

I love the free roam in that game, and its hard and I like that mods are hard and I love the part where boyfriend's soul is the blue balls

12 Friday Night Funkin': B-Sides

It shall be described pretty simple:
"best fnf gaming experience".
Whilst everyone's spending their time on new characters, in game mechanics or thank god storylines, this mod just casually uses the original songs and takes em on the whole new level. Not only the remixes themselves are really good, but also the patterns and rhythm match each other better than in any other mod. Yeah it doesn't invent new things. It just gives you 6 fresh weeks to play and to be honest these satisfy more than for exmple whitty or mid-fight masses.
This is the mod for the ones who actually enjoy playing rhythm games and who are good at them, cause sometimes it can get tricky and challenging.

B-Sides is very similar to Neo, as not only they both introduce different colors to the characters that make them look wicked, but also have remixed versions of the songs as well. It also overhauls a bunch of other things such as the icons and even some of the dialogue. As far as the rest of the game goes, nothing else really changed It's the same basic plot. Still worth trying out though.

This is a classic. This mod is literally as if there was an extra difficulty in the actual game.

Play this if you want the entirety of FNF be 2x harder

13 Vs. Matt

Remember back in the 2000s and early 2010s where Mii's were extremely popular for the Wii? Well, one of the most well known is Matt, and in this mod, you get to play against him too. In the mod, Boyfriend comes to him to practice against him in order to get better. But I do warn you, the songs Ruckus and Target Practice are extremely hard so I just wanted to warn you there. I just love how this mod gives me a trip of nostalgia in it.

I don't say that matt is the hardest mod
Due to the charting because the song are low quality and the charting literally doesn't go with the music

I thought Zardy mod is the only one imposible But Matt but miss note is funny to me boyfriend is just holding the Wii stick (I don't know what it is I never played Wii)

The 2nd song is so hard on hard mode but I like the matt mod because I have a Wii!

14 Monika Mod

ok this one is good here is why first of all monika is nice and just wants too sing with you and senpai just comes out of nowhere which is kinda funny I just wish this was full and then it would be much better than it already is


The mix of DDLC music, the great animations, the pixel art in general. I don't need to say anything else. It's just great


Wish this was a full mod. Just Monika and Your Reality would been perfect for the next two tracks here.

Monica is so cute! The sprites are adorable! But she's only for the first track which is kinda sad.

15 FL Chan

I like how far this mod has gone. I mean who wouldn't wanna fight against a anime looking girl on trains in the middle of the night of the risk of injuring yourself? Ok, maybe not me. But the creator is only a teenager and the fact that he went this far to make a mod like this is amazing. I really hope he keeps up the good work in the future.

I don't know I just like it a lot its epic


16 FNF: CG5 Edition

CG5 is a great artist and singer so his mod is clearly great. I love the embodiment of his voice into a game like this. It makes it feel more real. The gameplay is fun too.

this one is good boyfreind and cg5 bounce off eachother really well and cg5 made the songs in the game just for this that is amazing and my favorite is knock knock the way he raps is catchy

Cg5 is my favorite artist, and the mod provided more amazing music to hear from him

The best mod! I just love the music and songs!

17 Corruption Mod

I mean, if anything evil is awesome, it's this mod. It looked awesome, despite the fact I can't actually play it T^T. However, it looks awesome, and some of the animation memes to it are bomb.

Didn't Want To Vote, But Had To To Comment.

VERY Milked. Was Cool With Pico And Kinda Skid And Pump, But Then Phantom Fear Milked It For Views.

Milked to the max but a nice concept. The songs are hot tho

This mod is pretty cool and I like the concept.

18 Week 7 FNF

Not a mod. Week 7 came out a few days ago. Still a banger though.

Absolutely amazing! I love the background and the music!

Hey, Week 7 came out recently although this mod is good.

Just look in the last song stress boyfriend holding girlfrend there cute!

19 Vs. Tord

This mod is pretty funny to me. It goes from an average dude to an average dude in a giant robot. It's crazy.

I like how we go from just some guy to some guy in a big robot. I've never seen edsworld, but the mod looks interesting.

I just love that you can see tord in the robot operating the controls.

I just like the way he sounds in the first song lol.

20 Vs. Carol

Carol is so adorable! Her voice is soothing and adorable like the first song (carol roll, my favorite), yet with the right song she can sound badass or even rude! Art!

My girl Carol. I bopped to the beats through this mod, and Carol has a cute and casual design I like so much, as I'm not really a girly girl.

The songs are great, short and sweet, and catchy. I really like the remix of Body! (yes, it's a remix of a song with the same name.)

I like her cause she look good in that outfit that's all

21 Papyrus Mod

I have Undertale on my PC my cousin LOVES Papyrus its her favorite character! So I showed her this mod, and she LOVED it! She played it over and over again! I'm so glad I got my cousin into FNF, because now she is listening to the official songs too!

His special song is really good

Great another undertale mod

22 Vs. Sketchy

I don't know this mod but it looks greate!

My man be looking like Sticky from CSJ

y so many buttons on the last song? I can't hit them that fast!

Good 4 stars for that also how did boyfriend get into a paper IS HE HAVE MAGICIAL POWERS

23 Undertale Mod

I love both undertale and fnf

Undertale time.

24 Fun-Sized Hex Mod

I love this mod so much. The small version of Hex, or Lil Hex as they call it is adorable. He even has the arrows for his animations like Hex does! Look at that picture and tell me that is not the cutest thing ever.

just look at this picture. I just love how cute he looks. plus lil hex's version of the cutscenes are cool. I wish it was for all 4 though.

Hex is so small and cute!

It’s a baby basketball player
And a baby robot

25 Duos Mod

This mod would probably be my second favorite. So we all know that FNF is a turn based thing. However in this mod, you sing together, meaning you do each part twice. I just love this mod because I love hearing the singers voices together. My favorite combo would have to be Boyfriend and Pico however, with Mom being second and Senpai being third.

bruh it's the best

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