Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods

To be honest with, I really like Friday Night Funkin' so much. Very, very much. It comes to the point where I pretty much have an addiction of it and try to show it to my friends (Sorry CrypticMemory). Since it's a rhythm game, it's no surprise it has a lot of mods. But I did not expect it to have this many amazing mods. This list was a bit tough to make but you always gotta narrow it down to 10. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today I'll be telling you the Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods.
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1 Mid-Fight Masses

Even though it received criticism before it's first update for it's poor charting, the new update for Mid-Fight Masses turned it into what I think is one of the best mods in FNF. The mod adds an entire week and 3 songs with a 4th hidden song in the story mode. The plot is about this girl named Sarvente who wants Boyfriend and Girlfriend to join their church when they come across. After some battling with the first two songs, her friend Ruv arrives where he battles Boyfriend, but even after that, Boyfriend still pulls out. Sarvente then reveals a secret and morphs right into a demon, but even after all of that Boyfriend still remains victorious (If you have the fingers to survive). And since it's an open-ended story, there is no ending. Oh, the possibilities.

Incredible songs. Not going to lie, maybe one of the best mods I have ever experienced. In Mid-fight Masses the charting was really bad as I believe the notes were disappearing, but it should in fact be fixed by the time I am writing this. Also, characters, I'd say Ruv has a little more expression on his character than Sarvente's but overall, this mod is so well made with my personal favorite song Gospel.

I just overall love this mod! It's so fun to play, even tho my fingers end up like fire on the last two songs... anyways, the mods songs are totally amazing! I can't stop playing and listening to the songs. The characters are also very good and have a lot of detail. Shoutout to Mike Geno for making this!

Before the update, this mod had pretty poor charting and input lags, so that made it difficult to beat it. Now that it has been updated, this is one of my favorite mods, the songs are sick and the storyline is so pleasing.

2 Vs. Whitty

To me, this is the best mod just for how much passion and creativity that goes through in this mod. The beginning is where Boyfriend finds Whitty by himself. After disturbing him, they begin the first battle Lo-Fight. After that, Whitty (Even though he doesn't wanna do it again) plays against him yet again, through the song Overhead. And after that, Whitty ends up losing his cool and goes totally ballistic. Literally the final song is called Ballistic. And when this mod was released many people considered this to be extremely frustrating to beat. The design for Whitty is pretty cool as well. And all of the three songs are bangers to listen to. The lore is great and I just love this mod quite a bunch. To me, it's the best mod out there so far.

This mod will always be my favorite. The character of Whitty is simple and cool. The 3 three songs are amazing and fits so fell with the narrative of this week: from Lo-fight is a great introduction to the week, Overhead is very challenging, and Ballistic is so much fun to play despite its seemingly unfair nature. No doubt the Magnum Opus for the Vs mods. Also it's very cool how this mod became an official part of the fanbase.

Whitty is, and always will be one of the hardest mods to date. Despite the difficulty, and the insane random factor that is the old input, I was able to beat this song, on hard, and while using the old input. The first song just shines with atmosphere, the second song is a nice little step up, and the third song doesn't hold back any punches, it throws them out in a flash. Definitely one of the best mods I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

This is probably the best mod out right now. The sheer creativity and effort that went into this mod makes it feel like it is in the actual game. The deeper story is well written and the gameplay matches the vibe of the story every time. The songs are great too.

3 Hex Mod

The Hex Mod was created by the user known as YingYang48, and has gotten quite the hype and popularity over the courses of the new updates added. The mod starts after Boyfriend and Girlfriend fighted against Whitty (I guess the Whitty Universe exists in this too) when they come across Hex, a chill robot with a monitor for a head just wanting to whip out his old mic for fun. Just about like every mod on this list, the animation looks nice and the character design for Hex looks great too. After the songs Dunk, RAM and Hello World, Hex is then corrupted after using too much power, which causes a virus to slip in him. In the final song Glitcher in a corrupted and broken blue background, Boyfriends fights against so he can be saved. After the song ends... that's it. I kind of wish it did have an ending, but other than that, this mod is definitely worth installing.

Just wow the songs alone make this mod great especially Hello World and R.A.M the creativity is impressive hex is very likable and he doesn't get upset when you beat him like 99% of the mods in Monster a virus affects him and he can't really control himself. One of the best songs in any mod.

This is by far the best mod in fnf. I like it because you aren't really fighting against hex. BF and hex are just doing it for fun. If you are looking for a not so hard but hard and if you want the songs to be stuck in your head. Please download this mod you wont regret it I swear

This mod is one of my favourites, Though it could have been better if YingYang48 added an ending but over all it is one of my favourite. It has good animations, Great songs and is very unique. I would highly recommend voting this mod if possible

4 Tricky

This game is from the game Madness Combat, which the main character of this mod Tricky comes from. After the duo arrives in Nevada where Tricky is, he spots them and is not happy about it at all. The first song Improbable Outset is where Tricky is only just beginning. And in the second song Madness, he straight up loses it. Losing all control of his feelings. Madness is considered by many people to be one of the hardest songs in the entire mod community of FNF. And as of now, after you beat Madness, Tricky then unleashes some weird red flames from himself, with the words to be continued presented right on the screen. This mod is intense for all the right ways.

I played this mod, and right after I watched all of the Madness Combat animations, and dear god this mod is on point. There are so many references, and little easter eggs scattered around the game, but not enough to be like too much. Don't even get me started on the music, the aggressive yet harmonic tones of his voice add so much to this entire mod. 10/10, wish I could play for the first time again.

This must be the best fnf mod ever!
The phase 3. It's just the best for me. The charting of tricky is incredible the background and the fire notes, animation of hiting it amazing. I hope it beats mid fight masses. Great job developers.

Most people wouldn't like it because it is like rock and roll. But to me? Oh, it's not rock and roll at all! With so many notes, you might think it's creator just put random stuff. What about the sound? It has a terrific sound. This made me remember MC.

5 Vs. Agoti

This was the first fnf mod I played, and Screenplay absolutely blew me away. After that, Parasite and A.G.O.T.I just awed me. This mod has played a big role in my love for this game, and it would be a crime for me not to consider it top 10. 10/10, go play it if you haven't.

Really cool menu! The songs literally slap especially the last one. And it actually had an ending to it which was really nice. Sadly it doesn't have down scroll which upset quite a lot of people including me.

The menu is pretty dang cool, The songs sound amazing and it has a bit of a challange to it and I like that, Story mode is amazing and I like how you can choose modes like stair or chaos, the mod is really good and I perfer playing this mod.

Menu goes HARD and all the extra features? Not a massive fan of the songs but wow is the core of the game so much nicer. Devs did a FANTASTIC job here

6 Vs. Tabi

Okay this mod is amazing. Genocide is one of the best fnf songs made, and the entire storyline and voice acting is amazing. It adds so much more depth to Gf's character (even though it might not be cannon) and just shows what can be done with passion, and a dream. Definitely one of the best Friday Night Funkin mods made.

Vs. Tabi is one of those mods that make you say Wow. This mod has something really special in it, can't really tell what it is. Though Tabi's voice during the dialogs is just so satisfying to hear...

I think Tabi is the only mod besides tankman which includes voice acting. It makes the mod very interesting and different than other mods.

Tabi has chill songs until Genocide where he blows up a restaurant and goes crazy. Also does Ballistic at the end of the song

7 Vs Sky

Ok so here's the breakdown of this mod. Boyfriend finds himself in front of this blue-haired girl named Sky. She then explains that she wants to go out with him. After the first song is finished, Boyfriend apparently tells Sky that he can't date her. Of course, Sky gets mad and you do another song. Then, she realizes that Boyfriend can't date her because he's already dating Girlfriend. So Sky teleports them and herself to the Manifest, where we see Girlfriend being hanged. If you get the good ending, you save Girlfriend and escape the Manifest. If you get the bad ending, you have to live with Sky forever. While I find this mod creative, I was angry at Sky after. She's basically your typical fangirl, but she takes things to the next level.

Its is an AMAZING MOD! When I was on youtube, half of the things I watched was the VS Sky mod. When I finally got FNF, I was looking forward to this only to find out it isn't being downloadable right now. I can't wait until I can download it and play it! And wow if you read all of this.

Nice going, you monsters. You made a minor lock her TikTok account because of pornographic art and death threats. I hope you guys are happy

If nobody knows, I'm pretty sure Sky is a fangirl with an obsessive yandere-like desire for BF.
She had shifted there to be with her "True love" and has three songs, I'm sure. The songs are nice to listen to.
She is also a minor, so she shouldn't get any hate, of course, criticism doesn't count.

8 Garcello

Okay, I didn't know a rhythm game could make you cry, but holy crap this mod made me feel emotions I didn't know I could feel from a couple arrows. The songs are catchy, Garcello as a character is amazing, there's so much lore behind it, and I mean Fading is just... *chef's kiss* If you're looking for a not too difficult, but amazing experience, this is the mod for you. And even if you're looking for a challenge, check it out and challenge yourself not to cry :D

This is a great mod but a gery short one to. It would've had a bigger potential if it had a bigger story such as them meeting again or them adding more songs. In this mod a tragic event in the storyline shows that Garcello dies which is very sad but after doing the song Release, He sings his goodbye song Fading. In conclusion this is an amazing mod.

This mod is SO GOOD. The story, the visuals, the songs, EVERYTHING. It has so much dedication and work put into it it's astounding. Also it's not too difficult while still providing a challenge, which is very rare in FNF mods. Download this mod NOW if you haven't. Also check out Atsuover's YouTube channel.

This mod has an AWESOME songs. And it doesn't have a 3rd phase, where the antagonist go crazy and wants to break our finger. Instead of being difficult, this mod's songs are enjoyable and it has a perfect storyline. Hope we can see more mods that has an awesome song and not difficult like this one

9 Vs. Kapi

I have been into this mod ever since it's update. I kind of think it's funny that a cat wants Girlfriend for himself. Hairball is my favorite song mostly because it was written by Mike Geno, who also made the Mid-Fight Masses mod. I also love the new game over screen as it basically shows girlfriend ditching Boyfriend for Kapi. I also love Boyfriend tossing his mic into the air before catching it when you press the retry button.

A mod I find really cute and comfy, even though the developers didn't wan't it to be that way. While Kapi is one of those kids that just got to be with someone cause he thinks being single is cringe, I find him pretty cute, he just wanna makes me pat his little spikey head. The songs are part of this cuteness too, I love the way it has been done, they loook like old songs revamped to be in a modern style.

Vs Kapi is an amazing mod. SInce it has remixes of beathoven songs that I have been learning on piano, I enjoyed playing this mod very much.

I really particularly like Kapi's wolf out like but he's actually a cat. His Beethoven, Hairball, Wocky and Nyaw are nice songs. Especially for Nyaw, the challenge and music inspired me to be his fan.

10 Vs. Zardy

Zardy brings out all the horror in us mostly, at least for our main characters. Boyfriend and Girlfriend arrive at Zardy's Maze, where the main villain Zardy finds them and challenges them to a battle. AS of now though there is only one song in it so far, but the song Foolhardy does pack in quite a punch for all of the players, as it is very difficult to do and complete it. Even when I kept trying to do it, I would always fail do to the fast flying notes, but it is still a very enjoyable mod.

I played this mod after I had beaten Matt, Shaggy, and Tricky, and it somehow still gave me a hard time. The music is hauntingly angelic, which greatly reflects what Zardy is. A short, difficult, but very worth it mod. 10/10

Ah yes, Zardy, that one scarecrow that literally scares the crap out of you (you would know if you played the game where he originated from, Zardy's Maze). I also love his design, and animation!

this mod only has one track but it is an absolute banger! I really loved zardy's voice, it was so eerie yet vibey and soothing to listen to. I don't usually like spam charts but this, this one is an exception. the music is actually not repetitive and has different melodies all throughout the song. its incredibly catchy and captures the vibe of zardy a lot.

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? Vs. Camellia

I like the mods

? Shaggy x Matt
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11 Friday Night Funkin': Neo

This one at one point was one of my personal favorites in the entire mod community of FNF. The game takes place in a futuristic setting type of place that has the players reflect themselves, so for example, instead of Pico having ginger hair in the original game, he now has black hair. The songs (Like B-Sides) have remixed versions of all of the songs from the original. And it's still be updating as we speak as well. Other standouts include the mouths moving fluently unlike most mods and new possible redesigns for the characters as well.

This is one of the first mods I played, and while Blammed and Milf gave me one hell of a time at first I find myself returning to it time and time again to listen to the tracks. I am excitedly awaiting the next update. 9.5/10, would absolutely recommend.

Friday Night Funkin' Neo is one of my favorite mods and I think that with the next update,
( a new difficulty with remix of the neo song and also new outfit of everyone just create for this difficulty, options that are not the option of Kade Engine but the team of the neo mod that created their own options and Week 5 remix + background + character skins)
it will be my favorite mod.

It's just like making new songs to the original game. The songs are just calm. It's like a musical. It's not like a battle at all. It's like singing together like they are having a good time.

12 Miku

I own this mod, and it is fantastic. Even though I can't get past disappearance haha... Other than that its amazing! (imaging having a famous popstar sister and getting to sing with her on stage! I would be excited and scared)

I don't really have much to say for this mod but I do admit it's a really good mod in like top 6 for me and I hope they end up adding more to this amazing mod. screaming in copyright/20.

This is like whitty, except Miku is Bf's sister (According to people), and disappearance is basically a slightly harder ballistic because ez mode or normie mode (XD) make a change, it's the same as hard mode.

The miku mod contains one of my favourite songs "Suck it Up". The mod itself is overall good and the songs are epic too.

13 X-Event Mod

Man I love X Event mod. I actually watch their episodes (the name is underverse) and it's so good.
So for mod they did incredible job. The music is amazing. The charting is good. And its actually looks like undertale. The rank of this mod should be higher.

While I've never watched this Undertale web series I can say this mod convinced me. It stands out in the presentation and musical aspect. The charting is very fun. My favorite song is a clash between Inking Mistake and Relighted.

The songs are my favorite among all the fnf songs, plus I'm a big fan of underverse. Overall this is my most favourite fnf mod among all.

This just takes modding to the next level. The songs are pretty good, just like the sprites. But what I like the most is the overworld. Overall, pretty good mod.

14 Friday Night Funkin': B-Sides

It shall be described pretty simple:
"best fnf gaming experience".
Whilst everyone's spending their time on new characters, in game mechanics or thank god storylines, this mod just casually uses the original songs and takes em on the whole new level. Not only the remixes themselves are really good, but also the patterns and rhythm match each other better than in any other mod. Yeah it doesn't invent new things. It just gives you 6 fresh weeks to play and to be honest these satisfy more than for exmple whitty or mid-fight masses.
This is the mod for the ones who actually enjoy playing rhythm games and who are good at them, cause sometimes it can get tricky and challenging.

B-Sides is very similar to Neo, as not only they both introduce different colors to the characters that make them look wicked, but also have remixed versions of the songs as well. It also overhauls a bunch of other things such as the icons and even some of the dialogue. As far as the rest of the game goes, nothing else really changed It's the same basic plot. Still worth trying out though.

I absolutely love how the songs in this mod just add on to the atmosphere the og songs create. The switchup of Pico's week going from aggressive to chill, and the overhaul of week 6's songs are some of the most creative things I've seen done in this modding community.

This is a classic. This mod is literally as if there was an extra difficulty in the actual game.

15 Friday Night Funkin' Minus

The Minus mod may not be too much when you first see it as it all has the same songs and plays out the same plot as usual. But what makes this mod so special is the new character changes. Instead, the characters are all based off of their icons, which is why there are 3 Boyfriend characters to choose from. Speaking of which you can also change the character you play as, since the only way you could do that in the original was through the debug mode.

I love the skins they are so awesome! I'm ready to see the week 5 and 6 And others

It's a very creative mod but it seems underrated.

I love the designs! Props to the creator!

16 Friday Night Funkin’: Smoke Em’ Out Struggle

Had to double vote

17 Vs. Matt

Remember back in the 2000s and early 2010s where Mii's were extremely popular for the Wii? Well, one of the most well known is Matt, and in this mod, you get to play against him too. In the mod, Boyfriend comes to him to practice against him in order to get better. But I do warn you, the songs Ruckus and Target Practice are extremely hard so I just wanted to warn you there. I just love how this mod gives me a trip of nostalgia in it.

Literally one of my favorite mods ever. I use this and Vs. Shaggy to train, and every time I play this mod I have an amazing time doing so. An absolute masterpiece, 10/10

This mod is absolutely amazing I love the songs they sound awesome and I also love the fact that it flows with "Matt is a god" meme back in 2019 since his songs are very hard and sometimes spammy which I don't mind. 9/10

I like this mod. Not just because it is Matt, but the songs are like it could be from the Wii too. Also means the songs are good.

18 Monika Mod

I loved the update. I for some reason liked the angry look on Boyfriend's face in Your Demise. My favorite was Dreams Of Roses because it's a mix between Monika's songs and Senpai's song Roses. I also loved the secret song Your Reality because you can play as Senpai. And High School Conflict is currently stuck in my head.

Monikas character design is great, and the songs slap. Especially the duet where they reuse one of the songs in the original game for the male characters part.

The Monika mod is so cute and awesome! I just wish that she would come back glitching in the end and have an option to delete the "game file" a fake one of course and the last song she would be glitching!

Very nice remixes in Dreams of Roses and Your Demise. The art was amazing, so were the cutscenes and animations. Monika's 3rd song was really good and original not gonna lie. Great mod.

19 Starlight Mayhem

It was a mod that was kinda hard and kinda easy, I feel like they should make it a little harder.

This mod is super good and it has many fun songs.

Very high effort mod, nice.

I love the neon lights

20 Vs. Tree

In the overhaul, it moves. A lot. And I move, cause jesus christ this music is good.

It's funny and has good songs.

This is funny.

21 Friday Night Funkin' HD

THIS, THIS IS AMAZING. they added macanics to week 3 and 4, made the characters and backgrounds look better and more realistic and added cut scenes to every single dang week up to week 4 and I hope they make the other 3 weeks. I love this mod I want to see more stuff like this. 20/20

Mommy Mearest having abs is something no one ever thought to see..

Week 3 is the best for this mod!

Mommy Mearest has been added. And she looks good. Also M.I.L.F is very hard

22 Stop Posting About Among Us
23 FL Chan

I like how far this mod has gone. I mean who wouldn't wanna fight against a anime looking girl on trains in the middle of the night of the risk of injuring yourself? Ok, maybe not me. But the creator is only a teenager and the fact that he went this far to make a mod like this is amazing. I really hope he keeps up the good work in the future.

24 Vs. Tord

I watch a lot of eddsworld so this will most likely be on my favourite mod list. I basically don't have much to say about this mod but it was still pretty good.

Tord is one of my favorite characters In Edds world never thought he would be a mod! His songs sound amazing! And I love the fact that his robot is in this as well! 8/10

Norway gives me the vibe "You're in trouble, mister" and Tordbot is when "your GONNA DIE"

This is also the reason I knew about Eddsworld. Thank you.

Tord mod. Really nice they brought back Eddsworld, I got a chance to watch the episodes once again and I didn't regret it. And his voice kinda matches lol.

25 Vs. Sketchy

I liked his animation and even though the last song in the mod was hard I still loved it

It is actually just rap battling a paper man but it look like the best mod for me

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