Top Ten Best Fruit Juices

The Top Ten
1 Orange Juice

Kush and orange juice, that is all.

One of the healthier ones I think

Orange juice is the best.

It's the superior juice

2 Grape Juice

Grape juice is overrated tastes like medicine

3 Mango Juice

I will hunt down the "genius" who decided mango juice shouldn't be #1

Mangoo rock because they are so rich and tasty

The best juice ever

Bro vote mango bro

4 Pineapple Juice

If you love del monte then vote for this fruit NOW for this should be number 1

Better than my music - lil pump 2068

5 Peach Juice

Best for taste and healh!

6 Apple Juice

Apple juice is super good, and my friend thought of a brilliant idea, you freeze Apple juice in a container and then it's a popsicle! I am VERY picky about flavors but Apple juice is a good one.

Apple juice is the most filling. I think it deserves the number 1 spot. Though orange juice is a breakfast drink, apple juice is an all the time drink.

Apple is simply amazing, a solid number one for me. It beats orange all week and twice on Sunday.

Easily the most refreshing, it beats the other juices like I beat my children

7 Cranberry Juice
8 Apricot Juice
9 Tomato Juice

Especially the best when you purchase it un-chilled, at room temperature.

10 Strawberry Juice

Come on people if you go to best fruits thetopten, strawberry will be the fist on there, so if you make it into a juice it will be 100% good. To be honest I never drank strawberry juice, but search it up it looks delicious plus sounds good to. I just know it taste good people.

Dam it we got knocked down to 11?

This is drugs to me

Very good,
me like a lot.

The Contenders
11 Watermelon Juice

My favorite type of juice growing up

12 Banana Juice
13 Pomegranate Juice

Smooth drink

14 Kiwi Juice
15 Lemon Lime Juice

Adds flavour

16 Black Currant Juice

Underrated and delicious

17 Coconut Juice
18 Guava Juice

Apple and guava juice is the best I reckon, everyone at the canteen seems to love it!

19 Avocado Juice

Avocado Juice is the most delicious of all existing juice

20 White Grape Juice

The best juice ever and underrated

21 Apple Carrot Juice

If the apple's good and if the carrots good, this will make the best juice. The carrot makes it even sweeter.

22 Grapefruit Juice

It's so refreshing and tart. Great during the summer.

23 Gooseberry Juice

I love gooseberries! Can't believe they're so underrated!

Nice n' sharp; massively underrated

24 Raspberry Juice
25 Cran-Grape Juice

This is the best juice I have ever had. I have it everyday. I do not like either grape or cranberry juices but when combined it creates the most delicious concoction I've ever consumed.

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