Funniest Ice Age Characters


The Top Ten

1 Scrat Scrat


2 Sid

This is the end of Sid the sloth

Sid is an ogre, not a sloth - TeamRocket747

3 Scratte
4 Diego
5 Crash

Crash and Eddie are so deeply hilarious to me. I don't know why people say they hate them. I am not an "Ice Age" fan myself, of course, but Crash and Eddie seem to tie with Scrat for best "Ice Age" character. Looking in retrospect, when Crash and Eddie made their first appearances in the second picture, they looked so simple but perfect-looking possums. They are funny little characters in my opinion. Buck is... okay, but I'm not sure if he comes close to funny; he is funny in the third film, I will admit. But Crash and Eddie are such lovable little things that their comedy heals the soul.
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6 Manny

Yes totally he was hilarious his jokes are funny

Just the sarcastic remarks and amazing talent of Ray Ramano makes him the funniest. - RustyNail

7 Buck


Buck is hilarious! He's random, over-the-top, reckless and insane. Plus, he has a BAD obsession with Rudy... but that's good! I cannot count how many times I have randomly burst out laughing in the car watching Ice Age 3 on my tablet with headphones, and my mother has oooked at me with a face that literally says this: you retarded retard.

8 Ellie
9 Louis
10 Granny

She is the funniest character - Triceratops

The Contenders

11 Squint
12 Shangri Llama
13 Eddie
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