Top Ten Funniest Things About the Stanley Parable

The Top Ten

1 Choice Video

You could either save a kid from poverty in Africa, or you could burn every human alive. YOUR CHOICE!

2 Executive Bathroom

Money in the morning
Money in the evening
Money for breakfast
MONEY Crisp - blst0033

3 Second Confusion Ending Restart
4 Slideshow
5 Broom Closet
6 Narrator's Minecraft House

Best house ever built,super pro. Where did he get that dirt? - Epicsauce45

7 Cold Feet
8 "Sorry, You're In My Story Now!"
9 Out the Window
10 Click On Door 430 Five Times

The Contenders

11 The Important Fern
12 A Third Option
13 The Museum
14 Baby Game
15 Adding Time to the Bomb
16 Heaven
17 Mind****
18 Employee Lounge
19 The Stanley Parable Adventure Line
20 Whiteboard Ending
21 Elevator
22 "Help! I'm A Post-it!"
23 Inability Narration
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