Best Games for Kids 12 and Under

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1 The Sims 4

So realistic Great I got but maybe not £59.99

2 Minecraft (PC and Mac)

Amaizing game such a good effort to the game but should add electricity

3 Candy Crush

Candy crush is a really fun and easy game to play

4 FIFA 15

So good have not played but all my friends said its great

A did not like me before but now these games fascinate me

5 FIFA 14

Such a great game I liked the career mode and graphics

6 Minecraft (Xbox)

Dose lag a bit but it's good how you don't need a server to play mutiplayer

7 Blockheads

I'm really good with this game and I play it with the maker of this list

So good probably my favoret iPad game also realistic features

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8 Flappy Birds

Flappy birds is a slightly annoying and frustrating game however it is very addictive

9 Dumb Ways to Die

So funny how you have to make them survive and will die in stupid ways

10 Terraria

It's a good game but it's a bit boring after a while but deserves to be at number 10

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