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21 Stereo Madness

Not bad but if I had to choose my favorite songs in the game, this would be towards the bottom with jumper. Hard at first, but once u beat it is is decently boring

It gives a good easy level for your beginning of being a geometry dasher

This level was super easy I beat it on my first try.i love the music on it

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22 Unity V 2 Comments
23 Abyss
24 Theory of Firepower V 1 Comment
25 Time Machine

I only beat it once, but it took me 6 weeks! 6 WEEKS! The upside down bit at he end is so HARD!

The music is good but I beat ToE BEFORE I beat this... Too hard for its level

Awesome music at they end and awesome level, like it a lot

I'm so pissed that Time Machine is all the way down here..

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26 Nine Circles

The level that changed geometry dash forever

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27 Revolution

Amazing Level Pretty Hard And Very Good!

28 Death Moon

Best Level Ever, though the music is now gone :(

Dude the song is back and I DOWNLOADED IT

29 Through the Galaxy V 1 Comment
30 Stereo Space by x8Px

Just awesome. Watch top 10 levels geometry redux. This is on the list

Love all of the space decorations

31 Ice Carbon Diablo X
32 Soul Refraction
33 Adventure
34 Fairydust

It's so hard but it changes your life when u complete it!

35 La Campanella
36 Diamond
37 Breakthrough!

I love the wave part I've beaten it and now I feel like a badass

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38 Flappy King 2
39 Rebellion V 1 Comment
40 Forest Temple V 1 Comment
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