Top 10 Girly Movies to Binge On Over Break

Okay ladies, I don't know about you, but I have this wonderful list of totally girly and somewhat ditzy movies that I *must* binge on over the Christmas/winter break! There's just something so wonderful and magical about cleansing a hard-worked mind to a delightfully girly treat!

The Top Ten

1 Bring It On

This is an obvious pick, but completely delightful in terms of girl-packed competition and the ultimate glory of being an ever-so-perky cheerleader!

2 Burlesque

Although this movie may not be the highest-rated movies amongst critics, it's an all-time favorite for me with the awesome show-stopping dance talent of Christina Aguilera and Cher! It's a lovely star-studded show that brings out my inner show choir gal.

3 13 Going On 30

An absolutely adorable film that I know I could watch a 100 times over! Jennifer Garner is so beautiful and fun to watch in this quirky film with her adorable co-star Mark Ruffalo!

4 Legally Blonde

This is probably an all time favorite in terms of chick power! Elle Woods is every girly girl's inner persona, and I think most of us can identify with feeling judged in terms of our appearance from time to time. This movie is not only totally fun, but has a great message that will empower any woman!

5 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Who could forget this ever-so-classic book-meets-movie story of four best girl friends and the pants that bring them all together. Each girl has such a unique scenario while the pants are in their possession, and this movie brings all emotions for every gal to enjoy.

6 The House Bunny

Eternal optimist Shelly, a former Playboy bunny who was kicked out the mansion, unexpectedly becomes a house mother to a sorority of socially awkward girls. This funny girl power film has all the making of a total chick flick- clever, inspiring, and just plain fun!

7 Enchanted

This is an all time favorite with the gorgeous Patrick Dempsey and beautiful Amy Adams in a fun spin on a classic fairy tale. It's another movie that can be watched over and over again with it's catchy songs, inspiring messages, and lovely acting.

8 The Prince and Me

A heart-warming movie that encapsulates the classic girl-next-door becomes princess in this ultimate romantic comedy that brings a smile to the face! The extremely handsome prince Edvard also helps make the movie an all-time favorite.

9 Adventures in Babysitting
10 The Princess Diaries

I don't know about you, but this movie was the start of my love of actress Anne Hathaway! Such a funny story with quirky and adorable commentary from the awkward princess Mia who reminds us all that we are princesses just as we are!

I watched this at my movie. - DynastiNoble

I watched this at school. - DynastiNoble

The Contenders

11 A View From The Top

Yet another classic starring Gwyneth Paltrow (and another appearance with Mark Ruffalo - can you tell that he's one of my dream guys?! ) Another inspiring story that shows hard work, determination, and love can 'win it all'!

12 Clueless
13 Princess Protection Program
14 Rio


15 Zapped
16 Bad Hair Day
17 Read It and Weep
18 Cadet Kelly
19 Cow Belles
20 She's All that
21 Minor Details
22 The Breakfast Club
23 My Date with the President's Daughter
24 Halloweentown
25 The Clique
26 Bride Wars

A fun film. I don't know why it recieved so much criticism - sure it's not a masterpiece, but it's an enjoyable watch with a heartwarming message? one of my all-time favorite chick flicks.

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