Top 10 Girly Movies to Binge On Over Break

Okay ladies, I don't know about you, but I have this wonderful list of totally girly and somewhat ditzy movies that I *must* binge on over the Christmas/winter break! There's just something so wonderful and magical about cleansing a hard-worked mind to a delightfully girly treat!

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1 Bring It On

This is an obvious pick, but completely delightful in terms of girl-packed competition and the ultimate glory of being an ever-so-perky cheerleader!

2 13 Going On 30

An absolutely adorable film that I know I could watch a 100 times over! Jennifer Garner is so beautiful and fun to watch in this quirky film with her adorable co-star Mark Ruffalo!

3 Burlesque

Although this movie may not be the highest-rated movies amongst critics, it's an all-time favorite for me with the awesome show-stopping dance talent of Christina Aguilera and Cher! It's a lovely star-studded show that brings out my inner show choir gal.

4 Legally Blonde

This is probably an all time favorite in terms of chick power! Elle Woods is every girly girl's inner persona, and I think most of us can identify with feeling judged in terms of our appearance from time to time. This movie is not only totally fun, but has a great message that will empower any woman!

5 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Who could forget this ever-so-classic book-meets-movie story of four best girl friends and the pants that bring them all together. Each girl has such a unique scenario while the pants are in their possession, and this movie brings all emotions for every gal to enjoy.

6 The House Bunny

Eternal optimist Shelly, a former Playboy bunny who was kicked out the mansion, unexpectedly becomes a house mother to a sorority of socially awkward girls. This funny girl power film has all the making of a total chick flick- clever, inspiring, and just plain fun!

7 Enchanted

This is an all time favorite with the gorgeous Patrick Dempsey and beautiful Amy Adams in a fun spin on a classic fairy tale. It's another movie that can be watched over and over again with it's catchy songs, inspiring messages, and lovely acting.

8 The Prince and Me

A heart-warming movie that encapsulates the classic girl-next-door becomes princess in this ultimate romantic comedy that brings a smile to the face! The extremely handsome prince Edvard also helps make the movie an all-time favorite.

9 The Princess Diaries

I don't know about you, but this movie was the start of my love of actress Anne Hathaway! Such a funny story with quirky and adorable commentary from the awkward princess Mia who reminds us all that we are princesses just as we are!

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10 Clueless

The Contenders

11 Princess Protection Program
12 Adventures in Babysitting
13 A View From The Top

Yet another classic starring Gwyneth Paltrow (and another appearance with Mark Ruffalo - can you tell that he's one of my dream guys?! ) Another inspiring story that shows hard work, determination, and love can 'win it all'!

14 Rio V 1 Comment
15 Zapped
16 Bad Hair Day
17 Read It and Weep
18 Cadet Kelly
19 Cow Belles
20 She's All that
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