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Rangers Chat is what the fans make of it, if they don't like what's said they should get involved and help build it to something they are happy with. If you don't tune in and take part the show will be whatever those who do join in do/want.
For me it's a good platform for debating all things Rangers, for gaining a little knowledge of goings on both at the club and politically and for being able to listen to good Rangers fans views.
The show hasn't been without controversy in it's short existence but as I said before, the show is what the fans make of it and the show is a world away from what it was then.

Varied chat on wide daily Rangers topics with two main hosts and guest of the best Rangers sites I have come across. Beats listening to Radio Snyde any day of the week and it is live. The forums are good for your daily news also. Well done to everyone involved. You can also go into the site lobby and chat to fellow Rangers minded people without the interruption of them from the East causing trouble. Very friendly site.

Absolutely FIRST CLASS show run by people who care for their club, culture and do it respectfully, intelligently and with a great deal of humor. After an hour listening it is as if you are having a good chat with lifelong friends. Do yourself a favor and have a listen.

I have heard some people say that Rangerschat is the most biased show on the planet - and they made that sound like a "BAD THING". It is the most unashamedly pro rangers forum on the web. Carry on chaps - "fire at will". Target all of our enemies - especially the fifth columnists.

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2 RangersMedia

By registering with us, you'll be able to discuss, share and private message with other members of our community.

A site with a variety of current forum topics to debate. Debate comes hot and fast in RM forum from both sides of the arguement, with a lot of good points being raised, whether discussing Rangers topics in the Bear's Den Forum to discussing your favorite music in the quintatially off topic forum, theirs always a debate going on. To add to this RM also have site writers. There is also a private messaging service to talk to friends. All in all a good forum to visit.

Lots of debate about Rangers.
RM Sponsors fund - RM Sponsored a Rangers Ladies Player.
You can also talk to friends via PM


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4 Do the Bouncy

A friendly forum that covers welcomes all views Rangers. Open discussion about all things Rangers. The only requirement to post iks your love of the light blues. some great debates and plenty other chat to spend your time reading.

A section of the DTB members have donated to Rangers First but we support ALL efforts by Rangers fans to take control of our Club.

Don't be shy

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5 Rangers Online Loyal

Debate and banter with thousands of other bears from all over the planet.

It's a fantastic forum where your voice and opinion are valued and allowed.

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6 Gersnet

Simply the best

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10 Rangers Supporters Trust

Rangers Supports Trust and take part in club democracy from only £10 per year.

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