Top 10 Good Movies Trolls Always Add to Negative Lists


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21 50 Shades of Grey

Who likes a movie that's just about sex? I mean come on! - KDProductions

This movie sucks! - Goku02

22 Suicide Squad

Not a Good Movie - christangrant

23 The Aristocats

In the nicest way possible, this movie is crap.

One of my personal favorites...

24 The Secret Life of Pets

This Movie Isn't Really That Bad
It's Pretty Good - JPK

Ew! Cootie movie, EW!

25 Shrek
26 Pulp Fiction

If You Hate This Movie, Get A Life - VideoGamefan5

If you like this movie. Get a life - KDProductions

27 Fun and Fancy Free
28 The Human Centipede

Brutal, unflinching, devastating, moving. - Custard

29 Trolls
30 Tangled
31 Inside Out
32 Frozen

Eh, it's not that good, but not as bad as people usually make it out to be either. I think it's an okay movie. - Goku02

Not a Good Movie - christangrant

Overrated trash - VideoGamefan5

No, it sucks - VideoGamefan5

33 A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is a masterpiece - DylanRob

34 Norm of the North

I like this movie a lot. - darthvadern

Norm of The North is actually not that bad - DylanRob

Crap - christangrant

35 Jumanji
36 Chicken Little

It deserves to be on negative lists - VideoGamefan5

I'm voting vice versa; it's rarely even *MENTIONED* on negative lists.

This films bad. - mattstat716

37 Brother Bear

One of my favourite Disney movies! - Goku02

38 Oliver & Company
39 The Fox and the Hound
40 Finding Dory
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